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17 July 17th, 2014 Nadia Bjorlin and New Beau Grant Turnbull and DAYS Jen Lilley and Hubby Jason Wayne Step Out At the ESPYS After Party!

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While the biggest names in sports got all duded up for the Annual ESPN ESPY Awards last night in Los Angeles, a few of your favorite soap stars made their presence known too!

After the ESPYS were presented, The Palm Restaurant was host to the ESPYS AfterShow Dinner Party where Days of our Lives Jen Lilley (Theresa) and her husband Jason Wayne made their arrivals, as well as former Days of our Lives and current Venice star, Nadia Bjorlin with her boyfriend, Grant Turnbull.

For those who are not yet familiar with Turnball:  He is originally from Belfast in North of Ireland, and is a model and an actor and can be found on Twitter at @grantio1985

Grant also apparently makes a mean drink and is a bartender extraordinare … a Mixologist!

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The ESPN AfterShow Party was hosted by boxing great Evander Holyfield along with the Playboy Playmates who joined forces to help benefit Southern California Chapter of Susan B. Komen breast cancer charity with this  party immediately following the broadcast of The ESPY Awards on ESPN!

So what do you think about Nadia and her new boyfriend Grant Turnbull … and Jen and her husband Jason? Sexy, cute couples indeed!



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  1. Mo says:

    Nadia and Brandon broke up???!!!!


    abby replied

    when did Nadia and Brandon break up?? how much did that have to do with her mommie dearest??? I watched them on Dirty Soap and he was pretty good to put up with all the crap that he did…since she has apparently moved on already, whats the dish on Brandon??


    Mo replied

    Yes, is Brandon now available? ;-)

    William replied

    She dumped Brandon Beemer for him??!!! Girl is cray cray!!!

    jaybird369 replied

    William…dude…my thoughts exactly!!!!! As for Nadia…I give her and that Grant Turnbull fella (and their, um, relationship…yawn) 6 months or less.

    Tamera replied

    Her new boyfriend is WAY hotter! :)


  2. Sissy says:

    Nadia’s gorgeous! I guess I’m out of the loop…I thought she was still dating Brandon Beemer!


  3. Sheryl Postin says:

    They are both very attractive couples


  4. Chris says:

    What happened to Brandon Beemer, Michael? I had no idea that he and Nadia Bjorlin broke up!


  5. Jake NJ says:

    When did Nadia and Brandon stop dating?


  6. denisefan says:

    What happened to Brandon Beemer?


  7. Elite Advisors says:

    Nadia is so stunning…. I had no idea she and Brandon split, let alone have another boyfriend… never heard a thing about it… I recall her mom was a bit overbearing from that reality show they did…maybe she finally got her way…?


  8. jackie says:

    wow nice looking couples


  9. imaneassi says:

    I suspected that they had broken up but had no proof if it.I don’t know if that reality show had anything real but it was pretty obvious that it couldn’t last forever between them….they’re too different.Good luck to both of them.And Nadia’s new man is gorgeous as well.


  10. Tsuds says:

    guess Nadia finally listened to her mother and let Brandon go… he was not good for her.. … he did not treat her right… I hope Brandon finally gets some lessons on how to treat a woman right!


  11. Ellie says:

    Nadia and Grant got engaged this weekend. He took her to Ireland for her birthday and proposed there as well


  12. Angie says:

    When is the beautiful nadia and grant getting married. I would love to her one day. I love her beautiful smile. She is so stunning and beautiful in and outside. I hope to see her back on the venice. Lots of love angie. Xxx


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