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2 October 13th, 2010 Mark Valley’s DAYS soap lesson: “If you go into the shower, you might not come out”

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Mark Valley, currently starring in the FOX series, Human Target, spoke to Zap2it about his stint with Days of our Lives as Jack Deveraux, the replacement for Matthew Ashford.   During the interview, Valley revealed some insightful and hilarious tidbits about this three years on the soap.

Valley: “I learned that if you go into the shower, you might not come out. Matt Ashford (who would return to the show later) was Jack before me.  He’s, like, 6’2″ with black hair, and he’s kind of quirky and funny. Then there was me, 5’10″ with blond hair, acting like Mr. Intense.  Doing that show was fun, but I wanted to try some other things and take risks on doing primetime or movies … so I went into the shower as Jack, then another actor came out. “I remember turning down the contract, then they announced that Mark Valley was fired because they wanted to go with somebody younger. I was like, ‘OK! Thanks, guys!’”

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  1. Naomi says:

    Nice to hear even Mark Valley admit he was poorly cast as Jack.

    Good actor, bad Jack. I’m glad he’s done well for himself in primetime though.


    code85 replied

    I thought he did very well in the role. Different Matthew portrayal.


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