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18 May 25th, 2012 Memorial Day Soap Pre-Emptions and the Episodes That Will Air!


As the holiday weekend is upon us, most of the daytime network soaps will be airing repeats this coming Memorial Day 2012 on Monday, May 28th.  Days of our Lives will be the only soap to air a brand new episode.

As for the repeats, here is what episodes are set to play on Monday!  Over at General Hospital an episode from April 18, 2012 will be seen where Jason finds out the news that he killed his own brother Franco, Connie takes over from Kate and Olivia asks Sonny for help.

Over at The Young and the Restless, CBS will air the July 4th 2011 episode where Sharon looks back on her life as she writes a letter to Sam  after they make love while in New Mexico, while Adam and Nick think of her back in Genoa City.

On The Bold and the Beautiful look for a repeat of the January 3 2012 episode wherLiam pursues Thomas and Hope while in Cabo, Brooke and Ridge discuss Liam’s marriage, and Katie confronts Bill.

So do any of these episodes strike your fancy to check them out again? Or will you be having a Memorial Day barbeque and taking a break from the soaps for a day? Let us know!

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  1. Kathy C says:

    Only watch GH, and no I don’t want to see that one again. I’d rather see a classic GH…maybe some old Anna & Luke or Heather scenes so all the newbies can see what they were like in the past. Maybe even a “best of Heather” type of thing, lol. Won’t be tuning in for this episode repeat, even if I am home.


  2. Stephanie says:

    Since I only watch Days, and it’s airing an original, I’m all set. Not looking forward to the pre-emptions that’ll happen this summer, due to Wimbledon and the Olympics though. Thank goodness for YouTube, so I can get my Salem fix!


    barbara t replied

    Stephanie, This is my first summer watching days, Are you saying they will take the soap off and put the olympics and wimbeldon on in the afternoon, Are you kidding? How long does it last? Today I went nuts because on direct tv all of our local channels were down so I missed General hospital, It was driving me nuts, The networks still aren’t on, Good thing I still have soap net will watch it later. But don’t those sports things last for a whole week?How many weeks do you not see days?


    Stephanie replied

    I heard that Days won’t air on the 7th or 8th of June for Wimbledon (don’t remember which date), and I think it’s off for 2 weeks while the Olympics are on.

    lipstickcat replied

    You still get Soapnet? They took it off here at least a month ago! I wouldn’t get too fond of Days because I read Matt Lauer wants a talk show & they will give him that timeslot!

  3. barbara t says:

    At least I can watch days of our lives while I am flipping hamburgers and hot dogs.


  4. David Larsson says:

    I’m not a Days fan. And the choices for the pre-emption episodes do nothing for me. So I will be doing something else that day. As many have said, I would much rather see a classic episode than the crap that’s airing nowadays.


  5. Anne-Marie says:

    I love GH, but won’t be watching. I would rather see an older episode, not one I just saw a month ago. I don’t want to watch Sam tell Jason again that Franco is his brother, and I don’t want to see Olivia ask Sonny for help to protect Steve from Johnny. I’ll find something else to watch…You would think that GH would want to keep the momentum going in their increase in viewers by showing a really exciting old episode. Or, like one poster suggested, showing old episodes of Anna or Heather to show newer viewers a bit of back history…


  6. ethel says:

    if tptb & tiic have to show reruns why not something from the past showing families celebrating the holiday??


  7. Mary says:

    I agree with a lot of the GH fans that have posted here. I would much rather see a genuine classic episode from the past instead of one from a few weeks ago. And, yes, that would be helpful to newer viewers as far as seeing the history of some of the characters!


  8. Heather says:

    I would have preferred that they air an episode from the 1980s instead.


  9. MK says:

    In the 90′s when CBS started to repeat eps of YR, BB, ATWT and GL on Xmas and New Years, they went way back (10 or 20 yrs) and that would get me to stay home, watch or tape. Something so fresh or bad, will not gain any viewers.


  10. SZima says:

    Once I’ve seen it I don’t bother again! It was bad enough the first time!!


  11. lisa says:

    I live in Canada – the episode of Y&R I get to see tomorrow (new) will air in the US on Tuesday…..not bragging or anything,LOL !!


  12. avellina says:

    I have to work on Memorial Day. I will dvr GH as always; I love the direction GH is taking. I enjoy my soaps even a 2nd time around; I wish Soapnet was still being aired on Comcast in New England.


  13. Pam says:

    I’m glad Days will be putting on a new episode on Memorial Day. At least that is one show to look forward to! I’m going to skip the other soaps, because the reruns don’t interest me.


  14. Christy says:

    gees… of all the shows GH could have had a repeat of, how boring! Come on – they’ve got nearly 50 years of shows to pick, and they pick that one? they should have picked one further back that was a lot more exciting! could have been the puerto brenda/sonny/luke on the run one, or any one’s wedding from way back, or Frisco & Felicia’s honeymoon that Monica help set up in Sean’s apartment, or how about the running around Mount Rushmore…. Gees, they could have had a deal where we all vote for the show we want repeated, and it would generate alot of ‘free’ advertising for them and their site, cuz you know we soapers get in a frenzy for soap stuff! :-)


  15. Blake says:

    They should show special episodes from the past. Or maybe that’s a reminder for them how much better soaps were back then with budget, sets, extras, wardrobe, etc.


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