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22 November 1st, 2011 More OLTL Returns: Roscoe Born, JessicaTuck & Susan Batten to appear!


It’s really that time folks, as One Life to Live prepares to film it’s final weeks of episodes for ABC. Some more Llanview returns for fans to expect now include:  Roscoe Born as evil incarnate Mitch Laurence, Jessica Tuck (Megan) and Susan Batten (Luna).  Just how they will be utilized is yet to be uncovered They join the already announced Catherine Hickland, Brian Kerwin, Tonya Walker and Fiona Hutchison who all in the coming weeks set to tape shows at OLTL studios in New York.

So who else would you still like to see return?  We all know that we want Judith Light as Karen, but there have been conflicting reports that she will not be returning, and some saying they spotted the name “Karen” on a script on Friday.  Clearly, it would be the one super-get if it could happen.


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  1. Rob says:

    Apparanltly Judith Light forgot where she came from.


  2. Shan says:

    Really want Dorian back for the ending and Trevor St. John. Would also like to see RJ with Lindsey!


    Heather replied

    I am totally with you about TSJ and RS


  3. Blake says:

    Yeah what is up with Judith Light??? But i’m glad Luna, Alex, Gabrielle and Lindsey are back! Hope a lot of them follow to Prospect Park!


  4. Webbie says:

    Waiting for Joe Lando to make it back. Any news on that?????


  5. Lynne says:

    Would love to see Larry W. return. That was Vicki’s brother in law. That would be really nice to see him again. The Doctor.


  6. todd says:

    Not thrilled about Mitch……he gets more rediculous every time he returns. I loved Megan and Luna. They were 2 of my all time faves. Megan’s death was a huge story at my college campus. Hundreds of people gathered in the Union and we all watched together. It was amazing.


  7. oltlmania says:

    Well there is no true finally without Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord! Now come on!!! Especially with Mitch Lawrence back!!


  8. jp says:

    I am very excited so far about some favorites coming back. I hope many others will also make an apprearance like Max, Jake, Wanda, Larry, Deliah, Rafe, Karen, Kevin, Cassie, and Herb. And please, please, please Robin Strasser as Dorian. It will not be the same to see OLTL leave the airwaves without this diva of all divas. Give her four scenes to do. She has devoted 30 years of exceptional work to this genre.


  9. David says:

    What about Max? James DePaiva?


  10. AlistairCrane says:

    I want Marty and Patrick to return. OLTL really needs to fix the damage they did to Marty.


  11. Brian says:

    what about Oliver Fish ? And Stacey’s baby? Let’s get some info on them… You’d think Marcy would be visiting them., but most of all, Karen Wolak should come and visit Vicki.


  12. JakeLover says:

    I want Joe Lando / Jake to return, especially with Jessica Tuck / Megan back.


  13. Iakovos says:

    Really? More dead people? I would love to see the Woleks and Craigs return but it seems silly now as for 20-plus years no one on the OLTL staff seemed to care. So lighten up on Judith Light everybody.


  14. todd says:

    I have only read good things spoken about her time on OLTL from interviews with Judith Light. She doesn’t seem like a snob at all. I don’t think she is turning her back….I think it is more they don’t have a story for her. She hasn’t been mentioned in 20 years.


  15. liz says:

    I want Dorian!!!! I want Max!!! I would also love to see Larry Wolek & Ed Hall come back. Most of all, I wish that Marco (RIP, Gerald Anthony) could come back.

    Hey what about having Bobby Blue (Blair Underwood’s breakout roll) come back as a judge or something? Just a thought.


  16. Joe says:

    Seriously Prospect Park needs to sign Robin Strasser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wants to do it too!!!!! Also want MAX HOLDEN BACK!!!! HELLOOOOOO! He is a legacy character too! Thrilled about Tina, Gabrielle and Megan! Though! But why is it we never see Megan with her very close sister Sarah Gordon in heaven?!?!?! Make it happen Ron!


  17. Heather says:

    Just give me Trevor St John and Robin Strasser, please!!!!!!!!


  18. Penny says:

    Would love to see Joe Lando. Since I have never had an opportunity to watch soap operas in the past, I would make a point of watching if Joe Lando returned.
    He is such a talented actor and so handsome. Would be FANtastic.


  19. Torrey says:

    If they’re going to bring Mitch Laurence back, then why not bring back one of the best villains in OLTL history….Carlo Hesser, especially since we have Tina and Cord back on the show. Would love to see them mix it up before the finale.


  20. Jan says:

    i got nothing…everyones said it one way or another


  21. Pat B says:

    I an thrilled Mitch is coming back! He is and always will be the best villain in soap opera history! Having Mitch (Roscoe Born) on the show is a breath of fresh air. They seriously need to give Roscoe a four year contract. It’s sad that Roscoe only stay’s for three month stint’s.


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