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14 June 6th, 2011 Melody Thomas Scott tweets she’s off of Y&R for now!

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After delivering another fantastic performance on last week’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) tweeted that as of now, she is done at Y&R as she has not received any further scripts.

Melody tweeted, ”Don’t know if or when I’ll be shooting again. This week’s air shows were my last, until someone determines otherwise. There are no negotiation problems that I know of. Just no scripts for the last month. Believe me, I’d love to be working every day!”

Then CBS Soaps In Depth reported, that the reason for the fan favorite’s absence from the screen in the coming weeks is a budget issue.  Could this be why Maura West was let-go and Melody is on a hiatus from the series? Seems like it!

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  1. Tommy sharp says:

    Lets face it MAB shouldn’t be head of anything she has destoryed every female character on the show.

    She has degraded nikki and made her into victor’s personnel punchbag and doormat. Nikki and victor are sick and digusting the relationship is abusive.

    I dread nikki’s storyline if MTS returns. The writers will mostly backurn her and use her as her abusers prop and doormat again.


    Richie replied

    I love Melody, but she needs to face reality & agree to wage concessions that almost everyone else on daytime has. MAB has NOTHING to do with her not being on screen. From what I read & understand, MTS gets paid $10,000.00 per episode & refuses to accept a compromising offer and the powers that be are putting on backburner for a while.


  2. Edgar Smith says:

    I agree 100%. It is ironic that the magazine speculates it is a budgetary issue when “Laura Spencer” has been thrust upon us in a completely new role and is seen daily and the show can’t afford to use one of its veteran actors in a key role?

    Bell and Company don’t appear to have any idea what they are doing!


  3. tuesday says:

    Get rid of that annoying Abbey and bring back Nikki.


  4. Devoted Fan says:

    I am having deja vu — this new Y&R bears no resemblance to the Y&R I’ve loved for decades, and hasn’t for a while. But to put Nikki on the backburner while miscasts (Eden R), loathesome characters (Deacon, Adam, Daisy) are still on the forefront, and now Genie Francis (no disrespect but she is NOT Y&R) to the detriment a beloved core character….? And to have to rewrite recent history to accomodate Francis’ SL… Are TPTB doing what ATWT and GL did – deliberately making the fans disgruntled with nonsensical decisions prior to cancellation? I haven’t seen or heard anything that would make me think differently.


  5. kay killgore says:

    I would think this would be an awkard moment isn’t Ed Scott MTS husband executive producer at B&B? MAB is drinking the Kool-Aid!!!!


  6. lisa says:

    Whatever the issue…resolve it !
    Melody Thomas Scott is core to the show…..
    Granted this Nikki chasing Victor is old….and boring ,break them up -for good !!
    Give her a new exciting storyline- BTW I liked her with Deacon….he may have started out as a schmuck – but I think he really cares about Nikki.


  7. Kalamaty says:

    What’s the deal with her ‘departure’ anyway? I have read many stories regarding a new love interest on the way for Nikki. Was there a change of plans?


  8. kay killgore says:

    We go through this all the time does anyone care about Chloe,Kevin,Michael, Lauren and that holier than thou Katherine the original Drunk I can’t stand how she is being written . Put Melody back on she is the one that deserved the best actress instead we get a redux of Michele Stafford YUCK!!!!!


    Susie cootie replied

    I agree the way they have written her lately is nuts. They need to bring back nikki too. Your right I’m sick of Kevin and his lil gf. And Michelle staffords character dude they could write her back in track instead of this wild train ride they are gonna put us on.


  9. Susie cootie says:

    I love y&r and have been watching it since I was 7! 20 years later I can’t believe they have let go melody Thomas Scott ! The show needs her regradless of budget cuts or whatever behind the scenes issues. Her acting and character are always a joy to wacth even if some scenes are played out. I really hope they bring her back,it’s sad. What is happening to our soaps?!


  10. Lew says:

    Don’t know what is up with Y&R. It certainly is not the soap it was many, many, many years ago and it is sad. It wasn’t broken, so it didn’t need to be fixed. If this is the best the head writer and her staff can do, then something needs to be done pronto! I have had enough of Kevin, Chloe, Adam, crazy Phyllis, Cane and his bunch. I love Michelle Stafford and I think TPTB made a mistake separating her character from Jack. They sizzled!! They were on equal footing.


  11. betty says:

    dont take nikki off .if anybody has to go let it be sharon.shes too clingy ,shes slept with both brothers and the dad.married all three what kind of woman is that.phyllis need to go to prison for all shes done over the years.


  12. Radio dayz says:

    U all are Drama queens and could be soap writer. I have been watching Y&R since before people were too lazy to say The Young & The Restless. Hell I used to listen to it! I can see why you guys are not producers. If the show’s producers listened to u all it would have gone off the air long ago, like Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns & others. It’s still going so somethings right. Since we know the vets of the show don’t have enough money and wouldn’t dare take a pay cut for a month or so, (neither would I ) I think to myself, what, & why this may be happening. If it’s money then the business world can take some pointers on how to keep the customer comming back for more. Think about it this way. I think it has been handled beautifully! They didn’t kill key players off, then have them come back as a ghost when they realized it was a bad idea to cut them in the first place. They have learned from past mistakes made. They are simply getting by with great actors who work for pennies compared to the veterans. Just filling time with “fluff”. Come on guys, they have to do without what other short lived TV series do too often, RERUNS. It’s fluff untill they build up the bank, reel in investors, tie up loose ends, get back from vacation, IDK WTF & I don’t care about that behind the scenes stuff. I know it’s gonna get good. I know because vets are still around & sooner or later Victor will come back to get shot, Niki will jump in the sack to piss off the love of her life, Paul will cry, Jack will bitch, Cricket will win, Michael will scam, Tracy will visit, so will Nina, Neil will definitely be cool as hell, Danny may come to town & Ashley will..hmm, well I hope Ashley will be beautiful again, someday.
    It’s all genius if you think about it. Plus if you don’t like it try something else for a while.
    As soon as you start catching the reruns of all the other crap on during that hour of the day, u will tune back in. The best part is, no matter how long u were gone, you can Jump back in anytime, watch for a week & your right back in the mix & you would not have missed a thing.
    IT’S A F*@#N GREAT WASTE OF TIME. You gotta love it! Peace and love to all


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