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13 February 14th, 2014 Memorable Clips and Current Cast Members Talk General Hospital’s 13,000 Episode Milestone! Watch The Video!


General Hospital will soon air its 13,000 episode on Monday, February 24th.

In honor of another milestone for the 50 year old soap opera, the series has posted a video which contains new interview soundbytes with current GH cast members: Ryan Paevey, Maurice Benard, Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher, Kathleen Gati and Emme Rylan, Sean Blakemore, plus executive producer Frank Valentini.

In addition, during the video celebration about how GH has rolled on to its 13,000 episode, retrospective clips are shown including those from last year’s revival of the Nurses Ball, and notable on-screen couples including: Luke and Laura, Steve and Audrey, Frisco and Felicia, and Bobbie and Tony.  Plus, there are several clips from current day episodes of the ABC soap opera.

Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) says in the piece: “When I first started on GH,  I was going to leave when I get bored. Well, it’s 21 years later and I haven’t been bored yet!”

Watch the 1GH 13,000 episode milestone clip package after the jump! Then, let us know what do you think has been the success to GH’s longevity?  What retro clip brought back the most memories for you?

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  1. Tony says:

    Great, now “all I need”, is for GH to fix the character of Frisco, have Victor be the one who has kept him away brainwashed or something, because what they did to his character last time wasn’t right…


    Shay replied

    Although I totally agree with your assertions, Tony, the true culprits that assassinated the character of Frisco Jones were the dynamic duo better known as “Cartini.” They OWN it! Even Victor Cassadine could not have done such a despicable hatchet job on Jack Wagner’s legendary role…


  2. Bill says:

    No Robert Scorpio? No original Edward? Epic fail.


    Andrew replied

    Edward escorts someone down the aisle.


    Bill replied

    Where? All I see is nu-Edward singing with Emily.

  3. su0000 says:

    I love GH .. it is a very dear series to me ..
    It is the only soap with tons of variety and a mix of characters all with very different personalities.. I am never bored and always hangin til next day..

    GH is truly one of a kind — unique ..


  4. heidi says:

    Great video… want so much more!!! Love GH!!! Congratulations to everyone who has ever worked on GH in any capacity for 13,000 episodes and over 50 years!!! Huge and phenomenal accomplishment!!! Can’t wait to watch the next 13,000… well I won’t be able too… but as many as I can… I am there for it!!! Loving just about everything that is happening this year and these episodes!!! Thank you to everyone at GH… FV… RC… the best cast… bar none… the best everything!!! Thank you!!! Love GH!!!


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Loved todays fight between Liz and Britt…favorite memories are Luke and Lauras wedding…the murder of Diana Taylor(sounds morbid, i know)…at my grandmas house i remember Lucille, Audreys sister blasting at some nurse(back in the 60s this was my grandmas favorite show)…i enjoyed the show the most between 1978(Another World was opposite so i switched back and forth) to about 1985…by the 1990s i stopped watching most soaps except for OLTL and Passions(which i rarely missed and watched til the end)Also, GL and ATWTs! Then a few years ago i started watching Days full time again and then GH!!! I miss Edge of Night and Santa Barbara!!! I miss a lot of soaps but im grateful that Days and GH are still around to enjoy!!!


  6. Rodd says:

    Congratulations to the cast and crew of GH on their 13,000 episode! What a wonderful show they continue to produce! Thank you!!!


  7. rachie says:

    my family has watched GH since the first show. My grandma taped every episode after vcr’s came out she had the whole collection when she passed a few years ago and it was pretty amazing to see how dedicated of a fan she was. I have watched for 37yrs that i remember and have had points where I get irritated and dont watch but my family fills me in. Lately its been really good and really stupid at times so I’ve mixed emotions on the new team. I hope they work out the stupidity and get the show back to be number one cause I would hate to see it go. I wish the writers lots of luck! Please drop the heather nonsense and the baby swapping its went way beyond ridiculous! Also do not recast Jason if we cant have the real one leave him gone there are certain characters that cant be replaced by new actors sonny,jason,monica,anna,lucy ect. they have been the same for so long noone would work in those roles. Back when they replaced tyler as nicolos everyone hated it and he hadnt even been on the show that long. Still trying to get used to the lulu switch it doesnt matter if its a good actor its really hard to watch someone for years then all of a sudden a new face. I waiting to see if they listen to the fans and make the show amazing the writers have the potential but sometimes i wonder if they moonlight writing comic books and mix the to up. At least they have enough good to keep you coming back and hopefully for a long time we dont need any more food shows or talk shows we want afternoon entertainment.


  8. MBmomof3 says:

    Congratulations GH! Thank you for a lifetime of entertainment. God bless and keep it coming.


  9. Charday says:

    I’m really enjoying GH, except for Sonny.


  10. Carly says:

    I just LOVE GH! It’s the best show with such a great variety of characters, storylines and fun.


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