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29 August 17th, 2015 Nadine Nicole Returning To The Young And The Restless!

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At this past Saturday’s The Young and the Restless Fan Club Event 2015, Nadine Nicole was introduced to the crowd along with Kristoff St. John (Neil), Bryton James (Devon), and Angell Conwell (Leslie).

Those in attendance also learned that Nadine would be returning to the CBS Daytime soap opera to reprise her role of Gwen Randall starting on the September 9th episode.

As viewers know, Devon kind of set Gwen up as a diversion tactic so know one would be on to his feelings towards Hilary (Mishael Morgan).  But after finding out how Hevon hurt Neil, Gwen was pretty pissed off.

Will Gwen and Neil work together to make Hevon suffer?  Will Gwen be the next woman in Neil’s life who truly stands a chance at winning his heart?  Will she try to get Devon back in bed?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. JustSaying says:

    I was wondering if she would return. I hope she has a better storyline than before. Or at least build up on the previous story.

    At least she has potential with Joe, if not Neil.


    Harry replied

    Isn’t she too young for Neil? Can Neil please stop lusting after women who are young enough to be paired up with Duh Yawn?


    JustSaying replied

    Age is just a number. Ha!

    Lucia replied

    Thank you, Harry. Well said. I know they can’t bring back Dru but they need to do SOMETHING that gives Neil’s character some credibility. It’s just pathetic. I know he looks young, but this is ridiculous.

    su0000 replied

    hey Harry..
    I never liked Niel he gives me the yucks..
    I can only hope Dylan and his police gun will have a combat PTSD spell and open fire on Neil lol :)
    that would be the best ”do something with his/Neil’s character” plan ..

    SZima replied

    LOL “su0000″! I don’t care for Neil either!

    My thought was that Neil and Nikki would have an affair and Victor would have him ‘eliminated’.

  2. Bart says:


    Perhaps one could rustle up some enthusiasm if 1) her character was memorable (she wasn’t) & 2) Chuck Pratt wasn’t writing it.

    This show has enough unnecessary characters – it doesn’t need anymore to add to the mess Chuck Pratt & Jill Farren Phelps have made of “Y & R”.


    april replied

    So true about excess unnecessary characters taking time away from stalwarts we prefer to see.


    k/kay replied

    Agree as long as this show revolves around making Steve Burton the star I guess he is now going to be a cop. Victor always wins Dr. Cliff Warner disguised as Jack Abbott always loses the desire for me to watch again is gone.


    MBmomof3 replied

    I just can’t with Steve Burton. Dylan being a cop is as ridiculous as Dylan being Nikki and Paul’s son. You can connect him to all the best characters and storylines and he is still boring. I strongly support veterans but making him an insta-cop because of his military background is ridiculous. The audience knows that. Why don’t TPTB?

    Harry replied

    And Paul and Dylan just talk about Dylan joining the police force and do not mention all the cadet training he would need to complete first.
    One can’t just apply for a job as a police officer as if it were fast food job.

    Chrystie Delancey replied


    I think it is going to turn into POLICE ACADEMY: CITIZENS ON PATROL. That is the only way to justify him skipping the (long) process at a police academy.

    Then again, the way the cops act in Genoa City, I suspect they get their police training online and their badges come out of a gumball machine.

    Geoffrey-Martin Cyr replied

    I’m with you, Bart … I think of Neil as Genoa City’s answer to ‘Charlie Brown’; a perpetual loser at everything his life touches (unlucky at life, career, love and family). He’s always the first to get up on his soapbox to pontificate and grandstand about his lofty opinion of himself and his views; makes me constantly want someone on canvas to yell “Go sit down, no one asked you ANYTHING!” This revenge plot is yawn-inducing; I hope he falls and falls HARD! (Maybe he could join Dru/Victoria Rowell over the cliff for a time-out?!


  3. Timmm says:

    WOW, the ratings will go through the roof!


  4. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Gwen has the potential of becoming what Roxanne was to Devon with Neil, a.k.a. a part-time girlfriend that makes a handful of appearances throughout a single calendar year.


    Ashleigh replied

    Wow, you nailed that one!!!


    MBmomof3 replied

    That would be fine with me. Neil has a terrible track record with women and needs to take a break for awhile IMO. An off-screen girlfriend would be best.


  5. MBmomof3 says:

    I’d rather see Jill and Gloria return. That said, I like Gwen. However, all the beautiful, talented women in the world does not make Darvon, I mean, Devon, interesting. I FFd almost all of yesterday’s episode. Devon, Cane and Lilly are snoozeworthy. And Neil needs to stop giving his permission to Devon and Hillary. They’ve clearly moved on. He should too. (I could see Neil and Nikki together for a bit. Gwen can do better than Neil.)

    Y&R is the best daytime soap right now IMO.


  6. april says:

    Snore…unless they better her character.


  7. Rob says:

    Maybe she will peel off her face and be Patty Williams underneath.

    No dumber than whats been airing.


    Chrystie Delancey replied



  8. Mary SF says:

    I don’t mind new characters, but I do dislike floaters. Floaters are characters that come and go, and are there just there fill in a blank space in the plot because writers have lost the art of how to connect the core characters to each other.

    Sometimes a floater will become a real character, such as Ben, who was a floater to be a friend for Dylan when he needed to talk to someone other than Avery who was the only person in town he knew at the time. Courtney was a floater who was just there to be a teen pal for Summer to whine to.

    Back in the day, new characters were created with a purpose and background already decided– more and more floaters are turned into characters and writers then make up a background for them as they go and we can tell .

    So now they are bringing back Gwen– is she going to be a floater or are they really going to squeeze into the canvas? If she going to be a real character at least tied her to the history of the show– if they are never going to recast Dru, perhaps Gwen could be her child. Maybe Dru survived the fall and forgot who she was and had a whole other family and we find out Gwen is her daughter– after Neil marries her, because Neil wants to marry every woman he dates.


  9. damien says:

    i really like gwen, thought she was beautiful and charismatic!
    angell conwell, leslie, was also at the fan club?! does that mean leslie will also return?! loved leslie and her bro tyler! still hoping tyler comes back for either lily, abby or mariah!


  10. su0000 says:

    I would rather have a fresh new character/Gwen on my screen the worn out Victoria, Summer, and Sharon.. gawd those women are stale as uncapped 3 day old hot beer .
    Soaps need new to keep rollin’ ..

    I’m tired of same 15 characters on my screen for ‘decades’ , they have become tiresome/snore.


  11. Derrick says:

    Really liked her!


  12. Mateo says:

    Just what Y&R needs is another nothing character taking up more space and time. I read on the Y&R site that they are introducing more useless characters. Their cast is big enough. What they need is more focus with the characters they already have. And since when did Y&R become the Dylan McAvoy show? I swear JFP is poking the actor who plays him. Allegedly. HEHE…. Since he came on the landscape he has bedded every single woman with the exception of Hilary and Abbey. I mean c’mon now. And please God get rid of Joe Clark, he is useless now that Avery is gone.


  13. jake says:

    Never been a Dylan fan…Now he comes with his power trip as if he’s a cop and telling everyone what to do becuz Daddy Paul gave him a go ahead. Paul is going lose Dylan as fast as he lost Ricky if he doesn’t quit!


  14. Cathy says:

    Know one???


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