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33 November 22nd, 2014 Michelle Stafford Talks The Stafford Project Season 2, Nina “Cray-Cray” Clay, and Roger Howarth!

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Michelle Stafford (Nina Clay) has been giving powerhouse performances (as per usual ) over the last several weeks on General Hospital in the disturbing but-can’t-take-your-eyes of storyline, where Nina literally takes Ava’s (Maura West) baby right out of her and whisks the baby girl away with the help of her mother Madeline (Donna Mills).  Of course, Nina seems to live in some altered reality … the woman is certifiable!

Meanwhile, while Stafford has been playing the part of Nina “cray-cray” Clay for all she is worth and then some, Michelle is also gearing up for  season 2 of her hit web series, The Stafford Project.  And to kick things off, the DVD release of season 1 of The Stafford Project will be available on Black Friday (November 28th) with some very special never-before-seen footage/video extras!

Huffington Post Canada caught up with the Daytime Emmy winner to get some insight into what fans can expect from the second round of The Stafford Project, her thoughts on Nina Clay, and working with her current scene partner, Roger Howarth (Franco) on General Hospital.   Here are a few excerpts below!

Michelle on what to expect on The Stafford Project in Season 2, and what guest stars will be appearing:  “Confirmed right now are James Scott, Catherine Bell, and Nadia Bjorlin, but many Season 1 guest stars are expected to come back, too. I just need confirmations because they’re so busy.  Oh, Corbin Bernsen is joining.  We’ve written outlines for the entire season. We’re going edgier, as if we could be any edgier, right? We’re putting a microscope on Michelle’s life in the soap world. “

Michelle on what fans can see on the DVD compilation:  “I’m really excited about it. I worked my ass off editing all the behind-the-scenes stuff. I did it myself, because I know what fans expect. I’m such a nerd in that respect. People want to see the guest stars and actors screw up the shots.”

Michelle on if she clicked right away working with Roger Howarth (Franco) on GH:  “Yes. He’s really good; if he throws you a ball, he expects you to catch it. And if you drop it, he’ll throw you another one … and expect you to catch it again! We did some scenes the other day that’ll air in December that made me go, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even have to act!’ I just had to be there. I hope they turn out great. What happened between us in that particular scene, I have never experienced before as an actress with another actor. Ever.”

Michelle on how Nina missing 20 years of her life has impacted her character: “They (GH) love making reference to what she’s missed. What I love, personally, is that her emotional state is like a 20-year-old. She still believes in love — and she’s not jaded. It’s cool.”

Watch a teaser of some of the best moments from The Stafford Project season one below that will be part of the DVD! Then let us know, what do you think of Michelle and Roger Howarth’s scenes on General Hospital this week?  Will you check out the new season of The Stafford Project?  What do you think will happen next to GH’s Nina Clay? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Michelle Stafford (Nina Clay) and Roger Howarth (Franco)
    How to describe their chemistry..
    Apart they are a firecracker – together they are TNT Dynomite!!
    They are the best ”thrilling” ”mysterious” ”spellbinding” couple ever..
    It is a very different love story.. truly intriguing as it develops..

    I can’t get enough of Maura West (Ava) and Nina and Franco..!!
    the acting is overwhelmingly great..

    ALL the GH cast.. again- ALL the actors are way above the fold and only greatness would describe them ALL..
    I have not enjoyed a soap more than I do GH..
    There is never a dull moment..
    GH offers a variety of stories, there is always a story of awesome intrigue among the stories..
    …………………… The GH cast is ”magic” ………………………..

    Looking forward to once again seeing Michelle online in her series, The Stafford Project . it is very entertaining and always fun to watch.. BRAVO Michelle..

    i am glad she came to GH, Michelle is so much more powerful an actress with GH as Nina than she ever was as Phyllis with Y&R..
    Ron and team are writing her to highlight her great acting skills..


    Patrick replied


    GREAT post : Yikes

    Thursdays ep : Michelle Stafford bowled me over… were we not “ALL” waiting for her to enilven… and get out of that wheel chair… (no disrespect intended) but

    Nina and Franco…. per your post : “… truly intriguing as it develops ”

    add in Maura West… and GH rocks

    it truly is standing O for the greatness, and heavyweight their presence unspool tended

    i’m present when they reel


    CeeCee replied

    Everything you said, Su.


  2. terry Campbell says:

    Love love love this actress! Love her on GH & The Stafford Project!


  3. GH50 says:

    On Howarth, ‘We did some scenes the other day that’ll air in December that made me go, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even have to act!’ I just had to be there.’

    Well that says a lot and not in a good way. Not having to act and just having to be there. That’s what I see often in Howarth’s scenes. His schtick is about him. Having other actors as bystanders in a scene is only interesting if you just tune in to see him do stuff.

    Actors often refer kindly to other actors when they use the term “generous.” That an actor is giving to another actor and allows them space to do what they need to do. Howarth does his thing, which often is just short of lighting his hair on fire. It is distracting, often inconsistent with the character and makes Franco just unwatchable for me.

    Great actors don’t do schtick that steps on other actors and is interchangeable between roles that they play. Great actors develop unique characters and elevate the actors around them.


    Laurie replied

    I took that statement completely another way.
    She was bragging on RH in that paragraph. She said they did some scenes the other day that made her go ‘Oh my God, I didn’t even have to act.’ I just had to be there. Then she added: I hope they turn out great. What happened between us in that particular scene I’ve never experienced before as an actress with another actor. Ever.

    That’s a compliment to RH, IMO. The beginning of that paragraph was also her complimenting him.

    She said those scenes will air in December, so I’ll be watching for them.

    In the full interview she speaks of how the GH cast is “drama-free” & they just do their job and go home. Her and Billy Miller were discussing it and they were going “Where’s the drama?” (Now that is a TELLING statement!) She also discussed how Billy came over to GH ego-free and says he doesn’t have that ego thing going on.

    She also spoke of her love of working with Maura West and explains that Maura always wants the other person in the scene to shine as well. MS explained she’s worked with actors didn’t want her to shine. Once again, a very telling statement!

    Last thing: She actually watches GH (true, because she’s always live tweeting during the show). She praised the Dante, Morgan, Michael & Sonny scene a few wks back, describing it as f**king awesome & such good tv. Love that, love her!


    GH50 replied

    Yes Laurie, it’s obvious that she was complimenting RH. I didn’t say she wasn’t. I said that the example she used was telling. What she thinks would be cause for praise, other actors may not.

    terry Campbell replied

    You’re absolutely 110% correct! The other commenter is totally wrong about Franco! His character is one of the best on a soap ever! I believe that is what MS was insinuating.

    Timmm replied

    Yeah, Michelle is a big time TV star, she didnt have to single out those four actors but it goes to show you she doesnt have a huge ego and it seems as though she views her fellow cast mates as if she was a fan. Good inside work Michael.

    KM replied

    “Howarth does his thing, which often is just short of lighting his hair on fire.”

    Hilarious statement and so true. It’s called upstaging although I think both Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford have met their match in each other in that regard.

    That’s the problem I have with GH these days. The cartoon villains and upstaging are relentless while other characters/actors are reduced to little more than dull straight men/women/props to their antics. There’s not much in between. Certainly not in the sense of any relatable story to take these characters beyond one dimensional caricatures.


    Patrick replied

    I can’t not disagree with you

    Roger Howarth : “generous” scene stealer, upstaging

    I think… he’s realizing that he’s going with MS… along for the ride… and he’s giving back… and we’ll reap the reward of what we’ve long known…. that these two persons catapulted , with their own character drive… and have now collided…. I like Timmm… prose : “Funny how the stars aligned for these two stars to end up working on GH together.”

    RH i gather, has always had that comedic flair for tops with…. I think his deliver will now be in the subtelty to share …. he’s finally : as another post : met his match : equal : deliver with

    i’m just happy that these two actors have , it seems, found their niche to circumvent and elevate

    hasn’t Maura West been carrying driving and standing forward …

    here comes Billy Miller

    notwithstanding… equal measure to the whole cast… who collectively steer

    DAYS and GH are pulling : Misses Nielsen says so


  4. Nicole says:

    Nina and Franco are hands down the best couple on the soap..I love every scene…you can’t take your eyes off of them..I want more NICO


    Timmm replied

    Funny how the stars aligned for these two stars to end up working on GH together.


  5. k/kay says:

    I had the entire interview e mailed to me today I am glad that she is happy everybody should be happy in their job. I am also very happy that GT is making the role of Phyllis her own. Memo to Ms Stafford never burn bridges sometime you might need those people for whatever in your life. I find over the years in my life people tend to make their own drama! Good Luck!


  6. terry Campbell says:

    Loved her acting on YnR even with worthless story lines.


    Jimmy replied

    It’s true, it seemed like in her last year on Y&R she didn’t have really awesome material worthy of her talents. That must have been one of the reasons she jumped to GH to play Nina – look at the material she’s been given. I mean, within the first few weeks she was already screaming and kicking over wheelchairs, and now she’s stealing babies. Talk about utilizing Michelle’s talents.


  7. Claudio says:

    I love Michelle Stafford, she is so talented and a wonderful actress. I love love Nina Clay so much. I hope Michelle, stays on General Hospital for many years. The woman can act and she is a pretty woman.


  8. Nick D. says:

    Love Michelle Stafford. Before she joined GH I always wondered what all the hype was about (had never seen her), but man does she ever deliver with her performances.

    GH has such a strong cast (and great direction that brings out their best), but more than anyone I’d like to see Michelle get an emmy for her work – she just rocks her material so incredibly well.


    Jimmy replied

    She was phenomenal on Y&R as Phyllis, but she was definitely more controlled than she is on GH. Here, she can spread her wings as far as they can go because Nina is truly crazy; it allows Michelle to play the happiness, sadness, anger, seething hatred, deep hurt… all the extremes and everything in between. And she’s been rocking it. She definitely deserves an Emmy for her work, and that says something since she’s only been on for 6 months.


    Nick D. replied

    Agreed – it really is an accomplishment

  9. Jimmy says:

    Michelle is a powerhouse and she’s been rocking it on GH. Nina isn’t just another villain, because she has a soft and sympathetic side that fights internally with her demons and hatred for those who have wronged her. That’s why I love Nina so much. Yes, she does heinous things, and yes, she probably deserves to be locked up in Miscavige. But underneath all the evil, there’s a broken person who has lost a husband, a baby and 20 years of her life. I’m not justifying her actions; but people don’t just come back from that unscathed. Regardless, I want Nina around as long as possible because Michelle absolutely rocks the role and her chemistry with Roger Howarth is phenomenal.


  10. rebecca1 says:

    I like Michelle…but it seems to me in the video interview she did with Michael a few weeks ago, as well as this snippet from her web series…that her real life personality is rather similar to Nina’s! I don’t mean that she’s a loon or psychologically out there like Nina…but her gestures, animation, seemingly aggressive or strong nature…her expressions, demeanor…I just see Nina when I see or hear Michelle. Never saw her series…looks fun!


  11. JLH says:

    GH is her only work I’ve seen to date and imo it’s stand-out and amazing. She’s a talent they need to hold on to. I’d like to see the writers challenge themselves to develop a serious storyline about coming to grips/dealing with mental illness. For whatever reason they don’t seem to be able to tackle it with Heather (and Robin M would SO bat that storyline out of the park given the chance), so maybe Michelle’s Nina…?


    su0000 replied

    Nina has help..
    Franco will save her, wake her up to herself, and Nina will be well..
    It is a soap!!
    Heather needs to be as she is= Heather.. don’t mess with Heather..

    RC and team will not bore up with cures for mental illness, that is not GH, that would be Y&R stuff..
    GH is totally not like Y&R, thanky god..
    however; GH gave us Kate and Connie for a year, a mental case but with drama tons of drama.. she got cured by being shot and killed LOL ..
    gotta luv GH for what is .. out of the traditional soap box!! :)


    Timmm replied

    I would LOVE to see Nina and Franco join Heather for Thanksgiving dinner!

  12. SZima says:

    Michelle is a phenomenal actress. Even when you hate her character, you can’t stop watching her.
    I hated Nina until she started having scenes with Franco.
    I hated Franco until his scenes with Nina.
    Together they have exploded!


    Patrick replied

    you nailed it with :

    having the right partner… co-star : is a dream team…. of finesse and reap the reward of job well done

    “Together they have exploded!”


    it’s a feast to behold… when the cast can orbit with…. the bigwigs, if you will. MS feeds off of/with in equal equanimity… give and take and implode

    ditto for Roger Howarth . He is the one, that I’ve been rooting for… at last, I can rest, that he’s in good company to further his character.


  13. nancy melman says:

    Unbelievable performance. I cannot get enough of GH or her. The whole cast deserves the emmy for best performances. Then I heard Roger is leaving. The deal with Michelle and Roger is just too good to go away. Everyone stay.


    su0000 replied

    Roger is NOT leaving :)
    He will be playing a part in the TV series The Flash..
    Roger will still be with GH, also ..


    rebecca1 replied

    According to Frank Valenti Roger’s staying put on GH.


  14. Max says:

    Michelle thank you so much for coming to GH and giving us Nina Clay… Wow Does it get any better than Nina, Madeline, Liesel and Franco!!


  15. terry Campbell says:

    So Roger is staying right? I can’t imagine GH without Franco and Nina! They’re a force to be reckoned with and I adore Franco for how he deals with Nina! Best soap ever!


  16. Timmm says:

    GH fans, we are so lucky. When Michelle left Y&R I got my Michelle Stafford fix watching The Stafford Project. Go out and buy the DVD it is SO entertaining! Now she is on GH and Billy Miller has joined her. These two actors are so talented and we are so lucky to have them. Michelle states how much fun it is to work on GH. She raves about Frank V. Michelle has a good friend over at Y&R that is leaving the show. Dollars to donuts Michelle has talked to this actor and has told him how much fun it is to work on GH and how talented every one is with none of the ego BS! That actor is Christian LeBlanc. Mark my words, he will join GH in 2015. He will be connected to Michelle somehow and those two along with Roger will blow up the screen! How much better can this get?


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