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6 October 7th, 2011 Melissa Claire Egan lands contract role on The Young and the Restless!


Looks like having AMC’s  former casting director, Judy Blye Wilson heading up the new arrivals to Genoa City is paying off.   According to today, The Young and the Restless has hired Daytime Emmy nominee, Melissa Claire Egan (Annie)!  And to make things even more exciting it looks like Melissa will be involved in story with her former on-screen Pine Valley brother, Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller, now Billy Abbott  on Y&R!

From the details that have been released looks like Melissa enter Genoa City as a mysterious woman named Chelsea who is connected to Billy’s arrest in Myanmar.  Her contract role will begin Nov. 11.

Egan joins former AMC’s castmate Debbi Morgan who was added to the Y&R ensemble earlier this summer, and debuted today as Harmony!

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  1. Torrey says:

    Is it like a pre-requisite for all the ex AMC stars to go to Y&R? Cliff, Angie, Mia, Bianca, Richie Novak, Jonathan Lavery and now Annie…. Apparantly, Y&R loves fishing from the AMC talent pool.


  2. Kalamaty says:

    CBS Soaps are the top in the ratings and have the best production values of ANY soap on TV…. ABC and NBC soaps’ production values really should take notice. NBC is headed in the right direction, but it’s gonna take a lot ot knock CBS out.


  3. Y&R fan says:

    yes cbs soaps rocks. i think she is a good actress but i would prefer to see for example Victoria Rowell to come back who is a legend of the show…you can see the ratings are going down and down for the y&r…


    Iakovos replied

    It is the writing that results in the lower ratings in this instance. I cannot say overall I have enjoyed the yarns being spun in recent years. I loved Victoria Rowell on Y&R and her strength is sorely missed.


  4. MACY says:

    What the heck more new people? The new people I did like, Maura (who was new to me) and now Tristan are fired. Whats the point of hiring new people if you fire the ones that work out the best?

    I ‘ve watched Y&R regularly since the start but rarely now days. Jill and Colin kept me checking in, they were a hoot , but that’s ending , and all signs point to a ending I have no interest in. Y&R has become miserable to watch, what a shame.


  5. Ruth says:

    Y&R is a great show with a wonderful and talented cast. Story lines are good, leaving you wanting more and more. Love, love, love Michael Muhney, Melissa Claire Egan and Steve Burton. Also will very much miss Michelle Stafford. The show will not be the same without her and she’s not replaceable. Perhaps Michelle will reconsider and stay on. So sorry about Jeanne Cooper’s passing. Another tremendous loss for the show. She won’t be forgotten!! Carry on, Y&R.


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