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20 November 15th, 2013 More Stitch! Sean Carrigan Lands Contract with The Young and the Restless!

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Sean Carrigan has made quite the impression on the powers-that-be and apparently the viewers of the CBS daytime drama!  Yesterday, Sean tweeted the news that he has been officially put  on contract by the number one soap!

Carrigan said in his tweet, “Thrilled to be on contract at #YR and excited for what is ahead for “Stitch” on @CBSDaytime @YRInsider @YandR_CBS #CBS

So, look for more Stitch, and for the former war vet/medical man to be integrated further into the story in Genoa City!

As you recall, Stitch was introduced as a war buddy of Steve Burton’s Dylan, and was the red-herring in the … “Who’s the bio-son of Nikki Newman drama?”

Now with the new contract, who do you think will truly end up being Stitch’s love interest?  What would you like to see happen for the character?  Are you happy there will be more Stitch time on Y&R?  Comment below!


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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Hope he gets a girfriend named Lilo…Lilo and Stitch…lol


  2. Joshua says:

    Sadly this just means more of Dullan. :(


  3. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Love this casting news! Stitch is an awesome character and Sean a phenomenal actor, so I hope to see him developed more!


  4. Lew S says:

    Sharon? Hey, he’s not a Newman (at least no yet!)


    k/kay replied

    I was thinking the same thing like to see SC with a new love interest and totally new direction. I hope he is not just there to be Dylan’s side kick can we say Spinelli!


  5. David Evan Smith says:

    Kinda awkward to introduce him to the canvas permanently when he has been established as having a wife and child when we first met him on-screen. Might get in the way of the inevitable love interest. Will be difficult to extricate him from that relationship without screen-time to watch it fall apart when the viewer has no investment in his off-screen marriage.


    su0000 replied

    Perhaps his ”wife and child” is a lie :)


    mo replied

    He may be married, but it might not be happy. I don’t really care either way. Too many characters etc. already on the show.


    Mary SF replied

    You don’t need screen time to end a marriage. Don’t know if you watch B&B, but on that show Brooke and Ridge went off on their honeymoon– and she came back alone, and we just “heard” about Ridge and her breaking up– off screen. Also on Days the character Lucas was engaged to this lady Autumn which we never saw, but eventually she ended the relationship– all done off screen. So Stitch could get a letter or e-mail from his wife saying she doesn’t want to move to GC or she met someone else while he has been out of town- on soaps all it takes is one line or two of dialogue to get rid of a character that was never seen, so it will not difficult at all to extricate him from it, if that is the way they go with it.


    David Evan Smith replied

    But we’ve watched Brooke & Ridge for 25 years. Lucas has been on Days for what, since the early 90s? We knew those characters, and even if their relationships ended off-screen, the viewer had a level of investment. In what I think was Stitch’s first episode, he was established as a devoted husband, father, and stand-up war veteran. To integrate him onto the canvas, he ultimately needs to be single, because yes, this cast is too bloated as it is when Summer’s bestie whats-her-name is getting her own story with a love interest and a drug addiction, and that love interest is Victor Newman’s grandson has had less story and character development than the bestie of Summer whose name I can’t even remember.

    NOT extricating Stitch from his marriage means introducing yet ANOTHER character (actually two) we don’t need, the wife, and the child. Establishing him as single just would have simplified a lot of things and left him open to have his role expanded like they ultimately decided to do because the man is smoking hot and can apparently act also. But to remove Stitch from his familial situation means changing something about Stitch which might have made him appealing to the audience in the first place, his nice guy qualities.

    It’s honestly more thought than I ever planned to give the Stitch character anyway, but I guess I’m curious to see what they do about the wife/kid problem.

    Patrick replied

    “…the man is smoking hot and can apparently act”

    The Man is smoking HOT… and can ACT

    he is on FIYAH hot statuesque… boldly reels studly, masculine, sweaty stimuli

    “It’s honestly more thought than I ever planned to give the Stitch character”

    he’s superlative… takes my breath away… give me a chance… I need your show


    he may make up for the BIG miss Carmine.

    Mary SF replied

    You made some valid points and you’re right about Courtney, Summer’s BFF is a huge waste of screen time. No one is invested in her and Noah’s romance– as for Stitch, they might make that new character “Annie” played by CW as his wife. If they did that they wouldn’t need to bring in another new character to play his wife Jenna. As for his son if he were the boy “Annie” mentioned dying– this would mean they wouldn’t the character Max, Stitch’s son either.
    I think part of the problem was JG the old HW did not intend for Stitch to become a permanent character so his early profile was not well thought out. This team seems to like him and so they might have to do some creative explaining– and making Annie his wife would to that. It would tie CW to the canvas and give Stitch a way out of his marriage, since Annie mentioned she was divorced for two months. Also having his marriage break down from a death of a child would preserve his good guy character somewhat– because we can see from Billy and Vicky, it takes a toll on a marriage.
    Anyway if I were HW that is what I do– but if I were HW I wouldn’t be focusing on my attention on new characters either. Thanks for your insights and reply.


    Mary SF replied

    Sorry I meant CW character Kelly could be his wife– why do I want to call her character Annie? Oh well, thought I should correct that before someone wonders who the heck Annie is.


  6. Tori says:

    I like the actor and character and I was disappointed when he did not turn out to be Nikki’s son. I do hope the rumors of him being Nikki next love interest is not true because we all know sooner or later she ends up back with Victor. Jack and Paul are the only former love interest left on the show, all the others were either killed off or left.


  7. Kelly Shimanek Irons says:

    Since Eileen D is returning, it would be nice to see her with a new interest unlike any of her previous guys, the woman needs a decent story cause why she returns to YR is always a mystery to me. She never gets a good story. I could see Sharon with someone new, but frankly Sharon has been so unlikeable to me anyway, I don’t care anymore…lol. Anyway, I see good things for Sean. He seems really likeable.


  8. heidi says:

    I thought he had a wife and kids? I like the character and they can always use a doctor. He will probably be dealing with the Niki illness and with Dylan learning of his bio-mother. He needs to get his family to GC. No need for a relationship with them.


  9. jaybird369 says:

    I had a feeling that Y&R was gonna put Sean Carrigan on-contract…eventually. Not only is SC HOT HOT HOT, but his character of Stitch is WAY MORE WATCHABLE than that dull-as-dishwater Dylan. Dylan=No Thank You. I cannot wait to see how SC’s character of Stitch is gonna interact and all with the rest of the Y&R characters. We shall see………..


  10. Shirley says:

    I thought he was married with 2 kids?


  11. SZima says:

    There’s always a way to eliminate an off-screen family. I’m sure they didn’t think ahead when they wrote his back story, so it’s easy enough to write the family away.
    Or bring them on the show and get rid of some of the other slugs that aren’t as interesting as Stitch!


  12. Joseph says:

    He’s soo hot!
    Although I just saw Young and the Restless today-June 25th 2014 and saw that Stich was having sex with a lady, as we know he’s very sexy wouldn’t it be different if he would have a gay bromance if he didn’t have sex with a lady.
    Sean Carrigan I know you were a Boxer that I am challenging you to a fight!
    So fans, as Michael Buffer would chant “LET’S GET REAAAADY TO RUMBLE”.


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