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38 November 21st, 2014 More Details Revealed On Melissa Archer’s New DAYS Character!

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One Life to Live fans can finally catch one of their all-time favorites back in the soap saddle when Melissa Archer finally makes her on-screen debut as Serena on Days of our Lives! Archer will turn up in Salem on the December 5th episode of the sudser as world-traveled medical journalist Serena Mason!

And now, according to details in a new interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Serena has a past with Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) when they were working together in Africa, when he was a photographer there, and she was a journalist.  It seems their torrid romance ended when he chose to be a man of the cloth … instead of the man in her bed! But why?

The popular redhead also gave a few other sneak peeks of what is to come in her chat with TVG.  Here are a few excerpts below!


Melissa on what brings her to Salem:  “She comes into town to do some important medical research. (Laughs) Because they have really good doctors in Salem — the best to choose from! Serena is extremely smart, a no-bulls–t kind of girl, which I really enjoy playing. She’s so different from my character, Natalie, on OLTL, who was tough but petulant. Serena is a real adult. Because of her profession, she’s not the type to wear her heart on her sleeve — otherwise she wouldn’t be able to survive the work.

Melissa on her new enemy Nicole (Arianne Zucker), who she thinks still has it for Eric:  “I can’t speak for how Arianne sees her character but, from Serena’s point of view, Nicole is obsessed with Eric. Nicole has no idea who this Serena person is and it’s instant dislike. It was so much fun! I wish I had more scenes like that. Nicole is looking out for Eric, but she goes a little too far. (Laughs) It’s certainly not one of those soap-opera girly fights with a little slapping and hair-pulling. These are tough women. I won’t say anymore because it’s so worth watching!

So, are you intrigued to see a romance and potential love story between Greg Vaughan and Melissa Archer? What do you think on paper of the new character of Serena?  Looking forward to seeing Melissa back on daytime?   Comment below!

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  1. mfarris70 says:

    It would be nice if Serena could break the DAYS mold of female characters who are either victim or bitch– sometimes both but never neither.


    Patrick replied

    I don’t know…. then you have the MENfolk. and, they are hotties…

    Brady : the eternally everlastingly the victim… always swearing on the cross he’s going to change… and he’s once again asked “aunt” Maggie, if she’ll be his sponsor

    Eric: I almost wish for Father Eric back: he acts like he’s scared of his own shadow… (looks like Nicole is stuck with .. and it’s OK with me, ugh! Daniel ).

    DAYS has lost some serious adult, appealing, actors… I honestly, had hoped they would bring Eric and Nicole forefront… back together… and romancing and loving…. he’s so all that… attest the Kristen scenes… and yes, it was what it was… but he’s just dynamic presence…. yum

    Serena can’t come soon enough…. let’s GO!

    ra ra ra Salem ‘ites

    danged if I’m dissapointed with the writing…. John… thee Man… should have romanced Marlena some… before he left… I hope he’s coming back…. it can’t be all left up to Victor and Maggie… some delight in twosomes who are serious romance! Come on John ! she is availing her self.

    blah, blech, LOL… disjointed… in all of Salem…. knighted do all that.. Daniel…. woah!

    nuWill…. I hope he’s off the canvas… and comes roaring back with a recast.

    Ben is w/ Daniel complete snore…. what’s with all the anger issues ? leave when Jordan does… and take Clyde with

    LOOKS for me… go a long way to overlook the traits displayed… till better writing comes

    where is Rafe’alicious
    where is Justin…. drool
    JJ… is fine…. move on about your father
    Aiden is HOT right now
    Sonny : don’t leave him dangling for long
    Chad : is the bomb. Yikes… love his DiMera style and mystique
    T : tad from the BAR…. FEATURE !
    Stefano thrones

    Hello Abe and Roman… LOL from a afar they were

    DAYS still has my favorite CAST ( feast )


    Patrick replied

    Lucas, Lucas, Lucas ! my man

    geez he’s missed

    Patrick replied

    I actually, liked, Paul… from the start

    that easy going affecting smile

    Patrick replied

    I MISS :

    with abandon

    Blake Berris : Nick Fallon
    Mark Valley : Jack Deveraux
    Matthew Ashford : Jack Deveraux
    Jason Brook : Peter Blake ( the HOTTEST MAN to grace Salem )

    Patrick replied

    Peter Reckell was dreamy : miss his presence

    Patrick replied

    on the horizon : dreamy state of being

    Michael Muhney : nuEJ DiMera
    Ted King : nuBo Brady

    Patrick replied

    Roark Critchlow : Dr. Mike Horton

    ooh la la

    4ever DAYS replied

    Had to reply here, Patrick.

    With all due respect…Hell no to Roark Critchlow! I like Roark Critchlow, but I think DAYS can bring some of those 1980′s and 90′s viewers back with “The Pretender” himself, Michael T. Weiss!

    Michael T. Weiss was very popular as Dr. Michael (Mike) Horton and eventually had his own series…The Pretender.

    I think he would bring in new and old viewers, but hey, if not Michael T. Weiss, RC would be great…as long as MTW is asked first!

    Patrick replied

    @4 : no worries

    I know exactly whom you are speaking : writing

    I was being lazy and didn’t google/wiki his name….

    Michael T. Weiss : August, 1985 to September, 1990
    Roark Critchlow : April, 1994 to Sept., 1999

    so, both, had about a 5 year run…. Roark came back for another year recurring…

    i mostly remember Roark… because I was watching days regularly when he was on…

    I loved MTW : hairy plus… he was in the movie… “Jeffrey” a coming out movie… that I dreamed about

    MTW would be my first choice as well

    Michael replied

    Omg- Back in the day, so to speak, Michael T Weiss was HOT! He had greet chemistry with Lisa Hioward, who played April Ramirez. there was also an excellent actor who played Nick in the storyline.
    Also- the first Mike Horton, waaaaaay back in the 7O’s was Hot. He was played by Wesley aeure -who also starred in the Saturday morning show- Land of the Lost. I remember he couldn’t get it up for Trish Clayton, and was worried he was gay- or it must have been insinuated back then. Then he finally lost his virginity to an older woman- Linda Patterson. The next day, sitting in his mom’s kitchen, Laura told him he ‘looked different’. I spent my adolescence convinced that someone could tell when you ‘did it’ by the look on your face the next day.LOL

    Mary Kay replied

    Can’t stand Aiden (YAWN) he needs to be with (YAWN) Jenn…Hope with Rafe Abigail with Brady…Melanie with Chad Jordan with Eric;Abe with Kayla…Nicole with Daniel..C’mon…will any of my Christmas wishes come true?

    Mary Kay replied

    Definitely need the romance that only John and Marlena can provide!!

  2. 4ever DAYS says:

    I’m counting the DAYS till Serena arrives! I wasn’t familiar with Melissa’s talent, but I’m sure she’ll do fine at DOOL!!!

    She’s beautiful!!!!!


    Patrick replied

    “She’s beautiful!!!!!”

    those eyes, with all that red hair



  3. Sheila says:

    I can’t wait to see Melissa on Days. She and Ari are both so good.


  4. Nancy says:

    Can hardly wait to see she and Kassie together.


  5. dani says:

    can’t wait….I hope she mixes it up with Brady too…..and I hope she gets a way better wardrobe then she did on OL..


    janice replied

    I agree about the wardrobe! On one life to live, they had her in granny dresses


    Mary Kay replied

    Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) has the best wardrobe in daytime…IMO

    Patrick replied

    isn’t Lauren Koslow put together !

    I just think she’s dynamic
    I think she’s the quintessential embodiment

    honestly, she has all the character that’s easy to embrace
    I love how Kate goes about her business… her life… the way she sees

    does she have “any” flaws ? with men ? she certainly doesnt need them… i believe her love for Stefano… unfortunately, I think the days of Joseph Mascolo full time screen are passed. I LOVE HIM… I’ll take him any way we can

    Lauren/Kate LOL dreamy ideal

  6. louisa says:

    Really looking forward to this!


  7. damien says:

    i hope she mixes it up with rafe too, who is in serious need of a new love intrest!!!
    cant wait to see eric hot and be bothered again, greg s the hottest man in daytime, imo, next to garen!
    i swear if this new character circles around dr dan im going to stop watching days, dr dan is on overload!!


  8. Claudio says:

    I love Melissa, she is a wonderful actress. I cannot wait until December 5, to see Serena. I hope she kicks Nicole’s ass. LOL. I still miss Natalie Buchanan rip One Life To Live.


  9. Mo says:

    :-( Doesn’t sound exciting.


  10. Troy Parkins says:

    I’m sure she will do fine on the show – it’s nice to see some alumni from both One Life to Live and ALL MY CHILDREN, two shows that, by the way, should absolutely NEVER have been cancelled – and as long as I’m officially “off topic” – does anyone know anything at all regarding the debacle of Prospect Park and the latest info on what the final outcome of those shows will be?


    Frank replied

    Yes Troy One Life To Live was the best soap out there, Abc made a huge mistake in cancelling OLTL. Amc had to be cancelled, that show went down hill. The storylines were getting silly and the ratings proved that.


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I definitely agree about OLTL. It has terrific stories and characters along with the finest cast I’ve ever seen. ES, RS, RSW, HBS, KD, BW, MA, ME, SH, FL, TSJ, RH, PE. All just terrific. I miss my OLTL like crazy.

  11. Sherry says:

    She cannot start soon enough, her character sounds interesting and fun, can’t wait till she’s on Days!! Color me intrigued by the Eric connection, I was so sure it would be Brady but I love this and am eager to see she and GV chemistry. They should be hot! Melissa and Ari are going to rock too !


  12. Mary SF says:

    Well, it is great that Eric will get a story again– and an apartment that looks a lot like Ben’s place– LOL–

    I don’t know this actress since I never watched OLTL, but hopefully her character will pan out better than Jordan did. There was a lot of hype when the actress playing Jordan came on the show, which just proves a talented actor and buzz, never can replace a well written character in an interesting story. So what I am reading sounds promising, but so did Jordan, Theresa, and Eve and none of those characters have lived up to the hype.


    Troy Parkins replied

    Mary, LoL I was thinking the EXACT same thing – I thought, uh…is he moving in with Ben? The set looks exactly the same. Of course, I live in Vegas where many apartments are stamped out quickly and actually do look very similar. My best friend lives in my complex and our condo’s are identical as far as infrastructure – I like Eric despite his constant whining – but now that he is not going to (evidently) hook up with Nicole, obviously the writers are throwing her in with Daniel, which, to me — is so badly written, let’s throw some balls around in the fake leaf park and of COURSE they are going to wind up rolling on the plastic grass together – it’s all just a bit too predictable. Can’t people go solo? Does everyone have to be paired off? There are some advantages to being single; all single people aren’t miserable, are they?


  13. Llanviewer717 says:

    I am so excited and can’t wait for December 5. Melissa is great. This character sounds much more grounded than Natalie of OLTL. I’m also glad she’s going to be involved with Greg Vaughan. I really like him and hope something good can happen for poor Eric. Welcome aboard Melissa.


  14. Mark says:

    She’s ok but why isn’t days using Galen Gering more he is so cute and should be in a major story!


  15. Nakita says:

    Beyond thrilled to see Melissa in action again! And loving the background in the character. I can’t wait!


  16. Brandee says:

    Yes!!!! About time Eric had something to smile about and Serena sounds like the type to make it happen. Can she go liven up Rafe’s life too? Love Melissa Archer and she would be great with either of them or both.


  17. Gmbenet says:

    I will be Team Nicole all the way! Don’t know Ms. Archer from OLTL because I didn’t watch the show. However, the way she described her character and the character’s relationship with Nicole makes me Team Nicole all the way. I also predict Ms. Archer’s character will not be a long term one. Nicole will not stop until she runs Serena (or whatever her name is) out of Salem. Bravo, Nicole!


  18. Blake says:

    I can’t wait to see Melissa on Days, I loved her on One Life to Live. She is gorgeous, the red hair, blue eyes, great cleavage. Imagine her around Brady, Eric, JJ, etc.


  19. Mary Kay says:

    SUre to give Jordan a run for her money!


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