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0 October 24th, 2009 More on Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan’s romance and appearance on B&B!

Jordan_and_Jeff.jpgMore press this week for Big Brother’s real-life couple, Jordan Lloyd season 11 winner, and America’s Favorite Houseguest, Jeff Schroeder in this feature at which talks about their romance and previews their appearance this coming week on The Bold and the Beautiful!

EW: What was it like doing The Bold and the Beautiful?

Jordan When CBS told us about it, I was so scared because I had never acted before. When I found out I just had a little bit of lines …I was still freaking out. I had one sentence but I studied it for three hours. Jeff was making fun of me about it. I play Donna’s best friend.

Jeff I don’t know who I am.

Jordan He’s just like the announcer. You know when you go to prom and there’s a DJ guy who normally announces the prom king and queen? It’s an ’80s flashback.

Jeff We’re not together in the show. We could be. We could make up some characters. We just had one line each and we did it in one afternoon. They did hair and makeup. Jordan’s hair was out of control and I looked like a pirate. It was fun, though.

Make sure to watch The Bold and the Beautiful Tuesday, October 27th for the duo’s acting debut!

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