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14 September 18th, 2012 Meet Mr. And Mrs Duell! General Hospital Favorite Gets Hitched!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

It was a busy weekend for General Hospital’s Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos)!  The Daytime Emmy nominated young performer married his beautiful fiancée Taylor Novack on Saturday, September 15.

According to ABC Soaps In Depth,  “The couple tied the knot in front of family and friends at a private residence in Cave Creek, Arizona. The actor admitted the weather was a bit on the hot side, but declared, “It was an amazing day. Unbelievably beautiful. It was great having our families come together to share it with us.”‘

Congratulations are in order to the happy couple from On-Air On-Soaps!  And now, in honor of Chad’s wedding and as a salute to the new groom,  check out his on-screen GH partner, Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Chad performing their own brand of Karoke after the jump, in his hilarious video they posted on YouTube!

Chad and Kristen take on “Leave” from the Once soundtrack, “Feeling Good”, Michael Buble, “Teenage Dream”, Katy Perry, some Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna and more!


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  1. Dawn D says:

    Those two crack me up. So glad they are on GH together. Great chemistry.


  2. Marion says:

    On GH I always find him a bit on the dull side, but apparently he`s a regular jokester. Wish he`d be like that a bit more on GH.


  3. Britany Wylie says:

    Awesome. They should do more of these vidoes.


  4. heidi says:

    Hey GH …we really need 1-2 episodes of karoke at the Floating Rib/Jakes. I keep gong back to youtube to get the old episodes. There are so many talented people on that show and so many hams that those episodes are so much fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing this Michael they are cute together and their chemistry is developing on the show… they definitely have it off the show.

    Congratulations Chad!!!


  5. Linda Dowell says:

    I love that they’re SO fun and that I got to see some of it. Great, great, great video. Enjoyed every second.


  6. Jan says:

    i was dying when he did bouble, i cried


  7. aria says:

    their real life personas are more interesting then the characters they play, that you tube video is cute, which their characters were more fun like that.


  8. Beth says:

    RC and FV need to take advantage of the natural comedic skills both of these kids have. I understand they’re part of a “serious” story arc right now, but even a little bit of laughter would go a long way to lighten up some of the more angsty areas. I wasn’t a big fan of this pairing because it was obvious where they were going with it from the beginning. I’d like to see them tackle something away from the Kristina/Trey part of the equation. They haven’t won me over, but I’m willing to see how this current material plays out and see what happens when it’s over.


  9. SZima says:

    Waaayyy too young! It will never last.


  10. cathy trinque says:

    Congrats to Michael and Taylor!


  11. bonnie says:

    congratulations to chad and his new wife I hope they have a life time of joy and love. On another note I dont like Starr and Michael being romantically attach they seem more like brother and sister then lovers. I wish they wuld bring back Abby they where my favorate couple


  12. LEILO says:



  13. Pat says:

    Kristin is a home wrecker!


  14. Trina0385 says:

    I think its ironic that these vids are on the same page as his wedding announcement. Im not hating, but I just had to laugh. They are hilarious together though!


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