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26 July 28th, 2011 Michael E. Knight on the Dixie/tad Reunion, AMC’s cancellation & moving on!

In a terrific interview with TV Guide, long time soap veteran and All My Children all-star Michael E. Knight (Tad) opens up about this thoughts on the handling of the cancellation of AMC, the upcoming Tad and Dixie reunion (don’t miss the August 8th episode) which reunites him once again on-screen with Cady McClain (Dixie) and taking a look back at his extraordinaire run on the once all mighty ABC soap.   There are some great excerpts and here are just a few!

Michael on the gamut of emotions that went down on the set and with him, personally, when AMC was given the network ax! “We know our show is not what it once was — or should be — but you wouldn’t know it from the outcry of the fans, which has been huge. The interest and the energy generated by the cancellation have surprised everyone, including the network. There’s been a collective reaction — not just from the viewers but from the press — that says this show still means a lot to people. Sure, maybe they haven’t watched in 10 years or since they were in college but they’re very upset that AMC was cancelled. “What do you mean it won’t be on TV anymore?” [Laughs] You don’t necessarily want to live with your mother but it’s nice knowing she’s still down the street.”

Michael on if he is prepared for the final tape days and the emotions that come with it: “I don’t think the reality of the whole thing will really be felt until maybe mid-August — that’s when the rubber band is going to snap. There’s a part of me that’s really, really anxious about how that’s going to feel. There’s also a part of me that’s really OK with everything, I gotta admit, because this show has been such a circus in the last few years. It felt like they’ve been trying to remake the wheel as fast as they could and getting it wrong. ”

Michael on if he thinks the appropriate ending for Tad is to be reunited with Dixie! “Fans deserve a happy ending. If this is our curtain call, then mazel tov! I’m glad Cady and I can take our final bow together. Yeah, she came back as an angel, but I don’t care. I feel so blessed that the audience still wants us. [Laughs]  Sure, doing yet one more back-from-the-dead plot is like papering over the old wallpaper but, in this case, I’m totally at peace with it.”

Are you looking forward to the Tad and Dixie reunion? If this is Michael’s final run on AMC and he does not continue with the show to the web, what would you want to say to him for all his years making us laugh and cry in Pine Valley? Let us know.

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  1. Michelle Powell says:

    I wany Michael to know that I have watched AMC on and off for 20 yrs and I loved Tad, he was funny and corky, and just a great actor! I loved Tad and Dixie they were just,amazing together their love connection sucked me in and I am thrilled that they will be reunited for the exit. Thank you for caring about your fans!!!



  2. Nancy Wizner says:

    Well this is quite an article. First of all I feel that ABC planned well in advance for this entire fiasco of cancelling AMC and OLTL. I am sure GH will shortly follow. Sadly, it will be a huge loss for ABC. The fans who supported these soaps for years, both young AND old, will no longer be viewing the new shows on ABC. Therefore, these shows will not last. I have talked with many people about their feelings for these shows. Not one had a good thing to say. ABC’s loss! Second, we are all asking Michael to please make the decision to return to AMC on the web. I think in the long run, he will not regret it. If this can be pulled off (and I think it can), I believe it will be the beginning of a new kind of entertainment. Would I rather see it on TV? Yes, of course because there are many people who cannot operate a computer. Many in nursing homes who watch and actually wait for these shows to come on. It makes their day. The old aren’t dead yet! They are viewers and they count, no matter what anyone says.
    Am I looking forward to a Tad / Dixie reunion? You bet!!! I would say to Michael E Knight: “You have brought many years of happiness into my life. I allowed the Martins into my living room for 41 years and there is not one show I regret. He made me laugh, cry and jump for joy many many times and for this I say THANK YOU and please come back to us! We’ll wait for you on the web.


  3. Mona Prager says:

    I have been an ardent admirer of Michael E. Knight since he began as Tad (the cad) on AMC. He is a very talented actor, and has a marvelous sense of humor! He has made me laugh so many times with his charming personality. I grew up with him and got a kick out of him on many occasions. I hope he doesn’t abandon the ship for he has added quite a bit to the show and would be sorely missed!


  4. ethel says:

    i have loved michael since the first day he appeared as tad – i will certainly miss him if he doesn’t continue with the online show!


  5. Linda Dowell says:

    I loved Tad always – his sense of mischief – so good. I was always sad that they stopped him and Simone – I wish they’d bring her back to the internet for him.

    The internet broadcast is the future – so this is a huge change – but I don’t think it’s a tragedy – it might even be cutting edge. It is a way to drive the masses to make the change – because soap opera viewers will figure out how to follow their soaps. I think it’s going to be fine.

    And I hope he’s there. He will be. He’s a smart guy. I have faith…just bring Simone back for him, please. LOL!!


  6. lisa says:

    Michael it has been a pleasure to watch you on AMC.
    You and Tad have been a gift to the show and to the fans may you have continued success in what ever you do next.


  7. Stacy says:

    Michael could never know what watching Tad over the years has done for me. Every single second he was on screen was a joy for me because he could play anything that was written for him brilliantly, even if it was from the heinous group of writers. I am so glad to see the old Tad back (just the scene imagining the beach with Cara was classic Tad). I cannot wait until he reunites with Dixie (though loving him with Cara, too) and I know whatever happens, LB will provide them with great material to play. Hopefully, he ultimately decides to move with the show to the web.


  8. kay killgore says:

    Go read the entire interview finally someone has the guts to admit what has happened to Daytime, I use to watch AMC in the great days of Tad, Jenny & Greg, Nina & Cliff, Jessie & Angie, ruthless Palmer it was great!! He is right the great writers are gone and then they hire young kids on these soaps who have never had a drama class. My sister teaches Drama and she said these newbies would not pass her high school class!! Sad the end of an era!!!


  9. Joanne says:

    MEK and Cady have always been nothing short of pure magic and I can’t thank them enough and MEK has my heart and always has. I thank him for everything and hope that PP can work something out with him, he’s a “core” vet and I hope that he would consider it. God Bless You, Michael E. Knight.


  10. CINDY CLARK says:

    I have watched you since you stepped on to AMC from day one.I watch a lot of different soaps in the last forty five years and you are my top number one male soap actor.I have enjoyed you so much please please continue with AMC when it goes to PP.Thank you for many years of warm happy memories of Tad Martin!


  11. Gwen West (Grandmagwen) says:

    Michael, in this short space, I cannot begin to convey all that I want to tell you. Being a fan of AMC and yours, since your first appearance, I have laughed and cried with you over the years. You have brought such joy to so many people with your acting. I absolutely LOVE your sense of wit and humour, and you’re very easy on my eyes too. :) If I could ever find a guy in “real life” like Tad Martin, I’d go after him like a cat after a mouse. LOL Michael, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are anything less than AMAZING! I will be so sad if you decide not to continue on the web edition of AMC. The only thing that would console me would be for me to hear that you were making another movie, or even better, that some network had the good sense to sign you for a role on a tv show……a comedy of course! If none of the above are in the cards for you, I thank you for entertaining us for many, many years, and I wish you all the luck in the world. There is nobody who is more deserving than you MEK. Please get on the web once in a while and keep your fans updated on your life. I love you MEK!


  12. Mary Lou says:

    Michael, you have made us laugh and cry. You’ve given us the highest quality entertainment for many years.
    Thank you seems inadequate, but I do thank you with all my heart. I am hoping and praying that you will continue to do the show with Prospect Park. AMC desperately needs Tad. Tad has become the wise man for the younger people to turn to, and the show desperately needs that, along with the tender love with Dixie or Cara, and all the laughs. AMC would face a huge loss without Tad. Also, I have to add that my 87 year old mother is crazy in love with you. Thank you and God bless you.


  13. Jane says:

    I have watched AMC for all of the 40+ years and I remember when you first arrived in Pine Valley. It was a serious scene and I wondered where this fine, young, handsome actor had come from because you owned the role immediately. Later we saw your lighter side, the humor that made AMC a delight to watch five days a week. I will most definitely watch the internet version of AMC and hope you will decide to remain as Tad. It would not be the same without you, your fans would sorely miss you. Yet whatever decision you make, God bless you, Michael.


  14. Kathy J. says:

    Michael, throughout the years, you have entertained us with your humor, your tenderness, and your sensitivity . You have also been very easy on the eyes.. very easy. :-) All My Children has been a part of my life since it began and over the years there have been many wonderful characters, but Tad is that extra special character that you cheer for, that you cry for, that you laugh with, and you can’t imagine not having around. You bring Tad to life so effortlessly because you are an amazing actor. AMC is a part of our family and so are you. My grandmother loved you, my mom, my daughter, and even my sons.. We have enjoyed watching you and will follow your career, no matter where it leads you, but in my heart, I can’t imagine you not being part of the AMC family. You and Erica are the heart and soul of the program. Thank you for all the years that you have entertained us, and please consider staying with the show. It just wouldn’t be the same without you. We love you!


  15. Kim A. says:

    Tad the Cad…Sometimes good, sometimes bad…Together we laughed, together we cried…You always came back, even when we thought you had died…That blue-eyed twinkle, that cocky grin…We ate it up, we drank it in…I’ll never forget your Speed-o scene, don’t remember the chick, (not to be mean)…Opal and Ruth, and Wine Mama, too…All couldn’t help lovin’ you…The curtain may fall, but all will be fine…If we fans
    have our way, we’ll see you ON-LINE!!!!
    Much Love~
    (AMC fan for 34 yrs…and counting….)


  16. mike says:

    Who would have thought all those years ago when he came to Pine Valley that Tad would become the true heart and soul of this show? Without Michael Knight there can be no All My Children, if he does not continue the show is doomed.


  17. Rosie says:

    Really enjoyed your interview with Michael E. Knight,thanks for posting!! I too cannot fully express in words how much I love all of the actors and characters on AMC(and OLTL and GH,for that matter.) I grew up watching the Tad and Dixie saga-theirs is one of the most unforgettable love stories in daytime history and Michael and Cady are two of the most talented actors ever. I am so happy to see Cady back,and hope that Tad and Dixie not only ride off into the sunset together,but that their love story continues when AMC goes online. Much love to Michael E. Knight,and endless thanks to him and all the other ABC Daytime actors for a lifetime of love,laughter,tears and memories.


  18. CHERYL says:

    From the very first scene you had me as a fan, you have made me laugh , you have made me cry, I have rooted for you to get the girl and cried with you when you lost the girl. I have loved the scenes with your moms [yes plural lol] and your ablities to carry a scene with just a facial expression. I have watched your character grow and mature and the reason that TAD THE CAD is such a fan hit is because of you Michael.I want to be selfish and not have you leave AMC but i will follow your career in what ever you do. Thank you for all the laughs , your fan cheryl


  19. Louise Avery says:

    We hope Michael E. Knight remains w/AMC. Everybody loves him so much and he is such an integral part of the show – it just will not be the same without him!!!!


  20. Tina says:

    I have adored you, Michael, since the day Ray Gardner left Tad in the park and the Martins took you. You are a wonderful actor and I will support you, wherever you go. I’m so sorry for what Disney has done to you……………………


  21. Torrey says:

    Finally, an actor speaks out about how the show has been headed down a wrong way, on a one way track…..I love AMC, but there have been problems for a few years now. The problems with soaps is, when you have a terrible writer in charge, even once they are fired, their stories linger on for months to come, because of the taping schedule that soaps have. I’m just hoping that the writers can do right by AMC before the finale.


  22. Pam P says:

    Michael has been part of my life for as long as I can remember and has always been my #1 favorite on All My Children! I will miss him more than words can say and just wanted to thank him for all the years he has made me laugh, cry, and root for him! I cannot imagine turning on my TV at noon and not seeing his face along with all the other cast members of AMC. I wish him only the best with whatever he choses to do and just know that I will follow him wherever he goes. Michael thank you for being the amazing actor you are, sending lots of love and hugs your way.


  23. Selena Celestin says:

    I hope Michael E. Knight, and Cady McClain travel to the internet. It’s still heartbreaking. I’m 15, and been watching this show since I was 5. I love Tad & Dixie together. I wish it could be longer though. One day I believe and hope this show will revive… I mean they’re keeping GH? Which I feel became prosperous from AMC and OLTL’s past… I just hope, people re-think things. I love AMC. I Love Michael and Cady.


  24. sal says:

    Tad please stay and be with dixie as amc moves to the web you guys rock and are a great power couple so again please stayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


  25. Linda says:

    I never miss an episode of all my children, so I am devastated that it is leaving. I have enjoyed Tad all these years, and thought that he was a bright shining star in all the shows episodes. For more than 40 years, I have sceduled all my errands, my work, appointments, etc. around this show, LOL. Several trips to Orlando gave me the opptunity to meed most of the characters in person. AMC, you will be missed.


  26. dena says:

    Do not think for a moment ” MICHAEL – TAD ” that we will never miss you!!!!. I been a a fan of ” AMC ” , since 1975, I seen you through – out the year’s and become a fine young man . You own all of the places in my heart . Thank you for the year’s you gave my mother something to look forward to when we , her children were at school or work when she would take some time for her self just to relax , she look forward to watching ” All My Children “. Thank you, best wishes and I hope for the best for you always.



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