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25 January 25th, 2013 Mix & Mingle With Roxy & Delphina Event! Do You Hope Kristen & Delaria Are Part Of OLTL Reboot?

Courtesy/SOSP Photo: Steven Bergman

If you are looking for a zany, outlandish, and fantastic time, you do not want to miss Soap Opera Socialite Productions upcoming New York City fan event with Ilene Kristen ((Roxy) and Lea Delaria (Delphina) of ABC’s One Life to Live!  The duo will be part of an event entitled, “Mix and Mingle with Roxy and Delphina”!  We hear there will be one more Llanview citizen added to the event in the coming weeks too!

Here is the lowdown:  The event will he held on February 16th as Kristen and Delaria host an afternoon cocktail party at Prohibition on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

From 12pm to 3pm, attendees will get an uncensored afternoon of fun, laughs, and dirt as Ilene and Lea give you the scoop on  their television careers, life in Llanview, and their studio recordings. Ilene will also exclusively preview some tracks from her new album! Plus, fans will have opportunity to meet the actors up close and personal.  For ticket information and how to be a part of the event click here!

In the meantime, many soapers have posted comments that they would love Prospect Park to have Ilene Kristen reprise her role as Roxy Balsom!  Do you want Roxy back on the canvas for One Life to Live?  Do you think Madame Delphina should drop in as well from time to time for some shocking premonitions of what is secretly going down in Llanview in the reboot?  Let us know!


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  1. C says:

    Definitely yes on Roxy. I really want her to anchor a working class sliver of the canvas with her “sons” Schuyler and Kyle.

    Meh on Delphina. I overdosed on her a bit by the time the show ended on ABC.


    Chris replied

    While I love Roxy, it’s time to move on from the Balsoms especially since Rex and Gigi aren’t returning. And I’ve had more than enough of Delfino. I was never much of a fan of the physic plots. The show needs now to focus on relationships between the A-team characters.


  2. brian says:

    YES !!! too both


  3. Chaz says:

    Roxy, as embodied by Ilene Kristen, became one of my top favorite characters on OLTL. Having watched the show from day one I felt she helped bring it back to its roots (ie: the working class Wolek family) but with amazing humor as a bonus. So, YES to having Ilene back in the role of Roxy.


  4. Angie says:

    Yes need the fun of Roxy’s on OLTL definitely one of best characters ever


  5. Brian Tripp says:

    Yes! Roxy needs to be back for sure. Maybe Schuyler can be recast and get out of prison and come back to town.


  6. Jeffrey Jonas Moree says:

    Yes Yes the actress that plays Roxy is wonderful i remember watching her on Ryan’s Hope many moons ago!


  7. marfa says:

    Roxy better be a part of it. The show isn’t the same without her dimwit character.

    Delphina is ok is small doses.


  8. Debbie Harris says:

    I would Love to see Roxie again on OLTL! And Madame Delphina would be good when they need a psychic occasionally.
    Quirky characters are Fun andthese 2 actresses are Great in their roles!


  9. Blake says:

    I would LOVE to have Roxy and Delphina back on OLTL! Roxy is definitely needed, and I love Delphina popping in and out when they need her psychic abilities!

    I hope with the new writing team that they can enjoy and write for these characters like Ron and Frank did!


    gloria replied

    Agree-Roxy all the time & Delphina coming & going. Love them both. But there is not a need for Delphina every day. I am so happy about this, just cannot wait.


    Blake replied

    I agree, love Delphina and she should pop up here and there like she did when Ron and Frank were at OLTL.

  10. denisefan says:

    Roxy yes, Delphina no.


    su0000 replied

    love Delphina!!
    I think the new writers and bringing it to the internet that they could recreate Delphina , a wee bit, and that would be very cool ..


  11. louisa says:

    Yes–Roxy and Rex!!


  12. mike says:

    Would not be OLTL without Roxy.


  13. Torrey says:

    Please bring back Roxy!!!


  14. Rann says:

    Must have Roxey….just a must have! And I like Delphina too!


    Rebecca replied

    Roxy is one of the most wonderful and colorful charactors of OLTL. I can’t imagine
    life in llanview without her. Delphia surely made her mark as well. I hope to see them
    both on the reboost.


  15. Craig says:

    Yes, we need Roxy, and Delphina from time to time. I think a great storyline for Roxy, that would go well with the ABC ending, would be for Roxy and her band of soap fans to find out that they were successfull in saving Fraternity Row after all. Have it mirror what us fans went through, and let Fraternity Row be revived online like we got OLTL & AMC! Since the last we saw her, she was mourning her show like we were OLTL, it would make a nice ending to that story as well as help with the continuity, to help show that Llanview is still in the same world as when OLTL left ABC. I think it would be a nice nod to the fans that never gave up, and they could get in some good digs at ABC too… I agree, Delphina needs to just come and go like she always has, I don’t think there’d be enough story for her full time, especially in the half hour/four day time format. I am so excited, Ican hardly wait for OLTL.2. Not sure if AMC will work though, they need more of the long-term cast to return. I will be watching both though, and hope both are incredibly successful!


  16. Chris says:

    No we do not need Ilene Kristen Or Lea. One Life to Live has enough dramatic actors to fill the canvas for 30 minutes where they do not need slap stick scene fillers. That is just what Ilene and Lea are nothing but scene fillers. Roxy’s family was written off to Paris (and to be clear not Paris Texas, the real Paris) And the cast I am sure Is very happy about that. How about writing back in Patricia Elliott? She can act and was one of the forgotten one’s. I think it was absolutely horrid not to have her in one of the final episodes towards the shows end. Bottom Line is if these shows are going to be 30 minutes stick to a small cast and the core cast that the audience is going to see. And in 30 minutes you need story. And the story better work other wise they are going to get very bored quickly. And This time around you are sellling Ad space, Ad stream and Monitizing a site. So It is even harder to try to draw a following and a newer audience. You want to grow and expand. Be creative. Find fresh talent and maybe get people from the theater and maybe not even cookie board but outs. Psychics and people in hair shops are old school and very days of our Lives.


  17. Lia says:

    I wouldn’t mind Delphina coming back from time to time, but I don’t want Roxy back at all. I found nothing funny about her. Actually both are too idiotic for this show.


  18. Cindy says:

    YES to Roxy returning!!! They really need to approach her about returning to Llanview.


  19. jen says:

    they do not need that Roxy back!


  20. Sharon says:

    Yes, please bring back both characters! Roxy and Delfina are very enjoyable Llanview family members who provide special insight that we need. We sometimes have to speak to past family members who have crossed over or we need the care that only Roxy or Delfina can give. I believe that these special type characters is what made OLTL so different and so wonderful. Everyone wasn’t rich and powerful like the premise of so many other shows.


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