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21 December 5th, 2012 Mark Pinter Joins The Young and the Restless As Congressman Marcus Wheeler!


Soap veteran Mark Pinter, who does slimy bad guy so good that you want to throw something at the TV set, has landed another plum daytime role!  And, once again it is centered on the political arena something Pinter is used to playing! Another World fans remember Pinter as Senator-turned-Mayor Grant Harrison, and now Pinter is set to take on the role of a brand new political powerhouse, but this time in Genoa City!

According to TV Guide, Pinter will play Marcus Wheeler on the number one soap, The Young and the Restless. Marcus is said to be “a powerful and sophisticated congressman involved with Victor (Eric Braeden) and Jack (Peter Bergman), who will go to any lengths to protect his image and career.”   What could he have done that he needs to protect his image? Sex scandal, and if so, with who?

Pinter starts shooting on the set of The Young and the Restless tomorrow, Thursday December 6th.  Be on the lookout for Pinter’s debut as Marcus on January 10th!  From the report from TVG, it looks as though Pinter will be sticking around at least through February Sweeps!

So are you looking forward to seeing how Marcus shakes up the GC canvas?  Let us know!

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  1. k/kay says:

    Nobody plays slimy better then Pinter should be fun!


    Michael replied

    Yep, so slimy that he cheated on his now former wife, Colleen Zenk (ex-Barbra, ATWT).


    k/kay replied

    Yes he did and when they got together they were both married to other people. Once a cheater always a cheater it just gets easier that is what my good old Mom told me.

    Simi replied

    Apparently, he has a new family with the woman he cheated on Colleen with. I feel bad for all the kids involved, but who knows maybe they have all moved on. Anyway, he is still a good actor. I would love to see him interact with Jill or even Lauren (isn’t she mad at Michae?).

    SZima replied

    OK, let’s leave his personal life out of it. I’d say a large percentage of married soap stars have cheated on their spouses. What does that have to do with their acting ability?

    k/kay replied

    He took over the role from Dack Rambo who was great but he quit because he had aids and wanted to become an activist I loved DR version Pinter was ok and slimy but the original character DR was much more classy.Everyone was devasted when DR left nobody was better on the soaps then DR.

  2. Mary SF says:

    His character on Another World wasn’t my favorite because for a villain Grant was a bit whiny, but I don’t know if that was the actor or the writer’s fault. Anyway, I hope this character is stronger and a true foil for the powerful men in GC, but if he just another guy there to do Victor’s or Jack’s bidding then I say YAWN- why waste a talented actor on that.


  3. Mark Y says:

    Mark Pinter has quite a daytime pedigree. Welcome to Y&R!


  4. Blake says:

    That’s great! He was great as Grant on Another World. Hopefully he’ll be on Y&R longer!


  5. mike says:

    A fine actor, maybe he could push Stephen Nichols out the door.


  6. Michael says:

    Mark is a true daytime drama veteran. I’ll be happy to see him on Y&R. Saw him on ATWT, which is where he met his now former wife, Colleen Zenk (ex-Barbra).


  7. mo says:

    Didn’t like him on AW.

    Don’t know that we need new peeps on Y&R. Make some story out of what we have. And frankly, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of political stuff. Heard enough with the recent election. Let’s give it a rest.


  8. robert says:

    One of my favorites. Let’s see if he gets a new storyline.


  9. Iakovos says:

    This could be interesting. I am weary of the convoluted, ever-changing, quicksilver corporate shenanigans. Is there not somethign else to do? Politics is a good game-changer. A campaign for Jack or Victor? A love interest for Jill? A hidden history for Avery? Or maybe the subtle folding in of a new family?


    Mary SF replied

    Mmmm I like that idea- Avery and the congressman – find out Miss Goodie Two Shoes has a sorted past. I would like that. Jack already ran for congress or a senate seat with Nikki running against him. That was when they had that whole David Chow fiasco, so I wouldn’t like to see that again. But I’m all for a good storyline so whichever way they play it- just make it interesting and I will be all for it.


    Iakovos replied

    I had forgotten that Jack vs. Nik,i/David Chow storyline. Not one of Y&R’s best, for sure!

  10. SZima says:

    I’ve liked Mark in the roles I’ve seen him in. Like others out there, I’d rather see HIM with Jill than Tucker. It sounds like Tucker really hasn’t clicked with the viewers, so he could easily go and not be missed.
    There are others that could also go…hope the housecleaning continues.


    Mary SF replied

    The trouble with Tucker is the writers haven’t given him any real redeeming qualities to make him somewhat likable. He just comes across as this soulless bastard that no one really cares about him. I mean lets be honest here, didn’t we all cheer just a bit when Abby ran him over with her car? SN is a good actor- loved his early work on Days as Patch, but this character seems lost in GC, so perhaps it time for Tucker to make a graceful exit, and the show admit this character was just another in a line MAB mistakes they have to clean up.


  11. GRANTLOVER! says:

    Have been following Mr.Mark Pinter for many yrs and as I am not a fan of Y&R I will be watching just for him! Comments made by others bout his personal life well it is just that, dont judge the acting ability with the life style one has. If he cheated so what the man can act his butt off.We keep hearing he cheated but we don’t hear she may have drove him to it, do we? 2 people 2 stories.There business not ours.Can’t wait to have this talented and underrated actor on my tube on a daily basis again. # 1 fan of MARK PINTER!!!!!!!!!!


  12. sandi zeller says:

    I knew I recognized him from Another World, Mark, welcome to Genoa City


  13. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    Mr. Pinter can play an extremely shady character, with a touch of class, and a real sense of style. He is going to add alot to Y&R, where Real Class is the Norm! Y&R has the best group of actors on T.V., so Mr. Pinter will fit right in.


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