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0 February 10th, 2011 Matt Ashford debuts in “The Bay” – Watch the webisode!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

One of daytime’s all-time favorite performers finally had his long awaited debut in the latest installment of the hit web series, The Bay!  In it, Ashford plays Steve Jensen, who from the looks of it, and from what we know of his character’s past, is far from the nicest guy in town!

From Pete’s retrograde amnesia, to Brian’s freaky relationship with Isabella, to a suicide attempt, there is plenty going down on The Bay. And, throughout this chapter of the series, and over the next four webisodes, a new theme song will be integrated into the opening and closing sequences.

The Bay is asking fans opinions on which of the four themes they like the best.  On-Air On-Soaps hated this new one, that is for sure.  We can’t wait for the other choices…with that said, watch the latest webisode with Matt Ashford after the jump!

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