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18 July 27th, 2011 Nadia Bjorlin discusses her departure from Days of our Lives & new beginnings!

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Many long time Days of our Lives fans were extremely disheartened to hear the news that Nadia Bjorlin had been written out of the NBC soap to make way for the new reset version of the series to debut in late September.  Bjorlin, who for over a decade played Chloe Lane had more twists and turns thrown at her during her run, that soap fans were left bewildered at times at what the writers were thinking!  In recent months, the show had Chloe as a prostitute! That was a far cry from the endearing “Ghoul Girl”, who we all knew that underneath those glasses and frumpy sweater was a raving beauty!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Nadia at the season three Venice kick-off on Sunday night and we discussed:  how she felt about Chloe’s  ending, her final days on the set, what she would have liked to see happen for her beleaguered character, those amazing fans who have followed her on the show and elsewhere, and what is next in her blooming career.  So without further ado, here is what Nadia had to say about it all!

Nadia Bjorlin: “Days of our Lives has been such an amazing huge part of my life and I will always be so grateful to them. It would have been 12 years come this October for me on the show as that is when I started working there. I loved playing “Ghoul Girl”. And I adore Chloe and all of her faults as well. Realistically, I was not happy towards the end. OK, I was not happy at all. I felt it was really out of character for Chloe to end up this way. I tried my best to redeem her, but sometimes as an actress there is only so much you can do. But I have always adored the place and everyone who works there.

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We had to tape these party scenes my last week of work, and it kind of felt appropriate.  I mean, we were doing a little celebrating as well at work. Just the fact that everyone was there and I could go to lunch with them, or some nights because we were working late I got to go to dinner with them and so that made it special.  It felt very nostalgic and like the good ole’ days of the long working hours. It was fun to talk to everybody and have a proper goodbye.

On one level it does feel like the end of an era, but it does not feel like the end for me. Never say never on Days of our Lives and off screen, all of these people will continue to be in my life. And you never know what is going to happen. I was completely touched by how many people sent so much love and support on Twitter. Fans sent flowers, chocolates, and cakes and foods, and frankly, I was ill by Friday night from all the sugar I had been consuming. (Laughs)  It was a nice last day that is for sure.

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I think my last airdate is September 28th, and they leave it very open ended for Chloe.  It was kind of sweet that my last scene was with Brady and it was kind of a full circle moment.  Eric Martsolf (Brady) and I were kind of joking that, “For four years they have kept us apart and we never even spoke with each other!” (Laughs)  But at least now at the very end they do connect in some way.  I would have liked to have seen Brady and Chloe truly reconnect.  I think that would have been appropriate and fun. I think there was a story there that was not told.  I felt regardless if you are a Broe or Phloe fan; neither story got its chance. Right as Phillip and Chloe got reconnected, Jay Johnson (Ex-Phillip) left the show, and right after that, I am leaving the show. So, I never really got to explore the good ole’ days of that love triangle with Phillip and Brady.  I was hoping that would be in the cards, but it wasn’t.

But I am really excited about all the new projects I am working on! I am going to do a movie in August, and have been cast as one of the three leads in an independent film that is a romantic comedy. It is called Divorce Invitation with Jonathan Bennett, Jamie-Lyn Sigler and Elliot Gould.  It is an awesome cast. There are other things on the horizon right now.  I think very shortly there will be announcement involving another show I am involved as well.   And of course, I am so excited about season three of Venice and playing Lara.  So good things are happening!”

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  1. Soap_Stud says:

    I believe Chloe needs some time off from the canvas. Unfortunately, Dena Higley ruined the character and despite Nadia’s best efforts, there wasn’t much that could be done to save her. I do think there will be a time for Chloe to return to Salem and my fingers will be crossed that it will be Nadia playing her. Thanks for all the great years of entertainment, Nadia. Best of luck!


  2. Imane Assi says:

    I’m so gonna miss you and Chloe.But will folow you wherever you go.You’re so talented,so only good things for you in the future and who knows maybe Chloe will be back soon,by the end of the year,but the real Chloe.Love you Nadia


  3. Star says:

    I’d love to see Nadia cast on BOLD and BEAUTIFUL! What an excellent addition she would be! Let’s see her go after Jackie’s man, Owen (Nadia’s REAL LIFE man.) What a great love triangle THAT would be!


  4. Leigh Schinaia says:

    I am going to Miss Nadia, but no Broe reunion there Nad. Phloe first, but she is right both were ruined for fans, not to mention destroying Chloe’s character. There is one thing for a new direction of a character But for all of us who grew up with Nadia/Chloe is was beyond insulting to see her bottom out into prostitution.

    Truly Nadia is better off. I would love to see her in movies, and singing. Her talent is too glorious to waste on Days. She needs to sing, onward my song bird. We will miss you, but see you again soon.


    Leigh Schinaia replied

    LOL she didn’t even mention Danloe fans, oh well. You cannot have everything guys.


  5. Rebekah says:

    So sucks they never put Philip and Chloe back together. They deserve their shot! They’ve never had a wedding or even said I love you to one another. I hate what Higley turned Chloe into. Hopefully she’ll be back in the future and the show can fix what Higley did!


  6. Chrissie says:

    Chloe and Nadia’s performance as “Ghoul Girl” is what got me hooked to Days all those years ago. But, onward to bigger and better things for Nadia, including Venice. :)


  7. Ellie says:

    Hi Nadia,
    I am so sad that you are leaving “Days”, but looking forward to seeing you in other projects.
    Keep up the good work and maybe you will be “back” on Days…take care and all the best to you. You are beautiful not only on the outside, but inside too!


  8. dfcrutch says:

    Nadia is so right, the writers got it so wrong when it came to Chloe…. Making Chloe a call girl was not the way to go. Come on writers, this girl was married to one of the richest men in town, had a baby with another, and the ex-wife of a doctor. No one is buying her as a call girl. If that is the best writing you can do for Chloe someone needs to go back to school…or better yet let me write for you because I could have written a great story that the viewers would have LOVED! Writers were a bunch of Hacks! I’m glad they were all FIRED!


  9. Summer says:

    Loved that her last scenes are with Brady! YAYYY

    I think she will be back and the stronger character she was!

    They really screwed over Broe fans. They barely acknowledged each other, esp after the love story they had. What a slap in the face to this fanbase.


  10. kellirue says:

    I have to agree with Nadia, it would have been uber cool and all kinds of awesome to see Broe explored…so much story to tell with them and what happened in Vienna!! Love the chemistry between EM and NB. A triangle between Phloe and Broe could have been interesting so I get Nadia’s take on that too.
    I will miss Nadia so much but it sounds like she is on to bigger and better things so just perhaps this was her time to go. I would love to see her back again on Days, but only with a writer that will actually put the time and effort into learning and showing the audience why we love Chloe! Wish Nadia all the Best!


  11. Brian T says:

    Danloe was a Higley creation so she is probably trying to forget that. I am bummed that we never got our Broe or Phloe reunion. I liked both pairings and there was so much that could have been done with both of these. Sadly Higley messed up and Corday just allowed it to happen. Good luck to Nadia, I will forever be a fan and follow her with whatever she does.


  12. Ana says:

    I loved this interview with Nadia and I am so happy that her last scenes are with Brady as they should be in my opinion. Broe just always had it.

    I do believe that Nadia will be back on Days and Chloe will be back to the strong and independent person she was before Higley ruined her.


  13. KESM says:

    Good for Nadia for speaking out on how Chloe ended up. What Higley did and why the producers allowed this to happen to her is just beyond stupid! The woman had 3 fan bases! Higley made Phloe a drunken ons instead of putting any heart into it. I just don’t understand why they hired a handsome actor and made him pimp Chloe out! Disgusting! I’m so mad at this story for one and now that Corday finally fired Higley, the new writers won’t get a chance to fix the damage! Why did Corday allow this story to start then say Days fans don’t want prostitution/drug stories? Obviously he does not know the day to day workings. The ratings were in the toilet way before these stories were on anyway.

    I think Nadia is handling this well. She laid low on twitter for a few days and resisted the temptation to respond to her outraged fans. (me for one) This interview she said what she had to say without sounding bitter and full of herself. Glad to hear she was not happy with Chloe prostituting herself at the end. They talk so much trash on twitter you never know. lol


    Beth replied

    I’m so angry over this storyline that I don’t want to watch ever again. Like you say, why hire a handsome actor and then have him pimp Chloe out? What was the point of that?? Its insane, disgusting, and then the writers don’t even allow Nadia much airtime to explore the horror her character is experiencing. As for Ken Corday – he greenlit a storyline that allowed Chloe to be pimped out as her so-called “hero” Daniel is in a new romance and being called the most amazing guy to ever walk the planet. One or the other please, throw Chloe into a nightmare sure, its a soap opera, but don’t cut from Daniel being told how great he is to Chloe desperately trying to get out of having sex with a “john.” The thing that makes me truly disgusted is how Chloe is burnt at the stake while other characters get free passes for doing the same thing or worse. Will Chloe be considered a rape victim when this comes out, as it surely must, or will she be painted as a tramp who asked for it? I have no respect for the departed writing/producing team.


  14. jack says:

    It is Days loss that Nadia was written out. She is not only the most beautiful woman on the planet, but she is a good actress who was unable to show her talants on Days. Hopefully she will get her chance to shine . I still think that she should be Wonder Woman. She would be amazing. Lynda Carter would have to take a back seat when the day Nadia play’s Wonder Woman. I wish Nadia all the best.


  15. Beth says:

    Very nice interview, I’m happy that Nadia has such wonderful opportunities with producers who clearly see that she is an amazing & talented performer who should not be wasted the way Days wasted her. Days deserves every bit of the bad ratings they’ve been getting ever since the spring of 2010, and the all time lows they’ve been hitting this year – I think you can say the terrible way Chloe was treated contributed to the ratings crash. There is more to Days of our Lives than Sami, Carly, Melanie and Nicole. Trashing a much loved character, over and over and over again, turning her into the whipping boy of the show, was a very bad move. Sure there are message board posters who hate Chloe, but there are a ton of people who love her. Why please those who hate a character and spit in the faces of those who love Chloe? This show is a joke, I hope that somehow the new writers can fix the disaster the old team created. Once Chloe is gone, I will not be paying attention to Days. Its really not worth my time.


  16. lisa says:

    I am heartbroken!!! I remember the old BROE and PHLOE days and from the moment Brady and Chloe were divorced i knew it wouldn’t be the same. I’m definately not happy with Chloe’s character now (prostitutin) and I was holding out hope that her and Brady would somehow find themselves together again, but now with her leaving the show, i doubt i’ll even watch it anymore. The phloe Broe triangle was the only reason i kept watching! I’ll MISS U NADIA!!!


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