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13 July 12th, 2016 Michelle Stafford and Lauralee Bell Discuss The Legendary Bill Bell In Emotional Moments During SINGLE MOM A GO GO!


The second installment of General Hospital’s Michelle Staffords (Nina) vodcast, Single Mom A Go Go, shared some never-before-known insight into the powerhouse actress’ start on The Young and the Restless as Phyllis and more, when Michelle welcomed Lauralee Bell (Christine) as her special guest.

While the episode continued its theme talking about the struggles, and ups and downs of motherhood, and being a working mom to boot, this particular vodcast became extra illuminating when Michelle and Lauralee reminisced about their time together on Y&R.

In particular, the show contained an emotional moment.  Michelle relived her audtion experience for the role of Phyllis right in front of Lauralee’s legendary father, Bill Bell (Creator, Y&R).  Stafford revealed she had a string of auditions prior to that one where she did not get the part, and when her lucked changed the day she auditioned for then crazy Phyllis, she related to Lauralee that her father saved her life.  And in fact, when Michelle would give her acceptance speeches at awards show, she would always thank Bill Bell first and foremost.  The ladies also discuss how much Bill loved writing for Michelle’s Phyllis, and more.

Watch Michelle and Lauralee chat it up in Single Mom A Go Go after the jump.  Go to timecode 36:27 on the video, if you want to get straight to Michelle’s Y&R casting story.  Then let us know what you thought of the sentiments shared by Michelle and Lauralee on Bill Bell in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Bill Bell also wrote brilliantly for Days back in the 70s-he is to blame for me skipping school to watch Days back then it was so good i hated to miss an episode-lol…unfortunately, if i was going to school today i wouldnt even skip to watch…it has some good moments here and there but no enough for me to care if i miss an episode but i wont give up on the show entirely because once its gone its gone!!!


    Elizabeth replied

    That’s true with all the soaps these days. They just can’t figure out how to keep the writing compelling so we’re getting all sorts of lame gimmicks like the network MEGA soap among other things. I am hoping that the new EP for Y&R will turn things around with a new focus on good writing and the other soaps will follow. Though my patience is running thin, if he improves Y&R I just may start watching that and give up on the one I watch now.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I only watch Y&R on occasion-it feels as if this show like the rest of them has run its course but i too hope the new EP changes things around-the British are far better at producing and writing soaps-im addicted to Coronation Street the way i use to be with our American soaps and never miss an episode…they are far more realistic and compelling drama!!!

    carol replied

    Where do you watch Coronation Street?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I will have to check out Coronation Street. I am completely fed up with the soap I have watched for the past twenty years.


  3. Letemeatc8ke says:

    Hey Michael Fairman,
    I am really enjoying your providing Michelle’s show! These are great! And I really enjoy the talk about the “golden age” of soaps. Thank you Michael!!!!


  4. Letemeatc8ke says:

    2 things about Michelle: 1. I loved the choices she made as Phyllis. I would expect her to go left and she would go right. 2. I think she shoukd become a writer for soaps. Soaps need people that understand the genre in order to write for it. I think Michelle would be great. Always a fan of Michelle’s. She is a true talent.


  5. Iakovos says:

    I have always been impressed with Mr. Bell. Please read the biography out there. Awesome! He really was a master of this special storytelling. He mentored writers I wish were working today. Y&R was running on all cylinders back in the day >>> compelling characters, respected legacies and histories, slow burn suspense and drama, romance. Special touches like the comforts of Gina’s and the Colonnade Room, the Abbott family breakfasts, the characters that once in a while sang a song. Today it seems everyone is running around but going nowhere, and the recent contrived family bonds to link characters and revise history, and the implausible Victor Newman trial and other downer turns. Surely there are notes or ideas or hints of what to do in Mr. Bell’s archives.


    Penny replied

    Totally Agree – and Yes, the Biography is terrific. So loved seeing Michelle and Loralee “together again”, too.


  6. JK says:

    Wouldnt it be wonderful to have Bill Bell writing todays soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Abruzzfan says:

    Even though I was wasn’t watching Y&R at the time, I loved when Michelle and Lauralee reminisced about their time together on Y&R and especially her first audition with Bill Bell. It was interesting to hear how they are both very different from their characters but everyone always assumes that they are just like their characters.


  8. soapqueenforever says:

    I agree with you Jim (Leave it to beaver) I think the Young and the Restless has really seen better days. I really hate saying that, being a long time fan since the early to mid eighties when Lauren and Tracy were fighting over Danny (the good old days) How many times can the audience put up with Victor and Nikki divorcing and re marrying, to name one example. I know it must be hard on the writers to come up with new ideas, but like you said I hope the new EP will be able to help. I am hoping that Jill will keep popping up. Maybe that will bring some of the “vets” out a bit. I guess we just have to wait and see


  9. Emily says:

    This was awesome! Thanks for sharing. I ended up watching the whole thing.


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