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7 August 31st, 2010 Nancy Hughes Dies and Tribute Episode today on ATWT!- Watch Clips!

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So, we are now officially off and running to the countdown to the finale of As the World Turns and it all kicked off with the death of beloved Nancy Hughes and today’s episode filled with clips, memories, and small and subtle remembrances of the the matriarch of the Hughes Family.  With most of the central Hughes extended family interspersed throughout  the tribute episode, it utilized historical footage from Helen Wagner’s time and legacy on the soap.

From an emotional Tom Hughes to Katie losing someone who understood the devastating loss of  Brad,  (Nancy told Katie she till spoke with her husband, Chris ,years after he had died) to Casey’s remembrances of Nancy telling him to keep her ring and give it to the girl of his dreams, and to that touching montage of Chris and Nancy Hughes with Don McLaughlin saying, “There’s only one Nancy in the whole world.”  There was enough here for many long time fans to tug at their heartstrings.   While, it’s not the episode perhaps everybody had hoped they might see, since it was less about grieving, and more about remembering all the good, and focusing on the positive Nancy did for her family, and for others in need.   It’s  nearly impossible task to do justice to Wagner in only one episode.   Perhaps, this could have gone on longer.  The burial scenes was held off-camera, and that may have been where fans may have felt robbed.   This year will go down as the year we lost one soap legend after another.   You can watch the full video episode by going clicking here to view at

After the jump we have posted the last two video segment of the show, with two tender Nancy moments! Were you happy or unhappy with the Tribute episode?  Let us know!

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  1. Doe says:

    All these scenes are wonderful memories of ATWT and Nancy Hughes. The show has done everyone proud and it is another great loss for daytime soaps. Thanks for putting up the videos so I could reminisce.


  2. AMANDA says:

    The memorial for Nancy was heart warming and tastefully done. I am so sad and dissapointed that As The World Turns is ending. I have watched this show since I was in college 30 years ago.

    Shame on CBS for ending this legendary soap that entertained many long term viewers for 60 plus years

    Best wishes to the wonderful actors, producers and writers.


    Ray replied

    It was Formula 101 for paying tribute to character/actor at their death. Announce her death 15 seconds before the end of one episode and give her a whole hour (gosh) the next day. The woman spends 54 years on the show and they think she’s worth one hour. No funeral. No Penny and Don (guess they were tied up), no Ellen, no Andy, Franny, etc. and no mention of any of them either.
    I have a theory. Proctor and Gamble would not pay to have them back, or to have other actors from Oakdale all on the same show–too much money. Instead, brush her death off in one hour, then get back to Luke’s love life. Lousy tribute. Lousy writing. Lousy decisions by P&G.


  3. Brian says:

    Thanks for posting the clips, Michael. They warmed my heart!


  4. Craig says:

    She didn’t want to have a big funeral that’s what she wanted. But yes they should have brought back Penn, Don, Ellen and Long forgotten characters, were lucky what we got.


  5. AMANDA says:

    I disagree with Ray. Obviously, the show is being canceled for financial reasons. We would not expect all of Nancy’s relatives and friends of many years to suddenly appear for her Memorial. It would have been great, but obviously not financially possible.

    I feel the Memorial was done tastefully considering what they have to work with budget wise at the present time.

    I do agree that Luke’s love life should not have been in-corporated the day of her Memorial show.


  6. Kaycee says:

    Is there any possibility that the early shows can be recorded & sold as DVD’s? My ATWT memories reach back to the 50′s when my mom started watching it. How about a Classic Soaps channel, similar to TVLand?? A dedicated cable channel for classic episodes of ATWT, Guiding Light, Dark Shadows, Edge of Night, etc., etc., would be fantastic.


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