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78 February 13th, 2013 Michael E. Knight Chats On His Decision To Wait For Now To Join All My Children 2.0!


As Prospect Park has been assembling the cast for the revival of All My Children, there has been one man who fans have asked for the most, while wanting to know if he is coming back to Pine Valley as Tad Martin.  Of course, we can only be talking about the beloved Michael E. Knight.  Over the last few days in the soap press, Michael revealed that for now, he will not be joining the cast when the series begins production in less than two weeks time in their new studios in Connecticut.  But, that he is not, ‘saying no” to returning at some point in the future, either!

On-Air On-Soaps reached out to Michael to get more insight and to go a little more in depth at his decision and the factors he considered in making it.  From what we can surmise, and you will too, Michael thought long and hard about what was the best way to proceed if he were to slip into the shoes of Tad Martin once again, that would enable him to be true to himself, true to the character, and his fans, that he loves with all his heart.

Michael, how did you come to the conclusion for now, that you will wait it out a bit before considering a return to All My Children 2.0?

MICHAEL:  Truth is, I am still smarting a bit from the dents I got on the fender the last time around, and that is the very human truth.  There is no disrespect intended to the audience, or to the people running the show, because I think if this show stands a chance, it is because of those people in the studio in Connecticut!  They are so good at what they do in a medium that is unbelievably unforgiving.  I am very proud of the people who work on AMC.  God bless them that are at the helm now, and for Prospect Park who had the vision to do what they are doing, and the courage. The answer is not set in stone yet.  I am immensely proud of what I have done with Tad.  I always joke he is the better part of me. If the door is still open, you bet your ass, Tad is going to come back to Pine Valley, it’s just not now.  The lessons I have learned over the last few years have taught me the hard way not to jump as quickly without considering how I am in my own life.  

When you talk about the lessons you have learned, and at times the way past AMC regimes, to many observers, have depreciated the value of the character of Tad, do you in reality feel that you have done everything you could have possibly wanted to do with Tad?  Therefore, that may have influenced your decision to wait to sign on with Prospect Park’s AMC?


MICHAEL:  Everything in life I have learned about myself, I have learned in concert with All My Children, and all of the changes it has been through, and all of the changes the industry has been through.  One of the humbling things I learned about being identified on a soap (after working the last five years for people who really didn’t necessarily get it), is that there are just so many stories that I can tell, and after that, I become an addendum and it becomes a paycheck.  I had already on All My Children: come back from the dead, played twins, had amnesia, and been shot.  As Tad, I have been married six times – three times to a woman who I adore as an actress and a friend – and she herself came back form the dead twice!  In other words, as a performer, I lost a lot of faith in my ability over the last few years, because I was given to understand that I was a tolerated legacy and I can’t blame them for feeling that way.  The machine is what it is.   There are just so many stories that a character can tell, and then they are there simply to let people know where they are.  One of the very dramatic changes I have had in moving to Los Angeles and reclaiming my life is; how do I feel about being an actor?  How do I feel about doing what I have done for 35 years?  Is it really worth it to do this anymore?  This business can be crazy.  And the decision I came to is …“I really still like this.”   I love being a storyteller!

What I think is exciting about Prospect Park’s All My Children is that it is whole new playing field, and a whole new ball game.   Don’t you think with Ginger Smith (executive producer, ANC) and Agnes Nixon (creator, AMC) being involved, they can make Tad relevant in story again? And the opportunity you would have to work again with some of your very close colleagues?


MICHAEL:  I think the saving grace is … that I would get to stand shoulder to shoulder with people like Debbi Morgan (Angie) and Darnell Williams (Jesse), Thorsten Kaye (Zach), Jill Larson (Opal), Cady McClain (Dixie) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara)!  I have so much love for these people as performers and colleagues. The only thing that keeps a human relevant on a soap opera canvas is something a little extra, and a little special.  I think if I had a place on the canvas, it’s because there are people like Debbi and Darnell.  I look at them and I melt.  Debbi Morgan is one of the best actresses I ever met, let alone worked with. There is such love and acceptance, and a relationship there that has grown steadily over three decades!  But in terms of making Tad relevant, I would hope so.  If it happens it would only be because people like Ginger Smith and Agnes Nixon are there and part of this reboot.

What would happen if you don’t go ever go back, and the series wants to bring in another actor to assume the role of Tad Martin?  Would you be OK with that?

MICHAEL: Absolutely!  I would never fault the choices of the people who have the responsibility of delivering to an audience that is worth solid gold.  If they need the character to make it work, I can’t fault them.  I am making a very myopic decision. I am aware of that, but right now, it’s for the moment.

So soapers, how would you feel if they recast the iconic role of Tad Martin?  After reading this interview, do you come to understand how Michael arrived at his decision to take a pause before reconsidering joining AMC in the future?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Dawn Hannock says:

    I understand how Michael feels but would rather wait till he was ready to return then replace him with another Tad. It would be like replacing Susan Lucci with another Erica. Some characters can be replaced but never Tad, Adam or Erica. For that matter I wouldn’t like a different Jesse or Angie. I just hope he comes back when he’s ready. I luv Michael as Tad he’s very witty and funny.


    Denise Daye replied



    Jayne replied

    double agree!

    Jen replied

    I agree completely. Another actor playing any of the above characters wouldn’t be the same.

    Tracey Mershon replied

    I agree too! NO ONE else could…or should…fill Tad’s shoes. I’d rather they write around him….maybe JR shot him and he will be in a bed all covered up for however long it takes until MEK is ready to return. I’d go for that.


    Carol deClercq replied

    Not only is he witty and funny ,,, but handsome too…


    paula replied

    No one else should replace Tad. With all that is going on with JR, Tad would be there to support Dixie. He would not be off somewhere. And if he is off on business, where is Kate? I’m sure fans want to see Michael, Cady and Kate reunited! Would Kate be ten? Maybe bad storylines have been written in the past, but I believe it would be good for Michael to come back. It’s only 4 days a week….don’t they get alot more time off now? I SO BADLY WANT TAD AND DIXIE FINALLY TOGETHER!


    Rachel replied

    No one could ever think of you as a” tolerated legacy.” You are All My Children. No one else! I didn’t watch the show when you weren’t on for those few months. I would be in heaven if you came back. There is no one else like you.


  2. jim says:

    He seemed very honest, and i understood him completely about his thoughts on Tad and playing him. I can respect his decision if he decides to return to AMC or if he chooses not to. With or without Tad the show will go on. I wish M.E.K well for whatever road he decides to take thats best for him. Thanks to both Micheals for the report.


    jim replied

    M.E.K played Tad for ages in New York. Then to cut expense ABC moved the show to California and Mike packed his life and moved there. A short time later AMC gets canceled, and then Prospect Park comes with the hope of continuing the show. Everyone gets excited. Then PP announces no money and all hope for AMC and OLTL is gone. The actors and fans move on to other things. Then months later PP announce it now has the money to revive the shows. Good news for fans and for some the actors but not for all of them. While fans stayed wherever the are, most of these actors did not have the luxury of doing the same. Several started new lives in California, and im certain some dont want to move back to New York and start all over again so soon not knowing if these revived shows will succeed or not. Thats why i understand them wanting to wait and see. Im certain at least some of you wouldnt want to move your life 1,000 miles away for something like a job and then pack up everything again to move back with no guarantee itll work out this time. I respect the actors decision 100%.


  3. Sheryl Postin says:

    I would accept any discussion he makes’ all his fans want him to be happy. I f he isn’t playing Tad anymore then he should move on to a different role somewhere else, I hope he won’t because Michael playing Tad would be missed very much. He is a great person and actor.Good luck whatever you choice to do.


  4. Jewell says:

    OMG NO EAY, Michael E. Knight is Tad.. They can’t replace him.. I thought after a year and a half of AMC being off the air he would want to do it again.


  5. Gillian says:

    What dents is Michael referring to? It not getting off the ground last year?


    Sparky replied

    Gillian – he likely means that before the last few months of Original Recipe AMC, and the writing of Lorraine Broderick, the last several years had been run by writers that either didn’t get Tad or saw him as an old albatross around their necks.

    He obviously felt very disrespected and felt like he was being tolerated, not welcomed. I agree with his caution 1000%, especially since we’re not sure if this will really be a multilayered show, or AMC: The New Generation with special (read: sporadic) appearances by the original cast.


    Gillian replied

    Thanks, Sparky!

  6. Denise Daye says:

    I understand & respect Michael’s decision. I am happy he has not completely dismissed the possibility of returning sometime in the future. I truly hope he returns. Pine Valley will never be the same without Tad. The Martin Clan is integral to AMC. I love the character of Tad and Michael E. Knight is the one and ONLY Thaddeus James Martin!! Thank you Michael for all the laughter, tears and steamy moments.


  7. Peggy Hegner says:

    I don’t think the fans would accept a re-cast of Tad. Micheal has made the character his own whether he meant to or not. I honestly think he will eventually return to AMC. I know he’s got some battle scars from the previous regime. I think he’ll sit back for a while, see how it goes, and ultimately make the decision to return. Until then, we the fans, will be patiently waiting.


  8. Rapids says:

    I totally support him and guess he has major reservations about the reboot, as I do. My prediction is the show will be retooled and will focus on the teen scene with the old cast seen here and there. I do not think soap fans will watch in sufficient numbers as soap fans were older and less affluent than typical online watchers. They will not have high speed Internet and the technical capability to watch. I think the reboot may be much ado about something that disappoints.


  9. Rdblaz says:

    MEK IS And will always be for me Tad. Soaps didn’t last for decades because they lacked stories! Tad has many more stories to tell! I believe the PP team will deliver a quality product that will give MEK enough to sink his teeth into.
    Come on Mikey! The team needs you!


    su0000 replied

    Tad should be a powerful businessman.. He should have entanglements with challenging women (tad the cad was awesome).
    Tad’s character could be made into someone powerful and stunning, then and only then will ME have the break he needs to come to life and not be wallpaper with Dixie there time has been long over,,
    time for Tad to move into a heavy roll of intrigue with powerful people to conquer..
    Make Tad the player, not the man in rocking chair with Dixie..


    Patrick replied

    LOL…. “make Tad the player, not the man in rocking chair with Dixie…”

    I took it for granted…. that when, David Canary left AMC… and our dearly passed…. Palmer Courtlandt…. R.I.P…

    that, it’d be Dr. David Hayward and Tad.. manning up and helming Pine Valley….

  10. Liz Arnold says:

    I completely understand his decision. I am not happy about it but do understand. Here’s hoping that MEK will reprise his role of Tad Martin at some time in the future. To me, Tad IS Pine Valley.


  11. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I respect his decision to not join AMC 2.0, because it’s his right. Would I accept a recast? Maybe a temporary one, but would untimately prefer MEK in the role. But it also sounds like, to me, if the reboot works he will eventually re-join it.

    Maybe Tad will be the one in a coma, with JR? Who knows. But it’d make for interesting storytelling!


  12. louisa says:

    I understand too. I hope the new AMC is a big success and Michael decides to return.

    Michael: Success is the best revenge against ABC.


  13. Patrick says:


    Heart to Heart.

    MEK. it’s like truth serum…. something us fans need at times….

    “Mitchell 1660″ – made me laugh out loud… as he asked another poster… do you have amnesia… LOL. This is what nuAMC is?….. peace out.

    1. it’s good for MEK to state eloquently…. so as to give fans more time to digest and move on… and give nuAMC wings and fly…..


    for auld lang syne….

    would Tad and Cara have been new meaty material that would have resinated with AMC FANS… so as to give TAD new avenues to grow? I thought they sizzled.

    wouldn’t it have been a hoot and amazing… to see Tad and Liza (Marcy Walker) to re-unite and give Liza her happy ending….

    Tad, in our hearts, hasn’t ridden off in to the sunset… Fans will wait.


    Per MEK’s right:

    I was given to understand that I was a tolerated legacy and I can’t blame them for feeling that way. The machine is what it is.


    This matter of factly shares with his audience behind the scenes.


    it’s with tears his fond relationship with Debbi Morgan and rest off. “I look at them and I melt”.

    Thank You Michael E. Knight.


  14. Kim in Tacoma says:

    There’s too much Michael E. Knight intertwined with Tad Martin. There’s no Tad without MEK involved. Enough said.


  15. su0000 says:

    quote Tad’
    ”There are just so many stories that a character can tell, and then they are there simply to let people know where they are.” …………….
    When he was paired with Cara, Tad was different a newer exciting Tad, he was no longer Dixie’s Tad that grew dull and ho-hmm the same old broken record being played over and over again, that ruined the vibrant Tad character..
    If they want Tad to be renewed and have a star lead again, he has to leave Dixie behind! (of course always close friends)


    Patrick replied

    at the time… Cara and Tad were the hottest new couple…. now that she’s mixed in with David… I had hoped this was the path nuAMC was going to take.


  16. Kathy says:

    Would love for Tad to come back but would rather him be happy. If he doesn’t come back, I just want to thank him for a lifetime of fun!


  17. Karen says:

    I would rather wait as long as it takes for Michael to come back to AMC, to recast his role as Tad would be JUST AS BIG OF A MISTAKE as taking AMC off the air was. If it weren’t for Michael’s acting ability, Tad would not be the same character I grew up watching every day.
    please dont insult his fans by re casting the role.


  18. June Hallman says:

    It would be very hard for me to except anyone else in the role of Tad Martin, Been watching him the since day one. Their are some people who you can not replace and I think he is one of them. Best of luck to him, he will be sadly missed :( True fan of the show


  19. Kelly says:

    My fear is that if the show is successful because they focus on the “teen scene” and end up featuring the veterans less, how long are those veterans going to stick around? I mean, these people need to make a living and I cannot imagine being on an online show as a reocurring character would pay much. I have a feeling these veterans will be phased out sooner than later especially if a new, younger audience is tuning in to see the teen storylines. That’s what happened on the 90210 reboot – none of the old cast, nor any adults for that matter, stayed on.


  20. Cynthia Hampton says:

    May I say, Micheal, I do understand your hesitation. I am an artist…in paint, and other artists works makeme feel second rate at times..just one of millions who paint pictures. BUT you, have created another person…who I can only see you as. TAD~….Tad makes me laugh…he turns me on…you are such a joy as Tad…as much as I adore Throsten Kaye I would choose you to be the one Id spend my life with(I know thats soapy) I DO want you to have more meat in the Reboot…I want you to, stop licking your wounds…they are healed…the licking is only a habit…YOU make TAD happen, its your talent that makes him so real that we cant tell the diference some time. YOU are good at your craft…I do hope you choose to come back..I dont think anyone could fill your boots in this RE boot. I look forward to see you …


  21. Johnny says:

    Well, no less than four Actors have portrayed TAD MARTIN but of course fans associate the role primarily with Michael Knight, understandably so since he played
    it on and off for 29 years. Some fans say they won’t accept a recast, but I think they
    can “get away” with a temporary casting of the role until Michael becomes available. I agree completely that it would not be easy to just throw an actor into the role. Honestly though, it does not sound like Michael is dying to reprise his role, and the reasons he states are valid – and I’m sure his Reps are playing a little “hard to get” and I don’t mean that in an indelicate way but let’s face it his people may be waiting for a better deal from PP to be put on the table ~


  22. Alina Ross says:

    There is no other Tad Martin but Michael E Knight. If he decides to give it up, NO ONE COULD FILL HIS SHOES! I prefer to see Tad Martin not on AMC than to have another actor try the impossible! I wish Michael E Knight lots of luck and happiness if this is what he chooses to do. It will be a great loss to AMC and all of us, but he has the right to do what is right for him. But please DO NOT RECAST!!


    Johnny replied

    Well, if they don’t recast and Michael Knight doesn’t seem like he’s too thrilled or anxious to jump back into Tad’s shoes, how do they continue the storyline of Cara, the woman Tad married to help her out? Dixie is coming back, doesn’t it seem to you that Tad would be in the picture? At least if they did a temporary recast they could tie up some loose ends until Michael Knight felt like coming back. For fans to scream “there is no other Tad Martin but Michael E Knight!”, well, scream it at HIM – the producers have to do the best that they can. If most fans would rather have no Tad than a temporary fill-in that’s fine I guess as long as they can figure out how Cara and Dixie talk their scenes around him.


    Alina replied

    They have writers that can be creative. It is a soap opera after all. He can go off to see Jaime and be missing until he decides to come back. It is not the first time Tad goes missing. Cara is having David’s baby, Dixie can live without him for now. Tad did it when Dixie left. NO RECAST should be made. It is my opinion.

  23. FRAN says:

    Michael, I adore you … please reconsider.


  24. Colleen says:

    Reading this I do understand how Michael feels and so true he can not be replaced. I have watched AMC since the beginning. I watched Tad develop and Michael grow into the Tad character. With that said. We as fans road the roller coaster in a different way. The show was to be cancelled then not then is, then was but going on line, then not. We had a open ended ending on ABC. Now with Michael not coming back to the start of the on line what happens to the new beginning with the cliff hanger, Are they going to just start a couple years later and we will not know what happened? Michael your fans supported you through everything, We need you now, we need that comic relief relief. We need Tad and you as the actor portraying him.


  25. Mary says:

    oh no! he has to come back…. I watched Tad & Dixie for yrs.. in fact since I was 10 yrs old,(w/o giving away my age, 30+ yrs lol) AMC was part of my routine ! It was also an escape during a very bad abusive marriage of which I have since left.. I was so upset when they cancelled AMC & OLTL, I litterally boycotted ABC and the shows they put in to replace them.. to this day, I still refuse to watch shows during that 2 hr frame.. lol. But at the same time.. I totally respect and understand where Micheal E Knight is coming from.. but pls, pls pls think seriously abt coming back home ( Yes I think of those shows as my family coming back home lol) anyway, I am sooooo happy prospect park is taking on this project… and I for one CANNOT WAIT!! Ty for letting me go on :)


  26. Blippie Vert says:

    I’m stunned! He spoke so glowingly of the Prospect Park guys in the video at the Martin Holiday Party. PV will be loads of SAD with no TAD :( I don’t see how they can recast. I really don’t. And I wonder what happened between the time of the Martin Holiday Party and when Debbie Morgan tweeted she thought he was in. I guess anybody’s negotiations can break down.


  27. jennifer says:

    is amc and oltl really coming back?????


  28. KEITH DANIELS says:

    I honestly am really uncertain as to what is involved here: Certainly, I think it is understandable that Michael E. Knight was a bit disappointed by what happened with Prospect Park the first time when all was in the works for a reboot; and there certainly can be an allure as to living on the west coast. Yet, I do believe that if the AMC writers come up with some new material for Tad to play, maybe some juicy storyline involving Tad getting some real help from mysterious sources for JR to end his drinking problem once and for all or Tad living a secret double life, MEK just might come on board at some point (hopefully sooner than later). Originally, I thought all of this hesitance was about the money, but now I think a bit more is involved, after reading this interview.


  29. Mary walker says:

    This is one part that would be very hard to recast in my opinion. Michael made Tad what he is. He is both serious and funny and we will miss him very much if he decides not to return at some point.


  30. Anna Michel says:

    Micheal I will wait til the end of the world for you. You was and still is my sweetheart of TV. You was the greatest thing on All My Children yes the others was ok too but you had my eye since you started the show and I love you dearly. And I do aspect your decision on what you do. And another thing you should know is I refuse to watch channel 7 from 1 to 2 o’clock for making you lose your job with AMC. Hope you do come back soon I’ve missed you so much Tad Martin (Micheal Knight).


  31. Di says:

    I sincerely hope that Michael returns as Tad. He always has been one of my favorite characters and I love his natural wit. No one could ever take his place as Tad and I really hope the producers realize that.


  32. Cathy P says:

    PLEASE MICHAEL E KNIGHT-COME BACK. I have missed this complex funny, loving, wonderful son, father, friend and lover character….PLEASE DO IT FOR YOUR FANS….SINCE 1969!!! (ish)


  33. Sue says:

    It’s not AMC without Tad. I love Michael Knight’s character. I wouldn’t want someone else to play Tad though. I hope Michael decides to return to AMC.


  34. Debbie Sharpe says:

    It would not be the same without the original Tad. (Michael Knight). He has a sense of humor that shines through his character and I don’t think anyone else can portray it the way he does. Hopefull he will change his mind and come on board soon.


  35. Brenda says:

    There could never be another Tad just as there could never be another Erica!


  36. Terri says:

    This is what I’ve been waiting to hear, if we’re speaking the truth……it makes me so sad :( I have been watching for years, I can’t imagine watching without Tad! Please come back soon! A true fan of MEK’s acting!!!


  37. laura says:

    Although it would not be like the “orig” Tad Martin..I would support a new actor in the role..however, I sure would love to see the original Michael “Tad Martin” you rock on AMC..but in the end it is your decision..and I’ll respect it and you always!


  38. Susan Gilbert says:

    Noone could ever play tad, michael e. Knight is tad . Just wait till he feels comfortable coming back. Just please dont wait too long, really miss u. Always 1 of my favorites! Miss all of u, hope everyone comes back!!


  39. Lynne J says:

    Michael show needs you. You are the main stay for All MyChildren. Please come back.


  40. Gailee says:

    Michael E. Knight is one of the reasons I hung in for so long with AMC – even thru those horrible couple of years before the end. I love the character Tad-especially his goofy sense of humor. I hope that there is a place for him in the new incarnation – I wouldn’t be the same without him. No, I can’t see anyone else taking the roll. If Michael doesn’t come back as Tad, don’t b.ring the character back – bring in someone new.


  41. Jan says:

    Michael, you are the one & only Tad Martin! I wish you the best but do hope you will come back to AMC in the NEAR future! I don’t think you can be ‘recast” … you are an original!


  42. Gailer says:

    I didn’t realize he moved to CA. I hope he can return to AMC once he sees it isn’t a waste of time.


  43. Sharon says:

    I would rather think of Tad on a vacation to rethink his life than to put another in his place. Michael is the only Tad there ever will be. No one can replace him, dixie, angie or jessie. Just as Thrusten is the only Zac and Susan is the only Erica. Having them somewhere else but still in the storyline is better than trying to find anyone to replace them. Greg and Jenny couldn’t be played by anyone else, please don’t kill off the character, having them come back from the dead takes away from the character, when there really was a body and a burial. To much like Dallas (Pam’s dream). And if you bring back babe, bring back the original Babe and have the one who died an imposter. Just keep it real and it will be able to go on for years.


  44. Linda says:

    I respect his decision and will just keep praying for his return. There is no one out there who could play Tad Martin except Michael E. Knight.


  45. Marge LeMire says:

    No substitute for Tad. No one could possibly take his place. He was my favorite from day one & am hoping he will return.


  46. Jan Hangland says:

    I understand why Michael Knight is hesitant to return, but they should NEVER cast a different actor in the Tad Martin role. Knight made it his own and another actor would be foolish to try and fill his shoes. I wish Knight would get a chance at night time TV to show his comedic talent and great heart.


  47. LYNN says:

    I have been a fan of AMC since 1970. I have seen Tad grow from a teenager to a mature adult. While I respect Michael E. Knight’s decision not to come back at this time, I hope to see him the near future. In his interview he said he would be okay if his character was replaced with another actor. I can not see anyone else playing Tad. To the powers that be, make him an offer he cannot refuse!!


  48. LYNN says:

    Just wanted to add another comment. I do not watch ABC in the afternoons at all since they axed AMC and OLTL.


  49. Maryann says:

    I have been a fan of AMC for over 20 years. As far as I’m concerned there in only one Tad Martin. Nobody else could replace Michael!!!! I hope he returns one day!!!


  50. Cindy says:

    No one could ever replace Micheal as Tad Martin.His humor,charm and talent could never be replaced. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the actor who would have to try and do that. He is a tough act to follow. His fans would be irate to say the least if they try to recast him. Hopefully someday soon he will return. The new show is great but not the same with no Tad.


  51. Shirley Miller says:

    I understand perfectly how MEK/TAD feels….but I cannot see anyone else in this role. I hope after he has seen a few more episodes of AMC he will decide that this is the place for him. However…. if MEK does not want to return …. then I will not accept any one else …… he is Tad … the one and only Tad… and in this case I say he is irreplaceable!!!!!! But this is just my personal opinion!!!!!! I do feel a lot of fans of AMC and Tad will agree with me!!!!


  52. NCDJ says:

    NOOOOOOOO!! NO ONE ELSE can be Tad. ……No One.


  53. Lisa says:

    Michael, I understand you needed a break, especially to heal from the dents from the last train wreck – but come home to Pine Valley – we all love and miss you.


  54. Trudy says:

    I have watched All My Children since I was little because my Nana did. It was the only Soap that I followed for years. I think Michael Knight did a great job as Tad and made me laugh. However, He has played the same character for most of his life. I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he wanted to try something new! It’s time. Go for it. There is so much out there to experience as an actor. Don’t limit yourself. Best wishes.


  55. karla says:

    I think the program needs Michael Knight back to continue the continuity and also HE IS GREAT!! Excellent acting ….bringing true emotions to the character. Hopefully things will fall in place for Mr Knight to return to this new AMC. The new series is VERY well done! YAY!


  56. Judith Biangella says:

    I don’t understand what he’s talking about. The companies have been changed. Miss Michael so much. Should not be replaced…theres only one Tad.


  57. Barbara says:

    We must accept whatever decision Michael makes. I hope it’s that he will be back at some point. I also hope that the writers give the original castmembers goodrstorylines and not just use them as back drops to keep us oIder AMC watches around. I like the younger players and their stories, but I also want good stories for my faves. By the way where is Walt Willey?


  58. Nancy says:

    I would hate having Tad Martin recast with someone else. This iconic character has been played so skillfully by Michael that I can’t imagine anyone else playing it. I do understand Michael’s reluctance to come back. I was unaware he had been treated so shabbily.


  59. Kristin Popovich says:

    As much as I miss Tad not being on AMC, I can’t imagine a new actor playing his character. It’s got to be Michael Knight or it won’t seem right. He is my favorite!


  60. Pat Romero says:

    I hope with all my heart that Michael E. Knight chooses to come back to All My Children to play his character “Tad” again. It’s been 3 months since the writing of this interview someone had with Michael, and I hope by now he has come to realize that, yes, he would love to work with his actor friends to bring this story to life again in this new medium of the internet. I am patiently waiting for him to make this decision to come back because he has so many devoted fans that love his playing of this character. No one would be able to do it like Michael. I am waiting for Michael.


  61. Pat Romero says:

    I wanted to add that I have looked online for any mention of what Michael E. Knight is doing now, and I cannot find any play or any acting of any kind. I haven’t seen him in any movies, tv, other soaps or anything else. Where is he and what is he doing? I seen him last year in a play in Hollywood, but nothing since. He was great in that play. I wish I had went back and seen it twice. Does anyone know what Michael E. Knight is doing now and if I can see him somewhere in a play, tv, whatever. Michael, just please decide to come back, forgive and forget, and play Tad again for us fans.


  62. Marilyn says:

    The only thing is if they try to bring a new Tad it would never work, the old Tad and the last one to play his younger brother with Amanda was the best trio AMC had working together. Like Erica Kane, and Kendall these people you can not replace it was tried with the other ones that left, it just never works the same, the chemistry is not there with someone else trying to win loyal fans over the last 40 yrs…Tad is Tad and if he comes back it need to be the original one….God Bless


  63. Leanna Schneider says:

    I loved All My Children for all the years they were on. I still resent “The Chew” and refuse to watch it as it took over AMC’s time slot where I live. Tadd Martin (Michael Knight) was a very big reason I kept watching. He was a breath of fresh air every time he stepped into the picture. I was so afraid he had died in the last episode. Guess he has. A part of my heart will just never be as happy without seeing his dear face somewhere…anywhere…playing anyone close to the character, Tadd! Shame, shame on you people that “dented his fender”. What kind of idiots are you? Make it right so we get him back.


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