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9 December 21st, 2011 Melody Thomas Scott previews the very special Y&R Christmas Episode – Watch the Video!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Soap fans do not miss the Friday, December 23rd episode of The Young and the Restless. Following in the tradition of holiday specials featuring one of the core actors and characters of the show, Christian LeBlanc (Michael), Billy Miller (Billy), and Eric Braeden (Victor), being the first three, Y&R has given Melody Thomas Scott and her out of control boozing Nikki a very special set-up for their Christmas Episode!

Watch the video after the jump, where Melody gives us a preview of what to expect, plus a chance to see some signature clips and scenes throughout the last several decades!

Nikki’s journey in this episode is sure to bring some holiday tears and maybe some cheer?  Well, we will have to stay tuned for that.  But we can’t wait for Melody Thomas Scott to have her very special episode in which to shine!

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  1. Jules says:

    You forgot Christian LeBlanc who had the first character centered episode (the best one of all 3 IMO). He won the Emmy for the episode.


    Mo replied

    Yeah, I think Michael’s ep was first, then Billy, who also won an Emmy, and Victor was last year. I look forward to Friday’s ep. I think it’ll be great. Why hasn’t Melody won an Emmy???


  2. Blake says:

    Looks good. Good that they gave this one to her after what they did to her this year. I don’t watch the show but i’ll have to watch this one.


  3. kalamaty says:

    I am OVERJOYED that my fave, MTS, is FINALLY GETTING HER DUE!! What a thrilling week for her and her fans…. today’s wonderful appearance on “The Talk”, leading up to her big, one-woman show on Friday’s Y&R! It’s a dream come true. Surely, the Emmy’s this year will belong to Melody Thomas Scott; I can’t think of a more deserving performer this year. She is back in a VERY BIG WAY! Congratulations to her – and Y&R for pulling their head out!


  4. Doe says:

    looking forward to see how Melody handles this episode. I hope she does a great job.She has had some bad episodes where I didn’t like her acting.


  5. ethel says:

    i guess tiic & tptb gave her this for the awful way they treated her………..smh


  6. Derrick says:

    Beautiful……………..There better be an emmy nomination and win for her next year!!!!! This woman is WAY LONG overdue!!!


  7. Iakovos says:

    Looking forward to this Christmas present from Genoa City. I hope it is a real bridge to character change and plot development for Nikki and others and not a quick stunt from which lessons learned and promises made are so easily forgotten. Regardless, how wonderful to have an hour focussed on Melody Thomas Scott. Amen!


  8. Jonnie says:

    I loved the Christmas episode with Nikki’s guardian angel coming to see her…I am only hoping they will allow her to be sober for awhile before something else sets her back…..she is so good at what she does….


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