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32 January 3rd, 2017 Martha Madison Makes A Return To DAYS!

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Belle will be back on the Salem canvas this January, when Martha Madison comes back to DAYS.

In story, Belle comes back to tend to some “unfinished business”.

Madison confirmed her return via Twitter stating, “Guess who’s Baaaack!”

The actress joined DAYS back in 2004 and left in 2008.  She returned to Salem in November 2015 and left again in September 2016. 

So, happy to hear Belle is coming back? Do you hope DAYS gives Madison a solid story for Belle and returns again full-time? Comment below.

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  1. Rose Bud says:

    Hi went to watch 1/3/17 but days was not on channel7 NBC Love this story Hope I can get it back


    davlestev1 replied

    I checked mine it’s not the cable dispute hope you get it back.


    Mollie replied

    Do you live in Boston? Ch. 7 is no longer the NBC affiliate in Boston. The new affiliate is over the air on Channel 8.1 or Channel 60.5, and on cable: Channel 510 on Comcast, and 516 on Verizon.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    In Boston, NBC is no longer an affiliate of WHDH 7, which will now run as an independent station. NBC now airs on Channel 10 as NBC Boston.


  2. Tom84 says:

    Hopefully she hangs around this time! Her most recent stint as Belle was the best, it was such a missed opportunity to not have done more with the character. Would love to see Shawn and Belle back on the canvas full time. Martha is such a great actress and deserves a storyline to really sink her teeth into.


  3. Mister Media says:

    She should be careful not to let the Days revolving door hit her in the bum on the way in and out and in and out…..she’s back for another tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I await the next breathless announcement of the next return…Please Days, do better. Start with the writing.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Amen. Oh goody, the Belle Sean Phillip Triangle, iteration 2,457,832 was a waste of everyone’s time and talent.

    Let me guess, she’s a plot point for the can’t act ‘singer’ of a child. This actress deserves much much better than that.


  4. Jimmy says:

    Hopefully she and Brandon Beemer will stick around for the long-haul this time. Belle and Shawn are legacy characters who should be featured in front-burner story. Same goes for Christie Clark and Austin Peck – I wish they were returning on contract, because Carrie and Austin are important characters to the canvas.


  5. Irene says:

    As newer viewer I like her. Sorry they wrote John Paul out. Like him also.


    Patrick replied

    the last writing team… Griffith and Higley… gave no consideration and just never wrote for him, he had no chance… argh! it just bites… bereft audience I tell ya

    with Ryan Quan and Dena Higley… argh! how many posts can be written to dismantle their choices ( TPTB ) … for writing and actors

    John Paul Lavoisier Nailed his exit… floored me and left a solid impression

    as I’ve posted before… Martha Madison… her first round… as a recast… spiraled … I was so glad she left

    ROUND 2 : she did it… matured… I was a little upset that she replaced Daniel Cosgrove’ Aiden as Salem legal counsel… I was pleasantly surprised that she accomplished her turn as Belle.. and posted… I’d miss her.

    round 3 : there is so much more to Belle.. than leads the eye… I loved that she was the complete opposite of what we expect… “nothing” like her mother, Marlena…. and the daughter of John Black. JUST LIKE Sammi….. LOL

    Martha Madison has the chops to be … her own person… so… heres hoping with new writers, she will. I also don’t mind the recast of Shawn D. I wish they didn’t falter on his relationship with Lani…

    dang i’m hoping for a good time… with Abe and his; the best family… that all have acting range and chops to spare.

    gawd… I’m so happy for James Reynolds… he makes me smile… and it’s truly because I’m witnessing a family of color. so bring it on

    Abe / Valerie / Lani / Theo… which also could be bringing on Valerie son by David Banning… Julie son.

    heck… of all the families @DAYS… which family has it in spades… ABE’S.

    as for the reunion of Chad and Abs : December 23, 2016 epi. I still went their… heck when ever actors are acting someone back from the dead. LOL. oy it could be painful to watch… and yes… I’d say both actors faltered for a bit… but it still had an emotional beat that I did distend my belief … yeah she’s alive… it’s not me acting in the telee… I still want Chad and Abs.

    I feel very good about DAYS new regime.. and will hold out hope that Quan and Higley will do

    just like holding out hope for fans of Y&R … lucky them ! for Young and Sussman.

    I expect that DAYS and Y&R will be the two Serials to drive this genre.

    i’m just near fed up with GH… but won’t give up due to my allegiance

    B&B: I have never watched… watching RICH peoples lives beyond imagine… doesn’t swallow… ??? what’s the point .. watching all these rich folk… that’s not real at all… I don’t get it

    CHEERS to @ DAYS and @ Y&R – SONY … stand by your product…. thank you

    DAYS still has Anna DiMera
    DAYS still has Carrie and Austin
    DAYS still has Kimberly and Shane

    DAYS NEES to hire Jade Harlow for Bryan Datillo ‘ Lucas

    waiting for the return of Kassie DePaiva’ EVE


    Judy replied

    Whats this about John Paul L avoiser

  6. Mark says:

    I heard that she is only going to be on for a short time. She came back to get Sean and they are heading back to China.


  7. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Who comes and goes no longer matters to me…watching for now but my Days are numbered…


    Mary SF replied

    If you are referring to your days watching Days are numbered that’s okay, we all give up on soap now and then– but considering your state of mind of late, I am worry that you might be planning on harming yourself and that is what you meant that your days are numbered.

    If the circumstance that is causing you so much pain was gone, would you still want to die? No– which means you don’t want to die, you want the circumstance you are facing to go away, because it is more than you can deal with at this moment and the depression is making you think there is no other option– but there are— the national hot line for those is crisis is 1-800-273-8255— a toll free number for vets facing homelessness is 1-877-424-3838

    We all have a reason to live when life doesn’t seem worth living– you had one otherwise you would have done yourself in a long time ago based on what you already been through- you have lost sight of that reason, but it is still there and I pray you rediscover it before you do something you can’t take back

    And if you were just referring to not watching Days then fine I over reacted, but you can understand why I would think there was more to that statement- your days are numbered– considering some of your posts lately


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I do apologize if i alarmed you…i was thinking of selling everything including my tv…yes, im still worried and battling depression…and thanks for the numbers…i promise you i will use them if i have a relapse but even with my nephew rushed again to the hospital this morning and my sister ill off and on…there is finally a little light at the end of the tunnel and maybe i can prevent myself from becoming homeless…my days over meant iit looked like i will have to sell everything including my tv-i should had explained that better…again im sorry to have alarmed you

  8. Iakovos says:

    I would like to see all these family members in one place at one time and working as a family. Sometimes DAYS seem so disjointed.

    I wonder if Megyn Kelly’s new NBC contract with its promise of a one-hour daily news show means DAYS is to be cancelled.


    Judy replied

    They say its going to be on sunday


    Judy replied

    Its is going to be on daytime and sunday I bet it going to be on at 2;oo cental time they have on crime watch daily in Austin witch nobody likes day is on at 1:oo hear that all we need is another take show she seams to be a nice person lets hope not

  9. Daphne says:

    I want Belle with Philip always but I just love Martha Madison.


  10. Lou piikes says:

    She coming back?? When did she leave???


  11. Chaz says:

    If her stint is only short term I hope it is to usher off Claire…and Ciara….two dreadful actresses. I hadn’t watched for a while and when I tuned in it was a show heavily focused on those two and I could not believe how subpar they both were….like they were reading their scripts in a dry run through….monotone and lifeless.

    Days made a huge error in SORASing Ciara. The young actress that had been portraying her ran circles around this more grown up version.


    Chrystie_Delancey replied

    Agree on all fronts! Plus, they had so much more story potential with the younger Ciara because she was a good actress.


  12. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I hope this is a full-time return, because Martha Madison has always been an advocate for Days of Our Lives, and I truly did love seeing her on the canvas. She’s needed.


  13. Mo says:

    I like Belle and Martha. Hope she gets decent story this time around.


  14. PF says:

    It will be good to see MM again. BTW, WNBC in NY is moving DOOL to the noon slot starting Jan. 16.


  15. blake says:

    glad she’s back, they were dumb to let her go in the first place. the way the big city affiliates are moving Days to 12 noon makes me wonder if Days will be around after this next contact is up later this year.


  16. damien says:

    love belle
    no offence to brandon beemer, but jason cooke is the only shawn to me…
    thats when shelle really click. i cant invest in them without the original shawn


  17. Theresa says:

    I hope they keep her on. With Sami gone, we need her on. Her last run was ok but could have been better but it wasn’t her fault – it was the writers. I thought she had more edge to her and wasn’t the good girl. With Sami gone, we need someone on that is a little more grey.


  18. Boop says:

    I hope Martha is here to stay; also, I thought John Paul aced his exit. I wish that he had stayed. Plus, I like Abe with Maxine.


  19. Chrystie_Delancey says:

    If it is a visit, then PLEASE take that BRAT daughter with you.


  20. John Gordon says:

    I thought she was BORING and I think quite frankly that this SHOW has become unwatchable – so sorry to put it that way, no offense to long time viewers.
    I started watching in 2013 or so, and it was interesting the way Will and sonny were depicted but now, meh – these stale plot lines are for the birds – and the lack of sets, it also keeps things boring -


  21. John Gordon says:

    I would also like to go “off topic” and say that I frankly cannot believe that All My Children was cancelled, One Life to Live was cancelled but this show goes on and on – and trust me it’s not anywhere near as interesting as the aforementioned shows – and I do watch Days (on the NBC app at night, after work) but it’s REALLY getting monotonous and much, much too drawn out -


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