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0 March 16th, 2010 More on Julianne Moore’s upcoming ATWT appearance!

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Showbiz 411 caught up with Julianne Moore at the premiere of the motion picture, Chloe last night, and this is what she, and Showbiz 411 had to say about Julianne’s upcoming guest stint on As the World Turns.

“The menschy Moore also pays a rare visit to her alma mater, the CBS soap “As the World Turns,” on April 5th, to help celebrate her fictional parents’ (Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays) anniversary and give a nod to the 54 year old soap’s scheduled end this fall. Moore won a Daytime Emmy playing lookalike cousins on the show. She will only play one for the return. What happened to the other one? “I’m not in touch with her,” the four time Oscar nominee quipped at the “Chloe” premiere last night in New York. She says she loved being reunited with her soap family, including 92 year old show matriarch Helen Wagner, who plays her grandmother. “She’s still giving us acting tips,” Moore recalls.

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