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7 July 27th, 2015 More From Candyland! WINTERTHORNE Extended Trailer Released!


The anticipation just got higher, and our sweet tooth is craving more confections, as the upcoming digital series from creator Michael Caruso Winterthorne , which stars a cast of notable soap opera favorites. is getting ready to bow in just a few weeks.

Winterthorne features DAYS stars Martha Madison and John-Paul Lavoisier, GH’s Kathleen Gati and Kirsten Storms, former DAYS actor Kevin Spritas, Dallas’ iconic Linda Gray, Santa Barbara and Dynasty star Gordon Thomson, Michael Caruso, and soapy newcomers: Josh Thrower and Ron Hanks.

The series is set to have it’s online premiere on August 27th, and you can watch and learn more about the series on their website

Now after the jump, watch the extended released trailer as the drama unfolds.  Can Miranda Winterthorne (Martha Madison) win all in her battle for her control of the candy empire?  Then let us know, if you are excited to see what happens when the series has its premiere?

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  1. su0000 says:

    Well now-
    that is some soapy soap stuff .. (soap campy for sure..

    I’m in !


    Jeremy replied

    I’m so not in. This trailer does not look good… at all. I hope you enjoy, su0000. Keep us posted.


    su0000 replied

    hey Jeremy!
    Will do,,
    It is for sure campy! … like whoa!

  2. Flo DiBona says:

    Cannot wait! This is going to be SO much fun!!!


  3. Lou Piikes says:

    I can’t wait to see to watch this series. It looks delicious and wicked.


  4. denisefan says:

    Not interested at all. Nothing here that is subtle, intelligent and invites me to invest in a world that will reward viewers with compelling characters and original plot. Writing, acting, setting, and make-up all over-exaggerated and farce.


  5. Jenni H says:

    I don’t believe the trailer does this soap opera justice. I read more about it online and was way more interested by what I read online then by the actual trailer. But I do look forward to seeing it as I am a candy lover from way back! And I do think Martha Madison is a a phenomenal actress. Can’t wait to see her back on Days of Our Lives as Belle Black :-) I know some people were partial to Kirsten Storms but I think Martha’s portrayal of the character of Belle was much more deep & mature. GO MARTHA! YOU ROCK!!


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