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0 May 10th, 2010 Michael Nouri talks about his new AMC role of Caleb McGraw!

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Erica Kane’s new man arrives on the scene on the May 24th episode of All My Children.  That is when Michael Nouri debuts in the newly created role  of Caleb McGraw, a cranky mountain man whose home is destroyed when Erica’s private plane crashes into it!  The fun begins when Erica, ever the diva, is stranded in the woods with this crusty guy. But is he really a moutain man?  I mean, something had to happen that he ended up living isolated in the woods, right?  TV Guide Magazine spoke with Nouri on what fans get expect from this new romantic entaglement for La Lucci, and what could be behind Caleb’s life in the woods!  Here are some excerpts below!

Nouri on why the world is a sucker for hate at first sight relationships:  “Susan Lucci, and I feel the same way. It’s really classic Hollywood, isn’t it? It’s a very Capra-esque set-up. Caleb is a guy who left civilization to live alone on a mountain with his dog, his guitar and his books. Erica represents everything he loathes and he’ll do anything he can to get rid of her, including trying to gross her out. The challenge is to keep the tension going for as long as possible because as soon as there’s a resolution, as soon as we deliver what the audience is expecting, it’s not as fun anymore. I think it’ll also take a while to find out what drove Caleb to be a recluse. The writers haven’t shared it with me yet.”

Nouri on returning to daytime and working in show business: “It’s very difficult making a living in this business. You can be a snob or you can take care of your financial responsibilities. [Laughs] My reality is determined by the price of gas! I’m very grateful for the career I’ve had and the opportunities that have come my way, and I’m delighted to be on AMC playing a wonderful character and working with terrific people. Susan is such a sweetheart. A great example of grace and professionalism and bonhomie. And I’m so glad I have her as my partner in this job. I’m a very happy camper.”

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