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9 November 1st, 2017 Meet The Bold and the Beautiful’s Newest Cast Member Ingo Rademacher & The Forrester Men Up Close And Personal!


Now, here’s a fun way to introduce a fan favorite on to your daytime drama series!

The Bold and the Beautiful is hosting an meet and greet fan event (the first lucky 65 to purchase tickets are in!), where attendees will get to welcome Ingo Rademacher, the new Thorne Forrester to the show! Soap viewers know Ingo best from his performances as General Hospital’s Jasper Jacks (Jax). Ingo, along with the Forrester men of John McCook (Eric), Jacob Young (Rick), and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) will be part of this gathering where it is noted that attendees, “Will get to spend quality time with each actor, have them sign a personalized head shot and take your photo with them while enjoying hors d’ouerves and beverages.”

This very special event will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at a restaurant in The Original Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles (location to be disclosed to ticket purchasers only) from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tickets are only $25.00 each.  For more info and to purchase tickets click here!

And make sure to circle the Monday, November 27th episode of B&B for the debut of Ingo as the new Thorne!

So, looking forward to Ingo’s first episode? If you are in the Southern California area would you be interested in attending the meet and greet with the Forrester men? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh says:

    So was Thorne born and raised Australian???


  2. Mo says:

    I would love to go. Wish I lived nearby.


  3. K/kay says:

    They recast so they could bring another love interest for Brooke even though Kelly had great chemistry with WH! I like Ingo but once again Brad throwing a actor loyal one under he bus.


  4. rebecca1 says:

    I’m wondering if he’ll turn out to be Liam’s father. I’ve only been watching about a year but from what I read Liam and Thorne bonded and Liam thought he was his father but DNA results proved he was Bill’s. Is it possible the results were switched and he’s really Thorne’s???

    Awwwww…then he and Wyatt wouldn’t be brothers. I like how they’ve bonded. But, still, could be an interesting turn of events.


  5. soapqueenforever says:

    Tha could prove to be an interesting turn of events. Now that they are finally giving Thorne a storyline after all this time, I really wish WH was given the job. Being that I haven’t been a GH watcher since the mid-eighties, I am not familiar with Ingo’s work. But I guees I soon will be. And if it does come to fruitation that Thorne really is Liam’s father, that would mean that when Liam and Ivy had their brief fling a few years back, that they were flinging cousins because Ivy’s father and Eric, who of course is Thorne’s father are brothers. So that would be gross. But anyting can and does happen in the world of soaps. But I still say it was and is a complete waste to get rid of WH. I have been watching on and off since the first episode and to me he was and is the perfect Thorne. I guess we will have to wait and see.


    rebecca1 replied

    Hi soapqueenforever

    were you responding to my thought that Thorne might be Liam’s dad? Wasn’t sure…it picked up my thought but wasn’t posted as a reply.

    Either would be interesting, though I have to admit I enjoy Liam’s convoluted relationship with Bill…and as hideous as Bills’ actions have been it’s good to see how frantic he was when he realized Liam was still in the building (recent explosion). The love is there…buried under (no rubble pun intended) the completely different personalities/sensibilities/morals…

    I never watched when Winsor Harmon was on (relatively new B&B viewer) but I did google him and he seemed great! Shame when they replace actors who are still ready, willing and able to resume their roles…

    With that said, I don’t know if Ingo will be right for this part and I’ve never seen him act without his Aussie accent…but he IS a good actor and if one can get past the disappointment that WH has been replaced Ingo might just be very good in the role. As you said..wait and see….


    soapqueenforever replied

    Yes rebecca1 I was responding to your comment. I too, enjoy the crazy relationship that Bill and Liam share. If Thorne turns out to be Liam’s father, I seriously think it would break Bill’s heart. As the saying goes, tune in tomorrow….

  6. Brett says:

    I don’t know what Brad Bell’s issue is with Winsor Harmon but this recast was totally unnecessary. Surely it would be better to have Winsor in the role if he’s going to be back with Brooke so they could do flashbacks?


  7. Patty says:

    So happy to see Ingo coming to B & B !!!! Sorry to hear that they are writing, yet another, father / son triangle !!!!!! They need new writers with new material !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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