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15 May 23rd, 2016 Matt Ashford Returns To DAYS In Jennifer-Centric Episode!


Days of our Lives is set to feature one of its most enduring stars, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) in a standalone episode on Tuesday’s upcoming episode of the NBC daytime drama series.

Jennifer in recent months has become addicted to painkillers following the car crash that killed her former love Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and in which she was injured.  Now deep in addiction, Jennifer will try to go cold turkey, but will she succeed?

While she is going through withdrawals look for Matthew Ashford to return in hallucinating “vision” form as the late Jack Deveraux, the love of Jennifer’s life.  Will he be able to get her through the other side of her ordeal?

Watch this week’s NBC promo for DAYS after the jump, as well as our interview with Ashford on the red carpet at the 43rd Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards were he discusses his return, and working with Missy Reeves again.   Then let us know if you are looking forward to seeing Matt and Melissa on-screen together in the comment section below.

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Killing off Jack was a big mistake…Jack and Jen shouldve-couldve been the next Tom and Alice!!!


  2. Jeremy says:

    Melissa Reeves storyline is riveting, it’s not shoved in your face, it’s been done in a way that allows this story to stretch out longer, which is true to life, these things, addictions can haunt someone for years! in soap load, a story such as this would move quickly, and I think that since Melissa Reeves is not front-burner like Hope, this allows Melissa to dig deep as a creative artist, and she is knocking her scenes out of the park. Melissa had amazing work with Greg (ex-Eric), those scenes were WOW!!! so good. I loved seeing Jennifer’s hair all messed up and her entering the police station the day Eric was sentenced. Melissa is giving us a side to Jennifer, that yes, in soapload, addiction is overplayed, but she manages to allow us to want to see more of her journey, more of Melissa’s work, and I feel she was robbed for Supporting Actress. Be that as it may, she can submit for next year, I do not expect Jennifer’s problem to go away anytime soon. I loved how the other day, Chad told her that he knows she has a problem, and that he wouldn’t allow her to watch Thomas overnight. It’s scenes like this that allows Melissa to shine. I wasn’t into Jennifer much when she was with Daniel. Though, back in the day, I loved her with Peter, there’s specific stories that allows this underrated actress to excel in her performances, and with the return of Jack (Matthew Ashford), for the Jennifer episode, I bet we’ll get a gem of an episode. It’s Melissa’s year, you go! because you’ve got it, and it’s really great stuff. Melissa for Supporting Actress 2017!


    Iakovos replied

    I am with Jeremy on this one. Wholeheartedly!


    Patrick replied

    what… nice… writing… and true to form… as in… REEL

    I can’t knock MR.. character that far down….

    ” I’ve decided to let up … and see what’s going on .. with Melissa Reeves on this go round”

    YES… Kassie DePaiva, True O’Brien, Casey Moss, and Kate Mansi… are making her

    this time around… it’s her show

    she’s showing

    she’s resulting

    making inroads… and your heart digs

    she’s grans jewel.. she’s Jack’s love… she’s Horton… shes stil Jennifer

    I applaud all the give notice… on Melissa Reeves this go round

    IF SOD gives notice… then so must

    what a nice tribute to Greg Vaughan… Eric finale

    a part of me … YEARNS… for Jack
    yearns for INTERESTING
    YEARNS for lost without

    I come back to

    the characters of Hope and Jenn…

    I well up and tear up… thinking of Alice Horton… as she pulls her underlings forward

    Grans Jewels

    gotta love them


    Patrick replied

    it really helps.. and goes a long way… that Dr. Daniel Jonas is no longer in the picture

    you know.. when I watch DAYS… I feel so protective and patriarch… that the one vital statistic… of DAYS … HOLDS



    and vice versa… it just reeked smelled and you LIVED in it

    you soaked it up… and never let up

    Marlena and Roman… John
    Kimberly and Shane
    Kayla and Steve (Patch)
    Hope and Bo…. Aiden
    John and Caliope
    Abe and Lexie
    Justin and Adrienne
    Maggie and Victor
    Carrie and Austin
    Sami and Austin/ EJ / RAFE

    the list could go ON >>> and ON

    Days unlike all other soaps… STANDS

    the complete cast … which is not pressed… as much
    the complete production… which ails like the rest… finds itself

    DAYS is back on

    Kayla and steve… no matter how old they are… HOLD.. and I smile and heart knows LOVE

    Hope and Aiden are once again… stirring…. back … MAGIC and complete

    Chad and ABS… TEARS … dam break… please … offer Kelly MIssal whatever it takes

    sometimes.. I think… DAYS is the BEST gay show… the men are smoking and ACT

    but it will always be…. about romance

    I dance

  3. Janet Byrnes says:

    I don’t know if I want to watch jack return for just one day. I wanted to see a full reunion. Jack and Jennifer. what a bunch of idiots TIIC are.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Watch, Janet, watch!

    He’s appearing in 5 or so episodes, not necessarily back to back. It could be a trial run. If the masses watch, then he may be asked to return in a larger capacity.


    Janet Byrnes replied

    I did watch. It was great. When the elevator went down I don’t remember an actual dead body. ihad forgotten when thisw show was can’t miss.I started watchinjg, when I saw it was the Missy show,I stayed, and enjoyed it.

  4. Mary SF says:

    I am having mixed feelings of Days using these stand alone episodes of late. On one hand giving the whole episode to one character does allow the writers to go further into depth and allows the actor time to really act. The stand alone episode with Abby and Ben was great, the stand alone episode featuring Aiden has its moments– and hence the problem, unless really compelling stuff come off the screen like when Sami and EJ had their stand alone episode about his cheating on her, these hour long episodes featuring one character the one show can get dull pretty quick. So I got my fingers cross that this is one of those stand alones that the hour flies by and not one of those that makes you think watching paint dry would be as interesting


    blake replied

    Days is doing what Guiding Light did like a decade ago, they had special episodes on Wednesdays focusing on one character or couple.


    Jim Preston replied

    I guess my feelings are also somewhat ambivalent regarding these stand alone episodes – it makes the flow seem somehow disjointed in a way (of the show in general) but I suppose it’s not hurting a show that moves at a snail’s pace anyway. Don’t misunderstand me, I am aware that soaps move at a slow rate, but this show takes that fact to an extreme.
    I like the character of Jennifer, and I liked the players around her – and the scenes were well-acted……’s Belle and Phillip that I find exceedingly dull and uninteresting for some reason as well as Belle’s ex-husband.
    This show really needs to pick up the pace a bit and write some compelling and original storylines.


  5. blake says:

    I’m not excited having Jack back just for a few episodes. You know how many horrible actors you can get rid of to bring Jack back for good? Especially with the younger set (looking at you Ciara!)


  6. Vicks says:

    Matt Ashford is exactly what Days needs now. He is brilliant and together with Missy they will bring back that old magic


  7. Mo says:

    I don’t really like these standalone eps. Wish Jack was not dead and returned to Salem. His family sure needs him!


  8. Lisa says:

    Matt and Missy are magic together as Jack & Jennifer, despite the fact that they’ve received such terrible writing over the years (particularly all of the times Jack “died”). It’s like watching Stephen & Mary Beth as Steve & Kayla. Fantastic actors, nuanced performances. Their shared history, their chemistry, and the ways they bring out the best in each other made them such great partners. I really don’t understand why Days doesn’t keep Matt around for good.


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