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19 May 10th, 2013 MORE One Life to Live Takes You Behind The Scenes Of The Writer’s Room!


In today’s installment of MORE One Life to Live, the series takes the viewers for a short glimpse into the writer’s room of One Life!

Head writer, Thom Racina, staff writer, Jessica Klein and the rest of the team chime in to discuss the pace, complexities, and fun of creating story and dialogue for the characters you love to see every day in Llanview!

In addition, this week’s interviews feature Melissa Archer (Natalie) and Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey) who talk about how both their characters will be getting somewhat edgier in the weeks to come.

And, there are some teaser clips for next week’s episodes including ones that have Victor telling Tea he has to leave Llanview, Dani and Matthew playing around which could lead to romance, and Clint surprising Viki with a proposition!

Watch MORE One Life to Live after the jump, then let us know what you thought of it!

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  1. jimh says:

    I hope both OLTL and AMC continue but ive already lost interest in both shows. Great characters, nice sets and the music is ok but for me they just havent renewed my interest. I plan to watch a few more episodes of OLTL and ill take a peak at AMC to see Billy Clyde again but thatll be it for me! Just not interested in a serial that cares more about how edgier it can be with the love scenes and all the cursing instead of writing compelling drama! OLTL has its good moments but there just isnt enough to hold my interest at this time. That could change in the future but ill have to wait and see! GH is still the soap for me!


    Enrique Buenrostro replied

    wow… just wow….


    ron replied

    I’m happy I don’t have to watch GH anymore now that my shows are back. The only reason i watched it was for the oltl characters. I love that these shows are edgier and i think AMC is better that it’s been in years. The writing and acting on that show is fantastic and the cast of oltl is awesome.


  2. Dmitri says:

    Glad the soaps are back on air, but I don’t watch them. Perhaps I will soon. I have no interest in giving my ratings to DOOL right now. Now THAT is terrible writing!


    Jovin replied

    I agree. DAYS is just a mess right now. Storylines go nowhere, characters make no sense, there is no one to root for. Someone hire Lorraine Broderick as HEAD Writer…she will fix it.


  3. scott says:

    Gh is a boring hot mess with plot not character driven story. Ill take oltl and amc anyday….lov them


  4. TRW says:

    Really? It’s better than ever to me


    rebecca replied

    agree with you TRW. loving General Hospital!


  5. Razz says:

    I am not digging AMC at all at this time. It is so apparent that they are directing that show towards 20′s/30′s something and since I’ve been there and done that I don’t see any reason to live vicariously through a soap. I gave it 8 eppie’s and now I am done.

    OLTL I will stick with as long as Trevor St. John is on the canvas but as soon as he is gone which I believe will be next week I’ll be done watching until he returns. I am not interested in tnb for the up tenth time the rest of the cast just bore me. Again a bunch of 20/30 something.

    It is great that the shows were able to make a come back and I do hope there are enough 20/30 something interested enough for them to make here to stay but for this 50 something I think they will remain cancelled.


    ron replied

    What is wrong with them trying to reach new viewers? If we want the shows around for more decades they need new generations of viewers. And i don’t care what you say AMC is off the chain right now!


    rebecca replied

    Ron…there’s nothing wroing with trying to reach new viewers as long as you don’t turn off and discard the original, loyal ones who fought to get these shows back. There are a lot of people in all age groups who like the revived shows…but at the same time there is a sizeable amount who don’t. Considering that the ones who don’t were all looking forward to the return…there is obviously something wrong that is alienating so many of us.

    Now it’s a matter of whether PP cares and makes changes…or if their ratings are so great that they could care less.

    Razz replied

    I’m see nothing but wanna be adults who are actually spoiled rotten brats thinking they can make it out in the world that don’t have clue.

    IMO Tea should have toss Dani out on her a%% the day she got home and totally cut her off of any financial funds which is something I hope she does now that the ungrateful little brat has left. But stupidly Todd is there buying his way into the brat’s life as well as Jack.

    I didn’t allow my children to act as spoiled rotten brats and I don’t enjoy watching spoiled rotten ungrateful brats on a soap. Bo should knock some sense into that worthless son of his and make that brat own up to his responsibility. Clint was the only one from what I could see that actually told that brat what a worthless piece of crap he is and then the whole time I was like WTH! Clint you’re a fine one to talk.

    Seriously really having Clint of all people to lecture Matthew on claiming a son and having Clint practically begging Nasty Nat to returned home to him and Vicky and they will pay for everything. What the hell was wrong with that picture?

    OMG! let that nasty twit fend for herself, raise and support her own kid, and get a clue as to what life is really like. Turned me off right then and there.

    Yep so far IMO the adults on these shows are portrayed as stupid and desperate old farts that need their spoiled rotten brats around to give their non-existence life’s a meaning.

    I rather watch paint dry.

  6. Razz says:

    OLTL I will stick with as long as Trevor St. John is on the canvas but as soon as he is gone which I believe will be next week I’ll be done watching until he returns.

    That is if he does returns in some point in time. However I do believe Trevor St. John’s talent is way above a online soap opera but respect he did revive his character to wrap up lose ends. Kudos to Tevor St. John.


  7. Tali ( not Smith) says:

    Nice getting a peak into the writing process. Enjoyed MoreOltl today.


  8. Paul8148 says:

    Denisty needs to beat Matthrew back into a coma


  9. John says:

    Michael I recognize Thom & Jessica. Who are the other writers?


  10. Cathy says:

    So happy to have OLTL back & especially to have Roger Howarth back as Todd in his own habitat. The 1/2 format really works & the pacing has been great so far. No more spending 6 months waiting for significant story movement or payoff. Am interested in where story can go creatively when out from under network dictates. Love the smallish cast which allows focus. Keep Roger Howarth as Todd please! He is still such a linchpin.


  11. Llanviewer717 says:

    I find it interesting that some mature viewers aren’t completely happy with the new direction of the show. I’ve watched OLTL since the first episode in 1968. Yes, I’m 60+ and I can tell you the OLTL we saw before the cancellation was NOT the same as in 1968. It has grown. Story lines and characters have grown, changed and developed over the past 45 years. But, the focus has always been and remains human interactions. Some of those humans are families and some are friends and associates who also live in the town. I see the current show as a continuation of that growth. I have no idea who those two women DJs are nor the man with the tattoos on his face. But, I don’t need to know. The core characters are still complex humans facing life challenges. Viki and Clint, Bo and Nora, Todd, Blair, Victor, Tea, Dorian and David, Natalie are all still there. Matthew, Destiny and Dani are all young adults now and we’ll see what life has in store for them. So what if they are rebelling against their parents. Viki married Joe and Meredith married Larry over Victor’s objection. Jeffrey looks interesting too. I don’t get bogged down the with short skirts and undulating bodies in Shelter. That’s what young people do. I did in my day and enjoyed the h— out of it. I’m interested in the stories being told.

    I’m thrilled to have Trevor St. John back. I hope he stays. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to find out about the circular tattoo.


  12. currygirl says:

    I am so happy AMC/OLTL are back and better than ever. The writing is superb and better than ever. I can’t wait until the next day to watch it and never losing interest. The stories are fast past and entertaining. Love Vickie, Natalie, Blair and Todd. On the other hand, losing interest in GH and plan on NOT watching it come Monday and thereafter because of the pickle Lila/Eddie garbage and the Chew crap. I do not watch anything else on this channel so I guess it is Bye Bye ABC


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