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27 February 27th, 2014 Melody Thomas Scott Celebrates 35 Years On Y&R Today & Reveals What Tragedy She Would Still Like To Play As Nikki!

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It’s another milestone for the soaps, but also a very personal one for the iconic Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) of The Young and the Restless!  Today marks her 35th anniversary in Genoa City as everyone’s favorite, at times drunken, socialite with a past that will go down as one of the greatest ever for a soap character!

In honor of the big day, TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan chatted with Melody about her time on the CBS soap opera, which has included Nikki’s 11 marriages and her stint as a stripper!

In one of the highlights from the interview, TVG got the scoop on what tragedy that has not happened to Nikki yet, would Melody like the opportunity to play?  To which she  replied:  “I’d love to have her to go nuts. Stark-raving, rubber-room bonkers! I want Nikki to be in a psychiatric ward drooling. Wouldn’t that be fun? I’d also love to do an aging story. Nikki is so into the vanity thing. Me, I don’t give a s–t. I went on The Talk when the theme of the day was no makeup. But Nikki would freak at the very idea! As the years have passed, she has become an aging vixen — two words that don’t even belong in the same sentence — so I’d love to do a story where she starts to get very concerned about her looks, where she’s checking herself out in the mirror and really hates what she sees. Maybe she has plastic surgery? That would be so her.”

So, what tragedy would you like see happen to Nikki next?  Do you like Melody’s suggestions?   And finally, post your best wishes in our comment section to her on 35 years of bringing it to The Young and the Restless!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    Nikki was never a hooker, she was an exotic dancer — and only a dancer.

    Personally I think Nikki is already nuts for marrying Victor again. I mean isn’t that the definition of insanity— doing the same thing over and over expecting different results that never come. She never learns, she marries Victor saying she accepts him for who he is, but when he acts exactly like he is, she gets all upset.

    Eventually they will break up– but hopefully Victor will not end up in Chelsea’s bed, but they have been so chummy lately I have a sick feeling it is already in the works.


    Alan replied

    She did work for Rose DeVille’s modeling agency which turned out to be a prostitution ring and her first trick ended up dropping dead from a heart attack.


    wolfsmistress replied

    I wouldn’t count his death as her fault. He was angry she had locked herself in the bathroom and was pounding on the door yelling for her to come out of there when he had his attack.

    If I remember right, she was married to Greg Foster at that time, Jill’s younger attorney brother, played by Wings Hauser. I think he got her off or somehow kept her away from the police…

    Wish the show would at least address some of that history with Jill and Nikki. It would be fun to see her and Jill take up the angry feud that Mrs. Chancellor and Jill had against each other because of bad blood between them. Since Jill slept with Victor (and thought he would marry her, but he said he wouldn’t), they could even use THAT history to play upon!

    Jill vs Nikki … that would be fun to watch!

    Mary SF replied

    You’re right, I forgot about that whole Rose incident, until you mentioned it, but I wouldn’t say that incident made Nikki a hooker. Yes,she joined the agency but she didn’t know they were a prostitution ring and I believe that client had a heart attack while she was struggling with him because she had no desire to sell herself for money. And didn’t she quit the agency once she realized what they were up to?

    The original text for the above article stated Nikki had been a hooker and don’t think they were thinking about that Rose thing when they said it. And since they have changed the text from hooker to stripper they must of been thinking of her days as stripper, which is what I thought they meant, which is why I made my comment.

    But thanks for the memory jolt– I probably forgotten more stories than I remember so it always impresses me when other fans remember so many details— appreciate the reply.

  2. Sammie says:

    I’m sure she’ll kill someone soon and get away with it.


    Alan replied

    She already has: as a child she accidentally shot Bobby Marsino’s brother Joshua with her father’s gun and as an adult she killed her father Nick when he tried to rape her.


    Johnny replied

    And hello…she just killed Diane a few years ago.

    wolfsmistress replied

    She was only about 17 when she killed her father by hitting him over the head with a lamp (Nick Reed was played by Quinn Redeker, who went on to play Rex Sterling, Katherine Chancellor’s husband, in later years).

    Also, don’t forget that Nikki was the one who killed Diane Jenkins (again, in self-defense) in the park with a rock.

    For someone who’s killed three people, she’s never even set foot into a jail cell for any of them!

    Alan replied

    I don’t think she actually killed Diane — I think Deacon actually delivered the final fatal blow with the rock that killed Diane…

  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Congrats on no. 35! Nikki’s already nuts…she married Victor-AGAIN! So, go for the aging story!!!



    congrats melody wow, 35 years wow amazing time flies. Melody is a wonderful actress, I want nikki to drink again. I love her when she is a drunk. LOL. Nikki Newman reminds me, like sue ellen ewing on dallas. They both like to drink booze, also these ladies can act, and are good at playing drama queens. LOL.


  5. Cathy says:

    Although I don’t regularly watch Y&R she is still one of my favorites and Emmy worthy


  6. Patrick says:

    Who are her friends?

    with katherine, gone.
    stuck with Victor.

    I’d go stark raving looney bin mad….

    MTS’ Nikki… has to know… how dull she is

    I wish TPTB… would bring back Sean Young… as her party girl nemesis

    Let Sean young work her magic…. and invigorate Nikki… ply her with drink… LOL… and render Nikki nutted up

    payback- comeuppance – A real story line… for the oh so still delish’ Melody Thomas Scott

    one last harrah… geez! Genoa City lacks


    Patrick replied

    Sean Young could be in cahoots with that cultish devilish still sexy Ray Wise’ Ian


    wolfsmistress replied

    Ooooh, that would be a good one!

    Too bad Veronica’s dead; she’d have been a good one to come back and go after Nikki again for marrying Joshua Landers (her gyno hubby when she was shot).

    But then again, with all the problems Ashley has had over the years with mental issues, she and Sharon could get together and really go after Nikki. A great pair against the woman who hates them! :)

    k/kay replied

    If you read the entire interview with Michael Logan she picks 6 favorite scenes /storylines one of them just happens to be with Sharon when they were down in the sewer with the rats. I think SC & MTS have great chemistry I would love to see a Thelma & Louise type story with those two I think it would be a hoot. I have always thought deep down one of the reasons Nikki resented Sharon was because she reminded her of herself. Just think it would be fun to get away from the I hate your guts routine and from where I am sittig they could both use a girlfriend.

  7. mmc says:

    I’d like to see her fall for a much younger man & leave Victors arrogant self.


    jaybird369 replied

    mmc…YES!!!!! That would TRULY ROCK…LOL!!!!!


  8. Jonas says:

    That would be fun to have Niki go nuts. I’ve watched the show over half my life i remember when she was a stripper and Nikki Was up there dancing covered in balloons that the men where popping it was a trip!


  9. kalamaty says:

    WOW! Would love to see MTS get her wish and play Nikki as a bat-shit crazy socialite! Mix that with (drunk) socialite and it’s a potent combo! By the way, doesn’t she just look fabulous?! I have seen so little on that topic here, but…. Melody is absolutely an ageless icon in this genre, and we’re all better for it! Happy Anniversary to her!


  10. Iakovos says:

    I would prefer if Nikki discovered strength and power fo her own and used it as did her friend and mentor Katherine. I am weary of Victor and Nikki having problems. As victor is 70ish and Nikki is a mother and grandmother, I think we can let them have peace in their histories and marriages and work as a team. She has MS now so I would expect issues with that chronic condition. I am not saying a grande dame cannot have frontburner stories, butplease, there comes a time the plots need to reflect age and maturity and a need for fans and viewers to see new directions. This does not mean minimizing or removing actors/characteras from the canvas, rather develop them more. Nikki knows by now Victor never changes. She has killed what three people in her lifetime, without any punishment. She is a recovering alcoholic. Let’s see Nikki rise and use the power of her life lessons instead of crying or having ana ffair or quick marriages. Make her the queen, dammitI :-)


    Patrick replied

    dammit! I agree.

    way nice tribute to MTS and homage to Jeanne Cooper

    I am baffled… that …after 35 years… the writers – Listen Up

    LET Nikki have fun – be fun – be all that – be what she wants – THEE Queen

    doesn’t it just gnaw at you… that she’s left stuck…. stuck


    what legacy is that? what is she left to do?

    give her some backbone… some stamina… some pull – some thing…

    after Katherine… she was the one…. people…hey… the gay community just stood and hollared for… rooted for her self-worth

    MTS’ gave Nikki to the peoples… and now… after 35+ years…just to wise up now and leave the old saddlebag… and let him whither away

    I would love it… if MTS’ Nikki…. was more like Kate, on DAYS

    cashola – clothes – fired up- stands her ground – sensual – alluring – and yes, is emotional, vulnerable, with passion

    Melody Thomas Scott deserves and should be lauded as the Queen… I just wish her character befitted the person we’ve loved all these years

    “I still Love Nikki”


    Lew S. replied

    YES!!! ENUF with the alcoholism! Let her form friendships and have a life outside of Victor and her kids. Hey, they finally cut Victoria from her mother’s apron strings and she sorta has friends now. Anything is possible.


  11. Harlee says:

    I would love the storyline for Nikki the “aging vixen” it would be excellent for MTS to play the hell out of and shine. Congrats to MTS for making it through the last 3 regimes, strength baby!


  12. faye34 says:

    too bad shehasn’t really that her character is tired and old and wore out need to retire her and eric braden both need to go


    Sammie replied

    So true, it’s like a time warp that won’t go away. The show is the same thing over and over again. What a snore.


  13. Fran says:

    I would like to see Nikki become friends with Sharon I’m sick of the fighting between them. There both strong/actresses that have gone through a lot. Mostly because of Victor. I think when Nikki finds out that Victor hired that girl who looks like Cassie to torment Sharon it would be a good time to leave his sorry ass and become friends with Sharon.


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