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16 June 27th, 2015 Matt Bomer Recalls Ben Reade’s Dark Storylines On Guiding Light Revealing He Told Writers: “Just Throw The Kitchen Sink At Me, And They Did!’


While promoting his latest motion picture Magic Mike XXL, Matt Bomer appeared this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers.  When discussing the beginnings of his career, the discussion turned to his time on the now defunct and beloved Guiding Light, where Bomer was cast in the role of Ben Reade.

When Matt debuted on the CBS soap opera back in 2002, he revealed that he told the writers and producers that he only wanted to be on the daytime drama for a short amount of time – which lasted just over a year.   Bomer admits that after he disclosed that to the powers-that-be he added, “Just throw the kitchen sink at me,” and then he added,  “And they did!’

Next, Matt told a hilarious synopsis of the storylines of Ben Reade during his year in Springfield, when he told Seth Meyers:   “I was a trust fund baby who bet my fraternity brothers that I could deflower the town virgin. I fell in love with her, but she found out about the bet and dumped me.  Then, I met a new girlfriend, lost my trust fund and was embarrassed to tell her so I became a male prostitute .. that’s what you do when you lose your trust fund. (Laughs).  So I had all these cougar clients that that were these women I would meet at 6 in the morning and by 9am we would be in the bed making out together for five minutes.  Then my girlfriend found out I was a male prostitute, dumped me of course, and then I went crazy, killed five people, kidnapped her to a remote cabin in the woods, confessed to her that I’d been molested by my middle school teacher, and then committed suicide in front of her, her father, and her new boyfriend. Then, hung on for one day in the hospital to confess my sins!”

The biggest laugh was at the end of Bomer’s recanting of the story of Ben on Guiding Light when he added, “My favorite moment is when the writers came up to me at the end of it and they go, ‘Listen, if you ever want to come back, we’ve got it figured out.’  (Laughs).   Matt always wondered just how they could do that! Evil twin?

Watch the very cute and entertaining segment that all Guiding Light and soap fans will enjoy with Matt Bomer on Late Night with Seth Meyers after the jump!  Then weigh-in if you recall the antics of Ben Reade on Guiding Light!  And if Guiding Light had not been canceled, and Bomer had not become a massive mainstream star,  how would you have brought Ben Reade back to the canvas?

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  1. Cary Giacalone says:

    One of my favorite Matt Bomer moments – his scene in his white underwear which made the world nuts and from then most male soap starts had to wear dark underwear.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Is nuts a pun?…lol


    CeeCee replied

    LOL, jimh. It could be a pun….too funny, you are.
    All I can say is that I watched every episode of WHITE COLLAR…..not only for the intriguing stories, but for Matt’s beautiful self…inside and out. Great actor; great father; great husband.

    blake replied

    Is that true? I remember his underwear scene on the beach (who doesn’t???) and I think it’s still on youtube.


  2. Andrea says:

    I didn’t watch GL, but I loved Matt on White Collar. His storyline sounded insane, but I’m sure he rocked it. I know I would have wanted Matt to return! I’m terrible at guessing these things, but I’m 99% certain that they would have made the original character a brainwashed Ben lookalike, then brought the real Ben to town.


  3. Eileen Hargis says:

    Matt was delightful on GL. Loved him and loved his crazy character. Knew he would go far.


  4. Bobby Paradise says:

    Haha. Gary: that’s the best!


    Bobby Paradise replied

    I mean Cary! So funny .


  5. Mo says:

    Great that he remembers it all. Wish I’d watched.


  6. Torqumada says:

    I miss GUIDING LIGHT. My immigrant grandmother listened to it on the radio and watched it on tv and claims that’s how she learned English.


  7. blake says:

    That’s awesome he is talking about Guiding light and remembers all of his stories on there, that surprised me. But it’s too bad they didn’t say Guiding Light, Seth just said a soap.


  8. fginaspy says:

    I loved MB as Ben Reade on GL. I was so sad when he left the show. I was happy when he made it with White Collar. Great synopsis. He should track down the head writer(s) to find out what the plan was to bring him back.


  9. su0000 says:

    oohhhhh my!
    Magic Mike XXL , is on the top of my to-do list= see Magic Mike XXL twice ;)

    I really liked the stories he had.. too bad I missed it..
    I really liked the ending..


  10. irene says:

    I remember Ben. He rocked the scenes at the end. I still miss GL.


  11. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    His recounting of it was quite amusing—and far more entertaining than any of it was when it was playing out on the screen, unfortunately. (Not one of GL’s better periods, though MB acted the hell out of everything he was given.)


  12. Rodd says:

    He was mesmerizing as Ben on GL. I couldn’t take my eyes off him then or now. LOL!


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