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5 August 14th, 2012 Michael Nardelli Joins The Cast of Revenge! And, That Spells Trouble for Declan!

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More casting additions are coming in for season two of the hit ABC primetime soap, Revenge! And this time the series is giving Declan (Connor Paolo) a problem that doesn’t appear to involve his pill-popping  sweetheart Charlotte!

According to TV Line,  “Michael Nardelli (CSI: NY, The Client List)  has been cast in the recurring role of Trey, a preppy misfit who befriends Jack’s younger brother and then proceeds to get him in a world of trouble”  And as we know at the end conclusion of Season 1, Declan rebuffed Charlotte, sending the Grayson gal on a potentially deadly bender!

What could the creative masterminds from Revenge led by Mike Kelley, have in store for Declan?  What will Trey’s real motives be in befriending the younger Porter brother?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. BarbJ says:

    Just another ABC show to boycott…….


    Rodd replied

    BarbJ, no disrespect, but I LOVE “Revenge”. I with you in boycotting all of ABC’s daytime lineup except “GH”, which I also LOVE…But if I boycotted all the networks that have cancelled my favorite soaps, I’d not be watching any TV…which isn’t a bad idea…but I digress…Each network has had the bad, misguided thought, IMHO, of cancelling a soap or two that I absolutely loved watching. For me, that doesn’t mean I have to boycott their entire lineup for them to get my message, just their daytime lineup. Soaps, in their traditional sense, like “Another World”, “Guilding Light”, “As the World Turns”, “All My Children”, and “One Life to Live” would never be produced in night-time the way they are in daytime. I’m a sopa junkie, so while I love the night time soaps, I miss my daytime soaps and will join you in boycotting ABC’s non-soap daytime line up.


  2. su0000 says:

    I do not boycott. It has no effect on Disney,,
    I watch Revenge and it is awesome!!
    I can not wait for the next season to start!! I am ready!! :)


  3. toscanti says:

    I love Revenge but do boycott all daytime ABC lineup not soaps. Can’t wait for Revenge to return.


  4. dg says:

    Revenge got kick ass ratings along with Once Upon a time. Revenge is a great show and I’ve watched ever episode.
    As far as afternoon goes I frequently watch Good Afternoon America. It’s pretty good. This lame boycott isnt hurting Disney, lol. People need to move on.


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