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4 May 10th, 2013 MORE All My Children! Eric Nelsen and Debbi Morgan Talk on AJ and Angie!


On Friday’s second episode of MORE All My Children, host Leslie Miller sat-down with long time series star, Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard) to find out what enticed here to come back to reprise her in the reboot of the series, while Eric Nelsen (AJ Chandler) opened up about his very first scene where for all intent and purposes fans see him naked with a guitar covering his private parts!  Nelsen also chats on the relationship between AJ and Miranda (Denyse Tontz) where at this point the young best friends just don’t seem to have the same feelings for each other.

Later in MORE All My Children, viewers are given a sneak peek into next week’s episodes where David is still reeling from the news that Cara had an abortion of their child, Pete and Celia look like they are patching things up, and JR realizes that his son AJ was just in his hospital room, just when AJ thought JR did not recognize him. Plus,  Paula Garces debuts in her new role working alongside of Thorsten Kaye, as Zach tries to find a very in trouble Cassandra.

Watch today’s MORE All My Children after the jump! Then, let us know what you think of Eric Nelsen as AJ Chandler? And what storyline are you looking forward to see play out next! And, do you like MORE All My Children? Share your thoughts!

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  1. ron says:

    Eric Nelsen is a star on the rise. I’m loving pretty much everything on AMC including the new actors. Sure i would love to see sme old faves come back but characters come and go on soaps. AMC has always multi-generational. That’s one of the things that made it so great. It just annoys me why fans act like it’s such a bad thing for it to be that way now.


  2. kim says:

    Hate all the talking on Fridays, would rather see the show!! I don’t even tune in on Fridays its a waste of time.


  3. KarenB says:

    You know I just don’t get it. People have been whining and crying the blues ever since all my children and one life to live got cancelled. Now they are back and these very same people have found other things to do with these soaps to complain about. So what if they have made the shows a little hipper,younger,racier. Get with the times people this is just how it is. I am no spring chicken and I still love the shows and I find the new hipper,racier shows fun. As far as the friday recaps if you don’t like it find something else to watch that day,apparently you found other things to watch while they were cancelled. I for one am just glad they are back . Apparently some people are never happy and will always find something to complain about!


    Robert replied

    I agree with KarenB. It seems like some people are just not happy unless they are complaining about something. Like you I am so happy the shows are back as well. I feel they will be back for a while and am afraid ABC will try to complicate things even more for PP because they now see they messed up royally by cancelling the shows in the first place.


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