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28 December 23rd, 2014 More With Melissa Archer Video Interview & Behind The Scenes At Her DAYS Digs!

Photo Credit: MF Soaps, Inc.

Yesterday, we posted at On-Air On-Soaps our brand new feature interview with Days of our Lives newest arrival, former One Life to Live favorite, Melissa Archer.

The fiery redhead is now Salem’s Serena Mason, who comes to town for a multitude of reasons as the story begins to reveal itself.   But chief among those reasons is to see if she can rekindle the flame between herself and Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan).  Only from the looks of it, she’s got a major roadblock already… Nicole Walker! (Arianne Zucker)

In addition to the chat you read, we also sat down for an on-camera conversation with more of the interview with Melissa where she discusses the difficulties in making a new on-screen love story when there has been no history prior to that played on screen, what it’s like working with Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker, how she got the role of Serena on DAYS, and lots of fun moments.

After the video chitchat, Melissa and Michael Fairman went on tour of her new DAYS digs! From Melissa’s dressing room, to an impromptu conversation in the hallway with Arianne Zucker, to chatting about dressing Melissa from DAYS costume designer Richard Bloore, to meeting up with DAYS make-up artist Jeremy in the hair and make-up room, we got our own mini-tour of this former Llanview residents new soap home!

Now after the jump watch our sit-down video interview with Melissa, and then our behind-the-scenes visit at Days of our Lives with her! Then share your thoughts:  Are you willing to give Eric and Serena’s romance a try to see if you will come to root for the couple?  Do you want Nicole with Eric, no matter what?  Are you happy to see Melissa in her new digs?  Comment below!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    OMG! I LOOOVED THIS! Thank you so much for the interview and tour.

    Love having MA in Salem. DOOL is my favorite soap since OLTL’s sad demise. Seeing Melissa and Kassie, along with all of the Day’s vets just makes my day. Looking forward to seeing all the upcoming storylines.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Would love to see AZ’s Nicole and MA’s Serena become besties. Nicole needs a friend. I’ll buy the martinis.


  2. Lois says:



  3. Phil says:

    I liked Melissa on OLTL, but so far I am loving her on DAYS…I know I am in the minority. I am willing to give her and Eric a chance. I am over Eric and Nicole anyway. Not that I want Nicole and Daniel together…no prefer Nicole with Brady. Also, can we assume that since Serena mentioned her mother that her Mom may be on the way to Salem? If so, please Corday I know that it may be tempting to seek out Erika Slezak, and I adore her, but please go after Marj Dusay instead! Lure her out of retirement. She would be awesome on this show!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wouldnt mind Robin Strasser as Serena’s mom…Robin should play Lee Dumonde who was involved with Stephano in the early 1980s and is Dougs ex wife…Serena could turn out to be Lee and Stephanos daughter…and with Doug and Julie back in Salem could make for great drama…Erika should be Jens mom Laura and Jerry Ver Dorn should be Jens dad Bill Horton…Marj Dusay could play Linda Anderson, the biological mother of Maggies daughter Melissa…Linda could come to Salem looking for another daughter she gave up for adoption who turns out to be Nicole…Faye Walker whom Nicole thought was her mother couldve worked as a maid for Linda and adopted Nicole after Linda put her up for adoption???


  4. Mike says:

    I’m already in the process of giving her a chance and I am not disappointed. Basically, I just like her character. She’s strong, doesn’t take crap, and she’s doing a fantastic job of creating a sense of history with Greg Vaughn’s Eric. I know Greg seemed to give the impression he wasn’t fully on board with this wrapped in a bow relationship, but I hope he knows that he and Melissa have a nice chemistry and if he would just let go a little more in his scenes with her (he’s always so damned reserved), there could be some major sparks. There have been two or three scenes with Serena, where Eric briefly felt really alive – and then he goes back to that bottle-with-a-stopper-in-it control that tends to stifle chemistry.

    And no, i don’t want Eric with Nicole. The idea of that story and their history was interesting, but ultimately, there was no chemistry between them.

    Even if Eric doesn’t wind up with Serena, I like her and think she would work with just about any man on the show – Brady perhaps (and send Melanie over JJ’s way), or I even see a spark with Daniel (who I think hasn’t worked with any woman outside of Kristen).


  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    Can I be of any assistance of MA/DAYS? I can paint her dressing room door and any other doors at DAYS…free of charge!


  6. sleepless says:

    No, nothing against her personally. But Eric and Nicole belong together. No natural chemistry between Serena and Eric in my eyes.
    And I am not a fan of insta or forced fed pairings, all this “happened of camera’ doesn’t make me as an audience member become invested.
    Ericole had real build and amazing chemistry, they made us care by making us a part of their journey. As opposed to the show now just *telling* us we should care and having other characters prop them and say how wonderful she is.
    Also I have no interest in investing in another reelationship for Eric atm when he has been shown to be unforgiving and not loving unconditionally.
    He needs some growth….
    And the writers need to finish what they started with ericole, ans deserved better than them being suddenly dropped.
    Perhaps they can screen test M.A with E.M or G.G….because I don’t see any natural click with G.V JMO….


  7. Marilyn says:

    Nicole and Eric all the way no matter what. . . and soon!


  8. Beth says:

    GV and MA have good chemistry. But this whole romance-off-camera as their backstory is not working for me. I need to see the romance unfold for myself, not be told by two characters, one of whom I’ve never seen before, how wonderful they were as a couple. I’m not a big Ericole fan. That’s not what’s motivating me here. I would like to see two characters meet, fall in love and develop a relationship slowly, and not be thrown together this quickly with so many characters on the show singing the praises of Serena instead of me making my own mind up about her. It’s a hard-sell and I resent it. I wish DOOL had written a different story for Serena, or better yet, had made her a legacy character. Fans actually do value history on this show and creating Serena Mason, who apparently has a strained relationship with her mom, is making me yawn. I’d rather see more Hortons, more Bradys and more Kirikias than a newbie and probably down the line, her mom.


  9. lucy says:

    Eric and Nicole are always the best!
    Although I agree if the ladies want to be friends.


  10. Cathy says:

    I love Eric and Nicole together. They are my favorite couple on the show, and the main reason I watch.
    Sorry but I wont have it any other way.


  11. Kelly says:

    Eric and Nicole are unfinished and I won’t like Eric in another relationship till he lets go of his hate for nicole.


  12. Macy says:

    I ove Melissa Archer on DAYS. She brings a great energy and is so refreshing. Serena and Eric have great chemistry. Eric and Nicole were so dull. I can’t wait to see what her REAL reason for being in Salem is.


  13. Fan says:

    I love the interview with Melissa, and seeing her interact with AZ was nice as well.

    Eric and Serena are gorgeous together, and I’m enjoying their interactions so far.


  14. boes says:

    Melissa Archer has never been better. Frankly, I got tired of her Natalie on OLTL – though I NEVER got tired of OLTL. I’m really enjoying her mature, sexy, older character on Days, and she’s the best thing that’s happened to Eric in forever.

    I love Nicole and wish Show would realize what gold they have in this actress.
    But she and the actor playing Eric have no fire at all IMO. Find Nicole somebody better ASAP.


  15. SW says:

    Such a joy to see her back on screen. She is lovely and I’ve missed her!! Yay!


  16. louisa says:

    Love the behind the scenes interview! Give us more of these Michael. So happy to see Melissa on Days. It is as close to OLTL as we can get at this point.


  17. Kenya says:

    Good interview, Melissa seems sweet and lovely. I like her character so much, excited to see more from her. She looks like the type that would rock any of Salem’s eligible bachelors’ world, sexy, gorgeous and feisty and sure she would work with any of them, like Brady. I’m for Eric and Serena and don’t care that I didn’t see the backstory romance develop onscreen. It’s more than happening for me now, Eric and Serena gel together and are great. They are a beautiful pair. So over Nicole and Eric, they did nothing for me and were depressing. This thing with Serena and Eric is light and refreshing and Serena makes Eric sparkle and I’ve never seen him smile so much. Nicole needs to find somebody new who gets her. Would like to see her and Nicole become friends eventually one day.


  18. Jenn says:

    I am not interested in seeing Eric with anyone, but Nicole. I hope they take Serena in another direction, but until they do I will not be watching her character with Eric. Nicole and Eric have great chemistry and I hope they fix them VERY soon!


  19. Amber says:

    I love Melissa Archer as Serena! I did not know if I would, but she’s great. She has great chemistry with Greg Vaughan! I think she would have great chemistry with other men, too. I agree with the posters above. Nicole and Eric were sooo blah together.


  20. kristen says:

    Michael! I love this interview and so glad you got to take us BTS at days. We rarely get to see the secret happenings only you can bring us. So fun that Ari stopped by and also a peek into wardrobe! You rock Michael…now try to sneak in on some Jarlena action while you are there ;)


  21. Manon says:

    I love Melissa but is it just me or would she not be better paired with Eric Martsof??? I know they are friends in real life and to me Brady and Serena would be so exciting, electric and passionate together


    Sherriese replied

    That would be a great way to go too. She’s sexy, he’s sexy and I think their characters would work together. Better than him and Melanie for sure.


  22. Sherriese says:

    Enjoyed the interview, it was cool seeing her and AZ. Bring on Nicole vs Serena! Melissa Archer has been a great addition and I love Serena so far. Can’t wait to see all parts of Serena! She and Eric are so different from him and Nicole and I am loving the difference! I can’t stop smiling when they’re together in scenes. She’s dynamite and he’s smitten and it shows.


  23. Ann says:

    She is a nice addition to the show, but sorry I don’t see or feel the chemistry between Eric and Serena. They need to put Nicole and Eric back.


  24. Gmbenet says:

    I believe Eric’s happiness in love is ultimately with Nicole. They are good for each other. Right now, don’t want to get into all the reasons why I believe that.

    However, I am also enjoying Eric with Serena right now. It brings a breath of fresh air into the Eric-Nicole story. I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner with the “Nicole hides evidence from Eric” plot. Bringing in Serena is a nice way to create time to rethink the Eric-Nicole relationship – if there is to be one.

    The “I can’t forgive Nicole” thing is not working for me because it is not being properly dealt with. Eric must come to the realization that Nicole is the reason he can no longer be celibate. Celibacy is at the root of Eric’s frustration! In time, the writers need to address this issue head on and do it justice.

    In the meantime, I am enjoying the journey to wherever the Eric-Nicole-Serena story ends up. I hope the writers get this one right.

    I like Melissa as Serena. Happy for her getting a job in Salem and wish her the best.


  25. Vishi says:

    Hey Michael! Thanks for such a great interview & tour! I absolutely am a huge fan of Melissa’s! She is doing an awesome job. I haven’t watched Days since the 70s, and started watching since Melissa came on to the show! She is doing a great job as usual, and love that her character is so strong & gorgeous! Love her & GV together. Hope they continue on with this couple, as the mysteries unfold.


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