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25 June 30th, 2013 Monday’s B&B: Taylor Blows The Whistle On Bill and Brooke’s Ugly Secret! How Will Katie React?


Oh, oh! Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is in full stick it to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) mode and thus sets the stage for a classic showdown! Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful, who witnessed Friday’s episode of the CBS soap, saw that Taylor began to wreck the birthday celebration for Brooke by revealing to Katie (Heather Tom) and those in the room, that Brooke has an ugly secret!

And in a preview for Monday’s episode Taylor says to the room, “Do you to tell them Brooke? Or, do you want me to?” Taylor then says to Katie, “She slept with him. Your husband and your trust-worthy sister had an affair!”  To which Katie responds, “No! That is not true!”

Ah, but it is Katie! But will it be revealed in total that not only did Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke sleep together, but Brooke was carrying Bill’s child, before she miscarried?   The fallout could be huge!

What do you hope will happen on Monday’s episode? Brooke’s cover-up is exposed?  Taylor to get shown the front door? Katie to tell everyone to go take a hike?  Share your thoughts and watch a preview of Monday’s B&B after the jump!

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  1. carla says:

    Taylor should of minded her own business. The truth always comes out in the end.


  2. Rcraig says:

    I know this is a soap and therefore fantasy, but come on. A doctor violates patient Confidentially? That is just so wrong on so many levels. Not a Brooke fan and think someone needs to knock her squinty eyed ass off her pedestal but I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. Taylor needs to have major ramifications for her behavior. This storyline is so absurd. Brooke is away too old to get pregnant in the first place. Now I suppose she will end up with Eric and life will go pleasantly on for her. Give me a beak already.


  3. Lawrence says:

    oh god another story for heather tom to submit herself for another emmy.


    k/kay replied

    Lawrence I think she should quit submitting she has 5 thought the same on the others that have several enough I wish they would make a new rule kinda like we should have term limits for politicians.


    melinda replied

    you sound bitter lawrence. heather tom is a wonderful actress. not good to be bitter. have a banana darling. you will feel better soon. cheer up lawrence . life is to short.


    Lawrence replied

    Maybe its because she has won in all actress categories. it is only 4 soaps on the air u know. let somebody else win already. judges gave her another emy for crying and being over the top. Melinda maybe if u get ur head out of heather toms ass, you will realize that other actresses that can act. key word act needs to be on the frontburner. she has won 5 already. do u want her 2 have 10

    stefano replied

    Chill out lawrence. Heather tom is a terrific actress. She deserves those emmys. Heather can act and she is a sweetheart. i have met heather tom twice. i hope heather gets nominated next year and wins again. Get used to it. heather is here to stay. you sound jealous lawrence. maybe you need to go out for a walk. clear your head.


    scott replied

    Good on you lawrence.Just telling it how it is


  4. crhodes says:

    I wish they would finally show Taylor for who she really is she’s no better than Brooke. She talks about Brooke sleeping with all the Froster men and she’s done the same thing including Brooke’s son Rick. I hope she loses Eric and he goes back to Brooke


  5. GHLover says:

    Go Taylor! Go Katie! Slut of the valley needs to get hers


  6. k/kay says:

    Hunter Tylo’s /Taylor’s last air date is Wednesday even HT was disgusted with this storyline. Maybe Taylor can catch the sail boat with Nick and sail into the sunset. Since Jack Wagner/Nick never got an exit story. This show is soooo bad!


  7. Mary SF says:

    I don’t really watch daily anymore for many reasons, but one of them is that Mr. Brad Bell has turned all his characters into cartoons. Brooke is the slut; Taylor the truth bearer. Katie is the innocent, and on and on. Just once Brad- give your characters some depth PLEASE.
    So no I am not interested in watching Taylor expose Brooke once again, thinking everyone will thank her for it, but wait —let me guess, they will all turn against her and have sympathy for Brooke instead and Taylor is going to be outrage that Brooke gets away with it once again.


    Iakovos replied

    I agree with you, Marty SF. The writing, Emmy win aside, is so bad on this drama, and it was not always that way. I pray for an entriely new family to estabilsh itself and have some of these characters, legacy or not, be written out. The opportunity for a Brooke-Taylor frenemy relationship a la Viki-Dorian on OLTL was missed and never explored. this recent Brooke storyline seems so out of kilter with the redemption/new lease that came with being blessed to be with Stephanie at her death. Taylor has been written so poorly for years now. These are strong women. And what is with the near incest? B&B needs some help. I pray it comes.


  8. Lew S says:

    Brooke and Taylor are both pathetic! They marry their way through families and judge the other. I am sorry, but there comes a time when a writer should create age appropriate stories! Pregnant at 50 something?! Come on!


  9. Anna Garrett says:

    So glad Taylor is leaving, I don’t like her character and I don’t like her and her fat lips!


  10. Sandy says:

    Katie is going on the warpath; watch and see why she is so deserving of another emmy. Taylor’s leaving the show is a good thing as she is just so vengeful. Brooke, I am glad you are not my sister and Bill, I once had a husband like you. LOL


  11. Mark Y says:

    A lot of really personal and foul comments. Mr. Fairman, please get rid of the haters.


  12. gloria says:

    Taylor should keep her BIG MOUTH shut & let things happen naturally because they will in the end. I cannot believe how everyone forgets she SLEPT with Brooke’s father Steven & was engaged to Rick (when he was played by Kyle Lowder I think it was) RICK is Eric & Brooke’s son & Taylor was living with him! Also she was drunk & killed poor Darla & her stupid marriage to Nick along with desperation to have another baby ended up with her carrying a baby from Brooke’s eggs. OMG-she about went crazy when she realized! Where is that poor little boy? Where is RJ by the way? Eric and/or Bill should clap a hand over Taylor’s big lipped mouth & drag her out of the party. Even Thomas doubted (Doubting Thomas, funny, if I may say so myself) her motives & thought she should not go to the party. She is doing this for purely selfish reasons, not to help her “patient” Katie in any way. CANNOT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!


    k/kay replied

    Enough with the actress bad mouthing she is gone july 3rd so please leave it alone you people are cruel they are only playing a part that is written by a one note writer.


    gloria replied

    Didn’t mean to offend k/kay! I really love Hunter Tylo & don’t want her to leave! Just sayin’ she’s really no better than Brooke in many ways & acts holier than thou. Like she’s never done anything horrible. And everyone, including Hunter knows what she’s done to her lips! ha. The show won’t be the same without her.

    k/kay replied

    Gloria I will miss the character she was before she came back from the dead in 2005. When Brad brought her back he started writing her totally different when she first came on in 1990 she was nothing like that then he made her an alcoholic and very judging and sleeping with Brooke’s son although then he was played by Kyle Lowder so who could blame her. Lol I just think the show is awful now and yes HT did the Angelina Jolie lips she to me is still a very pretty woman.

  13. Mo says:

    I didn’t want Friday’s ep to end! Can’t wait for today’s ep.


  14. Jonathan says:

    I can’t stand Taylor, never could. Seems obvious with HT leaving that Eric will dump her- maybe for Brooke. The promo made it seem Katie was screaming at Brooke, but she could have been throwing Taylor out for telling ‘lies’.


    Jonathan replied

    actually I think Eric is going to claim he was the father of Brooke’s baby…. waiting…


    Sandy replied

    That would be interesting!

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