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22 December 10th, 2012 Michael Graziadei Gone From The Young And the Restless!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Well, we all knew this day was coming! But according to Soap Opera Digest today, Michael Graziadei finished his run as Daniel Romalotti on November 3oth when he taped his final scenes at The Young and the Restless!

The cast gathered for a good-bye party on set, with Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Peter Bergman (Jack) offering parting words. “Another scene with my Grazzzzz # reallycrying,” tweeted Stafford that day. Michael first joined the cast in 2004.

As many are aware, Graziadei has been eager to continue to spread his wings and add to his burgeoning resume doing more roles in primetime television and motion pictures! This departure will provide him with the opportunity to do so. We wish Michael all the best in his new endeavors!

What was your favorite moment of Graziadei’s as Daniel?  Are you sad about his departure from Genoa City?  Let us know!

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  1. Jules says:

    Figures. But it’s the right move for him.

    Best of luck in his future endeavours.


  2. Eileen Hargis says:

    Graz is too good for soaps. He needs to keep climbing. The show misued him from the get go, never gave him anything good to show his talents. Good for him! U go, Graz, I will still be behind you, Eileen, Tom P’s friend and urs.


  3. lisa says:

    Michael hasn’t had much to do on the show lately anyway – the whole Daisy thing made me sick and I never got into Daniel and Heather as a couple….personally I think the best of his work was in his relationship with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford).


  4. mo says:

    Sad, but he hadn’t had much good story lately.


  5. GreatFlannery says:

    Graz was one of the best young actors ever in Y&R. it’s a pity they let him go because he was so talented but for his carrier i think it was a wise mood. We sure are gonna see more of Graz.


  6. SZima says:

    I must have missed something. I never really thought he was that great, but good luck to him. Maybe he’ll do better with good writers/directors.


  7. JustSaying says:

    Never did like his character.


  8. Mark Y says:

    Michael is a terrific actor. If Daniel had a meaningful story or not, he was a welcome face on screen. Good luck to Michael.


  9. Mary SF says:

    As per your question- my favorite story line involving Daniel was the whole aftermath after Cassie death. I thought the character best romance was with Lily before Cane came onto the scene. As for MG, well he isn’t the first soap actor nor the last who believes they can make it in the “big leagues.” And truth was the show was not using his talents fully, so sometimes they need to walk away- but Daniel is an important character, I suspect the show will eventually recast or MG will come back one day, if prime time or movies don’t pan out.


    Michael replied

    Mary SF hit the nail on the head! The aftermath of Cassie’s death was perhaps Michael Graz’s best storyline in his entire 8 year run on Y&R.


  10. Saundra says:

    I have really enjoyed this actor for the last several years. He was a good son to Phyl. I wish him great success.


  11. Lew S says:

    He is a talented guy – Best of luck!


  12. Christine says:

    I wish Michael Graziadei the best of luck. He was great on Y&R. I only wish he had gotten a haircut in his last year. Part of the reason I liked the old opening to Y&R so much was his scene with the short hair. Oh well. It’s HIS hair. Ha! Ha!

    My favorite things to do with Daniel on Y&R had to do with his relationships with Phyllis, Lily, Kevin, Amber, Lucy (especially when he gave her to Billy & Victoria and then when he realized he loved her), and I was starting to like Jennifer Landon as Heather. I also really liked the work he did during Cassie’s infatuation with him/death/being on the run with Lily in California.

    *But if this is the way characters are being taken off the canvas, I guess the next time Billy Miller’s character of Billy Abbott goes to Los Angeles or leaves Genoa City then we will know that Billy Miller (as long rumored) has left the building too.


  13. Patrick says:

    MG… made Phyllis “normal”… a real chemistry bloomed with his onscreen mother…. props to that….

    last i saw him…. he was featured in a 3-4 episode turn as Jessica Lange’s boy toy…. on American Horror Story.


  14. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    This is in Michael’s best decision and the character’s; this time away will give both time to be given a much needed growth. Michael is a far talented actor, and the character of Daniel is much under-used. I hope he comes back down the line, with or without Michael!


  15. ethel says:

    his talent was truly wasted on y&r – i have seen him on prime time shows and he was awesome – i really wish him the very best & i believe with his talent he will go far in prime time & hopefully the big screen…………


  16. jon says:

    Hope he gets “cleaned up.”. Couldn’t stand the grunge look.


  17. Rob says:

    I think the character was important to keep Phyllis grounded but who could blame him for jumping this ship??


  18. Michael says:

    I for one can’t blame him for jumping ship. Not since the aftermath of Cassie’s death, his marriage to Amber, the Daisy/Lucy/Billy/Victoria storyline’s has Michael Graz had any decent work. I think he wanted out so that he could pursue work outside of the daytime medium. He’s got a very good shot at being successful in prime-time and major motion pictures. His departure was not unexpected and was rumored to be happening before MAB was fired from Y&R as well as Billy Miller’s.


  19. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Too bad but not unexpected. I’m not sure if it was due to the writing, the actor, or the character but, in the scene’s with Phyllis, Graziadei’s Daniel was the only character who seemed to bring out the “real” Phyllis.

    Phyllis is a character most viewers love to hate and she does some really bad or dumb (take your pick) things. The one positive thing about Phyllis that I firmly believe is that she tries to be a good mother. (Not always doing the smartest thing but her basic intentions are always based on her love for her children). You only really saw this when Phyllis and Daniel had a heart-to-heart discussion.

    When the part of Daniel is recast, it will be interesting to see if this dynamic still exists between Phyllis and her son.


  20. kalamaty says:

    Sad news, but it doesn’t come as a complete shock. Michael is an extremely talented actor who made the character of Daniel his own as soon as he set foot on the show in 2004. He had a definite style and was often times very funny and equally intense. I enjoyed his scenes with Michelle so much. They had great chemistry. Wishing The Graz the best and hope to see him on the screen again!


  21. tbrown says:

    I hate to see him leave the show, i think Michae l is a very good actor he will truly be missed


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