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15 August 8th, 2010 Matt Ashford on a return to DAYS: “I will be there when they want me to be there”

Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas Garcia

Is there any chance that the Days of our Lives powers-that-be might be bringing back Jack Deveraux to Salem, now that Jennifer Horton Deveraux is slated for a permanent stay?  That is the question we posed to Matt Ashford at The Bay fundraiser.  So far Ashford says he has not been contacted by the NBC sudser, but is ready, willing, and able for a return in the right situation and to reunite with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) on-screen!

Ashford on returning to DAYS: “I know Missy is coming back to DAYS and I am so glad.  I want her to be happy and working, and all that.  As far as I know at this point, they have not written anything in the broad strokes that would include Jack, and when they do I hope they would call me.  I would be open to return if the situation is right.  Gary Tomlin is a great producer, and if he has got something for me, he will let me know.  Until that time I have learned to trust. It’s better to let them write their story, and I will be there when they want me to be there, but in the meantime, I have other irons in the fire and other projects, I am working on, and so it’s all good”  

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  1. Naomi says:

    It’s ridiculous that they wouldn’t bring him back. I would imagine like 95% of Jennifer fans are Jack and Jennifer fans. Why wouldn’t they want to capitalize on that?

    Jack and Jennifer are easily the most fun and entertaining supercouple Days has had.


  2. Sue says:

    Damit Days bring Jack back! If they can’t do on contract do reoccuring. Maybe that way Days will keep them together instead of splitting them up. We need stable, happy couples right now. Jack and Jennifer were like Nick and Nora Charles. Too bad Reily did not want to write for that combo. Split them up in 93 and in 2003. Even after Reily left they did not know how to write for them. Put them in triangle with Frankie. Only got the read J&J last two weeks before they left the show in 2006.

    Days needs better writing for the couples but I can dream they improve for J&J. LOL!


  3. annie says:

    would love to see Matt back, always a favorite of mine


  4. Sabrina says:

    They have to bring Matt back, but they have to give J&J better story lines. It was annoying when they killed Jack off three times in the matter of three years or something stupid like that. They are a great couple and can pull off challenging scenes and can anchor the show.


  5. Bettyrj says:

    Jack would be so welcome back to Days. Their storylines were always so entertaining and so much fun!


  6. Alli says:

    Who do we write to for this to happen? It is terrible to have her back if he is not with her! How will they break them up this time? Have not the fans proven throughout the years that they want them together?


  7. Aubery says:

    if jack returned that would be awesome. I think he is adorable. I am a huge jack and jennfer fan. I would also love carrie and austin back. As i am a mega huge fan of both these couples. Austin and carrie where pure gold back in the day. I adore all the actors. But just like ejami, there are some die hard caustin jj fans out there tooo.


  8. nikki says:

    They cannot bring back Jen and not jack!!!! Days has gotten rid of a lot of my fav couples please bring back jack


  9. debbie says:

    Please bring back Jack And Jennifer reeves and ashford and keep them together they make the show with their antics, battering, and loving Im getting tired of all the mate swapping it would be nice to see one stable couple we never got to see them together the last time. I know I would come back to the show if I thought they both would be back .


  10. Lillian says:

    What I hate most of all is the way this story line is taking a beloved character like Jack and putting him on some walkabout… I mean seriously! Yes Jack before Jennifer was fractured and damaged and confused. And Yes sometimes he was a flake. But Jennifer’s love and fathering Abby and eventually JJ made him in to a real member of the Horton family. He is a stand up guy. And bringing Jennifer back and putting her through all of this turmoil without Jack there to help her through it and love her through it is just deplorable. Trying to make a character who is so loved and so converted by love and turning him back in to a flake is reprehensible. Jack and Jennifer belong together. I have been a Matt Ashford fan since I was a little girl. He was my first crush *blushing*.. and I always always rooted for that super couple. Even when different actors played the parts I believed that J and J belonged together. This nonsense with Jack being incommunicado while his children are off at boarding school and Jennifer getting her heart cut out… is just NONSENSE!!


  11. A says:

    Bring Matthew Ashford back. Give Jack and Jen a good story again, not like Reilly’s crap. Then keep them together. It’s like the above poster said, taking this character who was transformed by love and doing this with him is nonsense.


  12. emerald says:

    Ugh… why are they ruining Days by having Jennifer and Jack get a divorce? It’s so annoying. I hope the writers are teasing the public with this. I like Daniel a lot, but I like Jack and Jen together. They have the perfect chemistry. Bring Jack back!


  13. Tammy says:

    I watched Days today and thought wow they have sunk to a new low. Adrianne and Justin are back and Jacks own sister is selling him out and encouraging Jen to move on with Dr Creepy . Why isn’t Jen more concerned that Jack might be in trouble since she hasn’t gotten the divorce papers back yet. I mean this is Jack his middle name is trouble. Jen and Adrianne should have alarm bells going off in their heads. Go chase after Dr Dan but one look at Jack or email or text or phone call and she will be head over heels again . Dr. Dan said it himself he is NO Jack Deveraux…mighty big shoes to fill..

    Why do I prefer watching YouTube J&J clips than the Days epi on that day… Usually just FF the show waiting to hear snipets about Jack


  14. Joanne says:

    Having Jack on a walkabout is preposterous! This is someone who would not be in the great outdoors for any great length of time. His character is clean cut, business savy and has tunnel vision when it comes to seeing the big picture. However, he never disregarded his children or Jennifer 10%. It seems to me that something has happened to Jack and these blogs are not coming from him. I.e. maybe the Dimera’s are behind it? It is horrible that his own daughter and sister are throwing him under the bus along with Jennifer. Alarm bells should be going off, instead of insisting she hook up with Dr. Jonas when she is not yet divorced. Discusting and it is ruining Jennifer’s character!


  15. Sara says:

    I haven’t watched Days of Our Lives since Jack and Jennifer left yrs that he’s returning I’m going to watch again. They were my favorite couple and I missed them!


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