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4 October 11th, 2012 Matt Bomer To Guest-Star On The New Normal As Brian’s Ex-Boyfriend!

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Former Guiding Light soap alum, White Collar , and motion picture star,  Matt Bomer is going to be guest-starring in another Ryan Murphy project!  As fans recall,  Bomer guest-starred last season on Glee as Darren Criss’s brother.  Bomer is also set to star in Murphy’s upcoming screen adaptation of The Normal Heart!

But now, Matt will play the ex-boyfriend of Brian, (Andrew Rannells) when he comes to town and shake’s up the relationship between Brian and his partner, David, played by Justin Bartha on the comedy series, The New Normal!

The New Normal, which recently earned a full-season pick-up, airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC. White Collar is set to return with new episodes early next year.

So are you excited to see Matt on the comedy The New Normal? Is there anything this guy can’t do?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Rodd says:

    Can’t wait! Love Matt and love this show!


  2. Jimmy says:

    I love Matt Bomer! Very versatile actor. Anxious to see him guest star on The New Normal.


  3. bc says:

    it pays to be partnered w/ someone influential among hollywood circles. bomer’s usa network show white collar isn’t exactly burning up the ratings and is far from a critical darling. all the glorification of hollywood’s standard of male physical attractiveness from his film magic mike and it doesn’t even open at number 1. it was heavily promoted yet it was defeated by a movie abt a talking teddy bear w/ horrid cgi graphics voiced by seth macfarlane! his guesting on glee did nothing for that show’s 18-49 demos and total ratings. as a matter of fact his guesting was highly promoted yet glee hit new lows and was crushed as usual by its competition. how sad though that bomer did not even consider turning down glee. bomer’s portrayal of blayne’s brother essentially whitewashed the character. darren is part Asian and glee casts a white actor to portray his brother? could they not have cast a part Asian actor considering how hollywood provides very little opportunities for Asians? isn’t glee abt diversity and embracing who you are and singing abt your individuality? but of course i’m guessing the glee writers cast bomer to boost his resume precisely bec he’s an openly gay actor. they put that agenda at the forefront and essentially told Asians everywhere that their race doesn’t matter. it was such a hypocritical and cynical move to whitewash part Asian blayne. bomer should have turned down the role. and now he’s cast on the new normal. same writer as glee equals the same hateful and vile language. glee claims to be anti bullying yet it is only anti bullying when it comes to bullying gays. glee bullies everyone else gleefully. how many racist and sexist jokes have been hurled by those writers thru their characters? glee only seriously tackles bullying when it’s abt gays and lesbians and yet according to the us government the most bullied group of students are Asian americans! glee literally gives the lives of gay characters greater significance than straight characters. karofsky attempted suicide bec of being bullied. quinn mentioned how she could relate bec she was bullied a lot for being pregnant. cue sanctimonious kurt lecturing her abt how the bullying she experienced is much less severe than what gays experience. how warped and disgusting! glee knows no bounds when it even bullied britney spears bec of her past mental instability! they made fun of her infamous breakdown by having a character fake a breakdown while eating cheetos. would they ridicule the mental instability of a gay celebrity for an entire episode? highly doubtful. the new normal is equally as hateful. the “republican and conservative” character has to be the villain of course portrayed by lefty loon ellen barkin who is one of the most hateful and demented women on twitter! she expects the new normal’s small audience to learn how not to be hateful thru her caricature yet she tweets abt wishing that a hurricane would drown all the republicans and pro-lifers at the RNC! any hollywood actor who is against bullying should not guest on the most hateful and divisisve shows like glee and now the new normal. it openly discriminates against conservatives by portraying them like such. but of course hollywood would cheer bec portraying conservatives as intolerant is part of hollywood’s vile and disgusting brainwashing tactics. bomer doesn’t need to guest on new normal bec he could get guestings on other shows bec he’s well connected. his hypocrisy is showing by guesting on the new normal. but that’s hollywood’s mantra: portrayal of gay and lesbian characters are significant but Asians can be whitewashed. hollywood best mantra though is: tolerance for me but none for thee.


    SuperNova replied

    Are you done with your rant?


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