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30 August 5th, 2013 Michelle Stafford’s Web Series The Stafford Project Makes Its Debut – Watch It!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

After her final appearance on The Young and the Restless on Friday as Phyllis Summers Newman, fans have a new place to check out fan favorite and two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Michelle Stafford!  Michelle finally unveiled her highly anticipated new web series today, The Stafford Project on the series You Tube Channel!

In The Stafford Project, Michelle plays a version of herself in this comedic satire with a heart.   Stafford is an actress who plays the role of Francis on a soap opera, and who is raising a three-year old daughter who is trying to get her groove on as a single chick and mother!  And that is just a glimpse of the series themes.

The Stafford Project was created by Michelle along with writers, Paige Long and Paige Dorian.  Watch the premiere episode titled “Technicalities” after the jump and let us know what you thought of it!

Then come back later on Monday for On-Air On-Soaps in depth interview with Michelle on all things ‘Stafford Project’, Y&R and more!

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  1. kalamaty says:

    LOVE THE STAFFORD PROJECT! It’s so current and SO, so funny! Thank God she’s back on my screen, in an exciting and new way! This is going to be a big hit for her; genius writing, killer production values, camera work, etc. Wonderful to see her in the “real world” and she’s looks better than ever on film! Everyone should watch this hilarious new show! Congratulations to everyone involved; now bring on the second episode!! :)


  2. Jules says:

    Meh. I didn’t care for it.


  3. Janet Galea says:

    Loved it….look forward to the second episode. Michelle has lived such a private life it’s great to see her daughter and “real world.”


  4. Beacon says:

    It was okay but I thought “Cynthia Watros gets Lost” was funnier, & did much more with the same premise.


  5. Mad/hatter says:

    Oh Michelle this is a scream the line where your kids 20 but just born last month concerning the ageing of kids on a a soap was priceless! Good Luck!


  6. boes says:

    Didn’t Kathy Griffith do this already – about a hundred years ago?

    I will say Michelle looks better on this than she ever did on Y&R. But I also don’t see any difference between “her” and Phyllis. And that line about her “never having trouble with men, never men”, was…..what?

    One time thing for me, my curiousity has been satisfied.


  7. Juile says:

    Really cleaver writing…loved the format too. Couldn’t she do this part-time and Phyllis part-time? Really miss Y&R now that she’s gone. My last watching of the show was Friday (her last).


  8. Kelley Van Den Broek says:

    Hi best wishes for a happy and eventful life


  9. mollie says:

    This is a wonderful premise with funny writing…the guy who INSISTS he could make her pregnant? LOL. Don’t we all know one?

    I like Michelle’s work on Y and R, but this really reveals what a quirky, funny personality she has AND a talent for comedy!

    I could hang out with this chick :) All the best to Michelle.


  10. lisa says:

    Love this !! Best of luck Michelle !!


  11. Carl says:

    Love Michelle, but the co-stars were hideous, she needs another hot chick and they need to hit the dating scene. That would be the best way to get the ball rolling.


    boes replied

    She’s too old for a dating scene show unless this will be re-do of the Golden Girls.

    If so I vote she play Sophia.


    Dee replied

    Wow Boes, jealous much? Michelle is a talented actress, who doesn’t have to beg fans to watch her show. If you watch the Golden Girls you must like em old. B/C Michelle obviously isn’t.
    She will succeed & have fun. Unlike you!

  12. Dee says:

    Love Michelle & her debut on The Stafford Project. Her daughter is absolutely adorable. I have subscribed to her uploads on YouTube. At least she’s making it free for all her fans. I wish Michelle all the best on her fun adventure with her web series.

    A former diva is also doing her own web series as well. While asking fans for donations to make it happen. I will NOT be watching this other actress. She’s obviously desperate for recognition at the expense of fans. Washed UP, old and forgotten she ever appeared on daytime.


  13. Linda H says:

    We liked it and can’t wait for episode 2.


  14. Camii says:

    Loved it! Will keep watching it.


  15. Lori says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I have shared with everyone I work with and I mean everyone. I can’t wait for the 2nd episode.


  16. cheryl says:

    It held my interest……so far so good ! I have to say YnR is NOT the same without you though, but I am VERY happy for YOU. xo


  17. baba22boyz says:

    HUGE mistake Michelle!! Keep it up and thanks for leaving Y & R-got tired of you repeating all your lines as if stalling because you couldn’t remember what was next :-( can’t wait to see who takes your spot on the greatest soap EVER. Jessica Collins is so much better than you ever were. Now if they can just get rid of Sharon ………


    gloria replied

    OMG-I thought I was the only one who noticed Phyllis repeating her lines OVER & OVER. She would say something like, “really Daniel, really Daniel, I mean really, Daniel” This got on my very last nerve. I will kind of miss her on Y&R though in spite of that irritating habit & have no interest in anyone’s web series. I have enough to keep up with watching my 4 soaps that are still on plain old fashioned tv!
    And I agree about Sharon-they have really written her into a corner & I don’t see a way out! But I guess time will tell.


    Evonne replied

    That’s just mean!!!


  18. Rebecca Bunting says:

    I am still mad about you leaving Y&R because you are my favorite. I will continue to watch Y&R since I have been watching it for 40 years. I am 72. But OK I am hooked on your new gig, Red. So keep it coming girlfriend. Already in love with your co-star. She is darling.
    Til me meet again.


  19. Sabrina says:

    I am happy for her but I really wish she would go back to the Young and the Restless , she is the only reason I watched it!


  20. Barbara says:

    I wish her well but want her back on Y&R!


  21. Y&R junkie says:

    Cute idea – adorable little girl!! Why leave your day job to do it? Jess Walton is 20 yrs older and she is still going strong!! Daytime seems like a great gig!


  22. Evonne says:

    When can we expect episode 2?


  23. Gee says:

    So how frequent are the episodes… I saw the debut weeks ago… when is the next episode… is she only gonna release an 8 minute show every month?


  24. Pat Thompson says:

    I think that The Michelle Stafford Project is fresh and I liked it. I have been following Michelle since she started with Y&R.


  25. mj says:

    She can do better than that. She has so much talent.


  26. ej says:

    I Loved this show. I miss you on Y & R, but, this is really funny. Look forward to more…


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