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3 February 1st, 2010 Maurice Benard on what’s next for Sonny for Feb Sweeps & his love life!


Daytime Emmy winner Maurice Benard (Sonny), who has given us powerful performances Friday and today on General Hospital, spoke with our pal, Sara Bibel over at Fancast about the huge Dante/Sonny revelation scene, working with Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), what to look forward to as Sonny looks to be facing trial, and the lady loves in the mobsters long and winding road of romance.

Maurice on what is going to happen to Sonny during February Sweeps: “What’s interesting is as soon as [Sonny] shot him, the next week I was sick as a dog.  So it’s really going to look like Sonny was whacked out.  That wasn’t method acting.  That was me being really sick.  So I have these great scenes I don’t remember with Olivia, with Dante.  I’ve got to tell you, everyone on GH, not just my storyline, they’re actually doing some really great, great work.  It’s special to be on the show right now for me.  I’m watching other people now.”

Maurice on Sonny’s greatest love: “You’ve got to say Brenda.  And then you’ve got to say Carly because she’s the mother of his children and then Brenda because that was his first real big love. The thing about Sonny is when he loves, he loves.  He loved Emily.  He loved Kate.  I think those are the only other two.  He doesn’t just say, “I love you.”  He means it when he says it.”

Maurice on the semi-annual rumor report of a Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) return to GH:  “I don’t know if it will happen.  Those talks keep going on and on.  I know Sonny needs a girl because he hasn’t had one.  Claudia was just kind of a thing that happened.  It was not romantic.  So if Vanessa comes back it would be great for me, but we’ll see.”

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  1. mas says:

    Oh Maurice you “FINALLY”told the truth, Brenda I was not into GH that much, Carly oh yes the love that keeps being re-written untill it bores. BUT KATE that was a love story, Bogie & Bacall, the Tough & the Classy, Oh how I hope GH brings them back togather, Maurice was Classy, Sexy, and best of all Fun, with Megan he rocked with LLC its a flat tire, no chemistry, and worst of all unbelievable how I hope Dante is NOT SONNY’S Son” now that would be and un-expected twist, to the predictable s/l being pushed down the viewers throats….


  2. mee says:

    Sonny NEEDS a woman, NOT a girl. Sonny’s too old to be talking about needing a girl. No wonder he’s still so immature chasing all the women, oh I mean girls. Heck, he even hooked up with Emily. Nasty!


  3. says:

    will sonny& carly will they get back together and get merry or have a baby together again


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