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10 September 7th, 2014 Nancy Lee Grahn Teases Her Mystery Project Involving GH That Will Be On ABC.Com!


Two-time Daytime Emmy winner Nancy Lee Grahn has been teasing for a few weeks a new fun project she has been working on that is set to launch soon!

The fan favorite who by day plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital has been busy shooting the project with none other than comedians: Jimmy Pardo, Jen Kober, and  Sarah Colonna, who often appeared as a roundtable guest on E’s Chelsea Lately!

In some twitter pictures over the last few days, Nancy has shown that GH’s Jason Thompson (Patrick), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) have clearly visited the set of the project, as has Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks)! So what’s going down? From the looks of this image with Jason Thompson, looks like Nancy and her gang have brought some talk show couches right into the middle of the GH hospital set!

And today Nancy tweeted some big additional Intel: “Ive got a show about @GeneralHospital with a big dose of funny or die or be in a coma coming on . Who’s gonna watch?”

So, are you excited to hear that there will be an online series featuring Nancy and some of the gang from GH with a huge comic twist?  Let us know!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Nancy has a new fun project she has been working on that is set to launch soon!
    she has been busy shooting elsewhere and that is why we have not seen her on GH, lately !!

    Often some say.. where is so and so, the writers don’t write for them, they haven’t been on screen!!
    It’s the writers, it’s RC! its all his fault..they aren’t writing for whomever because of RC, yah…

    GH gives all the cast the right to pursue and have other projects..
    — That is a reason why Billy Miller signed on, in my opinion..

    And, I will be watching her online show!!! Looks like it will be fun!
    and I will laugh! I like that :)


  2. rebecca1 says:

    I like Nancy. She’s fun, smart, opinionated to say the least! Will tune in just to see what it’s about…but I absolutely detest doing any interviews from the GH set. I don’t want “reality” taking place in this fictional place…it’s world’s colliding. Same reason I abhorred when the OLTL online debacle featured Fridays where they interviewed cast members on the set. Totally interferes with my ability to suspend disbelief when I picture them being “themselves” in the same spot I’m supposed to be believing in these “Port Charles” people in their time and place/space.


  3. Gail teas says:

    Awesome! I’m soo excited! Nancy is amazing!


  4. Terry says:

    EXTREMELY shocked and isappointed that you completely overlooked and forgot to acknowledge and list the lovely, talented and very funny Lisa LoCicero – who was Nancy’s FIRST guest and was featured in Nancy’s first tease tweet about the show. I usually applaud your work and count on you for being one of the most accurate and fair soap reporters/interviewers. I don’t know what to make of this or if it is a reflection of some negative perception of Lisa.


  5. CM says:

    I’m looking forward to this. Just need the date and time so I don’t miss anything!


  6. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Is it some sort of interview show…the mention of Jerry Jax…is that who fluke really is…it was my original guess long before anyone was guessing…just wondering???


  7. Karen says:

    anything that Nancy does I will watch She is the best


  8. Elhu says:

    Great idea, and I look forward to watching. I also look forward to more details on when we will be able to see this!!!!! Good luck to Nancy and all those involved!


  9. Shay says:

    So then, will she be interviewing her two favorite “co-stars?”


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