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36 January 18th, 2018 Megan Wards’s Surprise Appearance As GH’s Connie Falconeri!


For those who caught Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital centering around the character of Ava Jerome (Maura West), they were in a for a big surprise, when during Ava’s anesthesia nightmare none other than a bloodied dress Connie Falconeri AKA Kate Howard appeared in the art gallery scenes to confront the woman who shot and killed her.

However, it was the original Connie who took on the role for this special standalone episode, Megan Ward! The last actress to play the role was, of course, Kelly Sullivan from 2011-2014, with Ward playing her from 2007-2010.

Once yesterday’s episode aired, Megan took to her Twitter account to share her gratitude for the fun return: “I have @valentinifrank 2 thank 4 the best holiday present! Appreciated every moment of my trip down memory lane but especially grateful 4 the chance 2 work w/ @MauraWest. #gh

So, what did you think of the surprise appearance by Megan Ward as Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst? Comment below!

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  1. brian says:

    Would have rather seen Kelly as Connie. I was not watching when Megan played the role, but did enjoy the show none the less.


  2. Beverly Fyfe says:

    I thought she was the better Connie – at least more believable to me as that character. She is such a beautiful actress. I really wish they had kept her and sent her cousin’s character (Olivia) back to Bensonhurst.


  3. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I like Megan Ward, but I honestly would have loved and preferred to have seen Kelly Sullivan in the role again. It’d allow for more complex flashbacks and use of history between actresses. Megan seemed disconnected to the story.


  4. Jimh says:

    I only know Kelly S in the role but i guess the original is better than nothing!!!


  5. Mister Media says:

    I’m very surprised. Until reading this I had no idea it was her!


  6. rocinet says:

    more surprise to see Morgan!


  7. rocinet says:

    Didn’t remember the first Connie


  8. James R. Poissant says:

    The whole episode was great. I knew Maura would be able to pull off a stand-alone episode. Seeing the characters from the past was awesome!!!


  9. Carol says:

    Wasn’t watching when Megan played Kate. Love Kelly Sullivan so would have preferred to see her instead.


  10. Fanny says:

    Kelly S would’ve been sensational. Megan’s voice grated on my nerves.


    Steve replied

    It’s like they are two separate characters. Megan was a good Kate Howard, a sophisticated fashion editor. Kelly fit the bill as crazy Connie Falconeri. Never really bought that she was a teenager the same time as Sonny due to the obvious age difference.

    Wednesday was the first time Megan played the integrated Connie, which was not her strongpoint. Nice to see her nevertheless.


    Shay replied

    Exactly, Steve! Megan’s high and haughty, polished New Yorker,“Kate,” was perfectly executed, even though I could never understand how a deeply-disciplined woman of taste who so laboriously clawed her way to the top of the brutally-competitive fashion press heap would deign to publicly cavort with the despicablely coarse Sonny—-past or no past with “Dimples.” It’s something I simply couldn’t ever reconcile about Ward’s cool sophisticate and that particular romantic facet of her existence. However, the more overtly sexy, spontaneous Kelly Sullivan and all of her crazy “Connie’s” assorted mental issues gelled magnificently with her recasting as Sonny’s Bensonhurst ex-squeeze, since the backstory attached to the long-buried Falconeri aspect of this character worked in a manner that I would not have imagined had the original actress remained in that role. Hence even though I consider both actresses successful in their given portrayals as Kate/Connie, I have to say that the notion of Ward as the integrated Connie really doesn’t seem at all plausible to me.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I was not watching when this actress played Connie, but grateful for the surprise. Wish Morgan’s return had been a surprise. Too much information is revealed before the shows air. Takes away the suspense. May be why some people stop watching. What’s the point when you know what’s happening before it happens?


  12. JLH says:

    I thought she looked familiar but didn’t recognize her. Loved Megan’s Kate. What a great treat to have her return for this episode.


  13. Dinahleigh says:

    Love seeing Megan back, she my Kate & Connie


  14. Charday says:

    I didn’t watch GH during the Megan Ward/Connie era, so to me I just figured the original actress (Sullivan) was not available and they got a fill-in actress. I had no idea it was the original Connie until I read this article. This entire episode didn’t do much for me.


  15. janet says:

    The episode was good. I don’t care who played Connie, never did. Loved the Bad Ava. yea she is so much more evil than Sonny. Give me a break. I do like her with the ex priest. They have chemistry. I want Ava to deck Carly. She has no right to Avas kid. All her and Sonny are good for is to take children from their parents. Who’s next ?Jake.. Today was a little better. Not all the mob.


  16. Tabitha says:

    I loved seeing Megan in this role again! she’s such a talented actress and made Kate Howard what she was!


  17. cooks7570 says:

    Megan Ward and Maurice had the better chemistry. Maurice and Kelly didn’t have any chemistry together. I liked Megan’s Kate Howard better. I hated that they gave Kate D.I.D.


    dmr replied

    That was just another way to integrate OLTL into GH…


  18. Angel says:

    I loved it….to me MW played Kate Howard the Miranda of crimson. KS played Connie ( I know y’all understand lol) the woman Ava murdered. I loved Megan as Kate but I looooooooved Kelly as Connie it was a awesome little nod to the fans either way


  19. Remy says:


    Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal will always be respected. The water she was handed, she made hella lemons out of that portrayal and MORE! Kudos!!!!!

    But to see the original, Megan Ward play with Maura West was the ultimate treat to an all Ava episode.



    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    I wouldn’t want the character of Kate to return; she was destroyed to shreds. The DID storyline could’ve been played beautifully, but, instead, it was mishandled. Plus, Kelly Sullivan deserves a rightful return to the role if they did bring her back. But, I don’t see Kate being brought back.


    Remy replied

    Kelly deserves it and yes the story towards the end turned into something that was half baked, but Megan wasn’t given a chance either. They bumped her to recurring to dismissal in a matter of seconds.

    The, to reintroduce the character with another actress while the character had familiarity and popularity with Megan was kind of slap to the viewers face.

    Did it reboot Kate, yes, but it also killed a future legacy character that had roots within the canvas.

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    In no offense, but the character of Kate has fizzled by the time Megan Ward was dropped to recurring, so I understood the decision. And then writing her out also made sense; there wasn’t much story beyond Crimson at that point. When the character returned, it was meant as a reboot to bring more depth and understanding to how Connie Falconeri became Kate Howard, and I do believe Kelly Sullivan was the only character to handle that transition.

    My issue with the DID storyline was the way it was written; it became this mockery of DID, and it was mishandled completely. And the character became a broken shell of itself, and that’s what bothered me. It was the writing, not the portrayal that failed the character.

  20. Jason Schumacher says:

    They need to find a way to bring Megan back as Kate Howard permanently she played the role passionately and her vs Carly was always worth watching


  21. K/kay says:

    Megan Ward created the character of Kate that was before they decided to recast and do the dual personality because KS version was the one that got shot they should have brought her back to me it must have been confusing for viewers.


  22. Jazz says:

    I love Megan Ward and wish they would have kept her and the role of Kate Howard more than “Connie”


  23. NY SoapFan says:

    Since GH is quite adept at bringing characters back from the dead…
    How about bringing Kate Howard back from the dead?
    I loved Megan Ward she was the best!!
    Maybe she took the opportunity to fake her own death because she never liked being Connie Falconari, and wanted to return to a more Kate Howard like persona?


  24. elm1951 says:

    i was so disappointed when megan ward left the role so i for one was thrilled to see her again on gh and this is not any type of disrespect to kelly s……………….


  25. Timmm says:

    I love both Megan and Kelly. Megan was a shocker and was great! I wish they would have her bring back Morgan too Sonny ad explain that the whole charade was Olivia Jerome, working for Faison. Connie in, Carly out!


  26. su0000 says:

    Megan had no business being falsely connected to Ava’s story..
    She was not involved with anything Ava Kelly Sullivan was Kate/Connie at that time..
    Kelly needed to return, that Megan should have never been brought in..
    I had no idea who in heck Megan was nor why she was in Ava’s dream, she did not belong.


  27. Mateo says:

    No Kelly Sullivan for sure! Ava deserved this episode but the story points were a little weak. The Morgan return was good. I love Bryan Craig. I just think that they could have done a better job with it. But I’m grateful because Maura West can light up my screen any day of the week.


  28. dmr says:

    I always liked Kelly Sullivan in the role. I thought she did an outstanding (and comical) job with the CONKATE storyline. It was nice to see Megan Ward back.


  29. Jay says:

    I did not realize it was the actress who originated the role of Connie Falconeri playing her in this episode but I honestly thought she was terrible. It made me miss Kelly Sullivan even more.


  30. Beverly says:

    I was very disappointed that they didn’t bring back Kelly Sullivan to play the role of Connie Falconeri on the stand alone episode with Ava Jerome. It was Kelly who got shot by Ava, not Megan Ward. Why bring back to real Morgan, and not the real Connie? Kelly Sullivan’s other show after leaving her role of Sage on the Y&R in 2016, Too Close To Home was cancelled recently, so I really can’t understand why she wasn’t on the Ava Jerome episode. She only appears on a very few episodes of Henry Danger as Henry Hart’s mom Siren, so unless she’s very busy working on some other projects, she should have been brought back as Connie Falconeri in that stand alone episode recently.


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