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27 January 6th, 2017 NASHVILLE 2-Hour Season Premiere A Ratings Winner For CMT! What Did You Think Of The Episodes?

Photo Credit: CMT

Good news Nashies! In its two-hour season premiere on CMT, Nashville delivered the cable outlet’s highest number in five years!

According to Deadline: “Thursday night drew more than 1.2 million Live+same day viewers on CMT for the return of the music city drama, the network’s most watched original premiere since 2012. The debut notched a .45 (A18-49), up nearly 300% from CMT’s primetime average.

Across three airings — two on CMT and an encore on sibling Nick at Nite, the fifth season opener averaged nearly two million viewers and a .77 rating in adults 18-49. That was off by 20% from the show’s Live+same day average for its fourth season on ABC and by a tenth from the drama’s Season 4 finale.

Nashville always has been a heavily time-shifted viewing series, so Live+same day numbers provide just a snapshot of its performance. However, evaluating Nashville’s full viewership may not be straight-forward. As part of the deal with Hulu, which is a partner on the series, Nashville is getting a next-day play on the streaming service. It is unclear whether its Live+3 ratings will include streaming data from Hulu or just DVR viewing on CMT.”

Part one and two of Nashville season’ five opener picked up twith the plane crash which traumatized and injured Juliette (Hayden Paniettiere), while Rayna (Connie Britton) was looking to get back in touch with that which spurred her on to become a country music singer in the first place.  We also met two characters, where one could be Rayna’s new stalker, and Will (Chris Carmack) fell under the spell of fashion designer Jakob Fine (Murray Bartlett), will it mean the end of his relationship with Kevin (Kyle Dean Massey)?

What did you think of the all-new Nashville on CMT? Comment below!


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  1. Lawrence says:

    Very disappointed. No Luke Wheeler and no new villains (remember Jeff?) in the horizon. This eextended episode was just dull and full of the same couples’ snipping that started to drag down last season. I realize and am grateful that Nasville is not action but plot driven. I saw no blueprints for interesting plot developments last night. But being a fan from episode one, I’ll stay watching in hopes the writers can bring the spark back!


    rebecca1 replied

    I agree, Lawrence. I think you and I are in the minority but I was disappointed when they previewed it several weeks ago and again last night. Just doesn’t “feel” the same to me. I was afraid that would happen. It was too “couple” centric last nite. It just went round and round with each couple’s problems…the dialogue between Rayna and Deacon didn’t “sound” like them…too sappy…Deacon with reading glasses? LOL…just not the cool vibe I got from the ABC version. Felt disjointed…dunno…I miss Luke (he’ll be on but just to wrap up story…).

    I liked the camraderie of the original series. There was interaction between all of the characters and a Nashville “town” as community.

    Sigh. Will stick with it. Was so disappointed when it was cancelled and thrilled CMT picked it up. Here’s hoping it gets better…


    Lawrence replied

    Hi Rebecca, I did read an interview with the woman who created Nashville. Apparently these are “new” writers who share her vision that the show be less soap operaish. Not sure what they have in mind, but I think we agree it doesn’t look to great thus far.

    JK replied


    Addison replied

    I am afraid I do agree with you both. And really, do we need to have Juliette in wheel chair suffering from PTS on the heels of her recovery from Postpartum disorder? Can we please get JJ back to being a musician/producer rather than playing the role of Juliette’s nursemaid/purse holder?
    It didn’t help that it was two hours long and that it seemed to be merely repeating the sneak preview. Like Rebecca, I miss Luke too. I also miss Layla and they should never have killed off Jeff. But yeah, I will hold on with the hope that it will get better.

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi JK and Addison. Seems like we are in the minority…but we’re right! :)

    Hi Lawrence…Yes. The writers, Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovi are the creators of a show from years ago, Thirtysomething, which was excellent. That’s why my expectations were high. They’re really quite good. The thing is I loved Nashville the way it was; I liked ALL the characters and their traits…I liked the soapy stuff…the triangles between Rayna, Teddy, Deacon…Rayna, Luke, Deacon…Scarlett, Avery, Gunner…Will’s angst, Layla’s…Loved Luke…loved the entire Nashville “scene”. I think they said they’re going to go more with songs instead of story (perhaps to appeal more to country music fans who watch CMT). Sigh. I also don’t like the whole religious theme with Juliette, the Church, her “angel,”…

    We shall see. Fingers crossed.

    Oh, and Add…I REALLY liked Luke and Layla, too. Such a bad decision to get rid of such interesting, poignant characters. Layla was just hitting her stride and went through so much…Luke (though people thought he was up to no good from the beginning…I always liked). There was something so likeable about him.

    We shall see…I think we should all try to watch to at least give it a chance. Would be a shame to lose it if it starts resembling itself again…

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Lawrence…older thread but I just wanted to say if you quit Nashville give it another try. It’s taken me allll this time but I just finished the last two episodes and I’m getting into it! With the exception of Juliette’s story I think it’s been finding its way and this past Wednesday’s cliffhanger (though done before) has me wanting more…and not sure which way it’s going to go.


  2. Lisa says:

    I loved the 2 episode premiere. The stories felt more cohesive and I appreciated the focus on the primary characters as it should be. So grateful to CMT for believing in the show and bringing it back to us.


  3. Brenda says:

    I t was wondering I missed it . It was different but still good I can’t wait till this week to see what happens next. Thank you for bringing back Nashville.


  4. Jason says:

    It looks like there is going to be a stalker story. I hope it’s not Luke. The obvious answer is that tech dude, but who knows. I thought it was sort of boring, but I’ll watch the next couple of episodes.


  5. Calie says:

    I too loved the way Luke Wheeler and his son developed into people you could care about by the close of last season. They should rethink bringing Luke back.

    I do think there will be villains though.


  6. Connie Womack says:

    I am glad Nashville is back, i really missed it alot. Glad i have CMT. They should have picked up on regular tv so the people who don’t have cable TV can watch it too


  7. Keri says:

    I actually loved almost everything about the show. Loved the slower pace, the character interactions, the less soapy melodrama. So incredibly happy that the show was picked up and will continue. However, I do have one big beef and that is the story line for Will. While all the other couples on the show were having PDAs left and right, Will and Kevin had zero (unless you want to count that extremely chaste hug). There were no I love yous, no kisses, and they barely touched each other. They were basically two guys hanging out. The new showrunners said they would treat Will like every other character. That apparently was just talk. Moving in together came out of left field and the whole cheating story line seems lame. Yes, temptation is a big part of fame but it just doesn’t seem to fit Will’s character. Hoping that story line does a 180 and soon. Loved everything else though.


  8. GramS says:

    Loved it!!


  9. Anthony says:

    So nice to have Nashville back. Really enjoyed the episodes and look forward to hearing a lot more music. I can see a difference in a character interaction – more real these first two episodes. Can wait to see more.


  10. Iakovos says:

    I happily call NASHVILLE by a new title… COUNTRYSOMETHING. The show is taking a welcome turn and I think we will see more plot turns as the characters are re-established. As to those asking for villains, there surely will be some, but in good drama among couples, families, and friends, the villains are sometimes ourselves. These are complex people in complex situations. I look forward to seeing more this season than ever before. Proud to be a Nashie!


  11. Jeane says:

    I have missed this show. Nashville has always been my favorite show. Tell me why I can’t get the show CMT. I got it on W station and my cable is giving that channel free for one month. What channel will Nashville be on after that. I’m in the Vancouver B.C. Canada area.


    rebecca1 replied

    Call your local provider?


  12. PennySoap says:

    I have Xfinity (Comcast) Cable with a ton of stations – but not CMT! Very disappointed!


    rebecca1 replied

    You can order it from Comcast…think it’s included in a sports/entertainment package. Might be $10.00 a month. Don’t believe there’s a contract so you can always order it just for the months Nashville is on…then cancel/renew for the (hopefully) next season.


    PennySoap replied

    Thanks, Rebecca1! I will look into it…

    rebecca1 replied

    You’re welcome. I know this is probably obvious but you don’t have to tell them you want to order then cancel. Just ask if you can cancel without penalty at any time. (which I’m sure you can.) Then, as said, when (if) the season begins again, reorder. I do that with several premium channels like HBO or Showtime,
    Starz…I follow certain shows, cancel when the season’s over, etc. These channels are add-on’s…

  13. Libby says:

    I thought premiere on CMT was great. Same characters- more depth. Better production value in my opinion, too.

    So glad it is still on.This first time I have felt true empathy for Juliette. Men were very heroic – Deacon and Avery. Has a liitle once and Again feel…but true to country music. Wayfaring Stranger – a classic traditional or gospel song stole my heart. I hope Juliette and/or Rayna record it and it is massive hit. So smart with selections.

    Welcome back Nashville!


  14. Jennifer says:

    I am a die-hard Nashville fan. Was soooo happy CMT picked it up. While I am excited to see all the characters (loved how well rounded they were on ABC), I am not happy with how politically correct they’re trying to be. Really? Juliette’s Physical Trainer mentioning she’s ‘Trans’? Not likely, and nope- do not want to see that. And I really don’t want to see gay love scenes. (though I love Will and like the other gay characters-don’t mind them being on there, just don’t want to see them kissing etc…) Just don’t agree with it. Thank goodness for DVR- I also fast forwarded through Scarlett making that music video too- ick. Just not into some of the directions they’re going. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.
    But I will stick with it for now because I love the premise of it all- the main characters and of course, Music City, Nashville!


    rebecca1 replied

    I’m very disappointed in the CMT version…and I knew I would be once they announced the changes. I love Luke and Layla; I think it was a really bad move to get rid of these two wonderful characters. As far as the stories thus far? The show was about COUNTRY music, COUNTRY performers and the COUNTRY industry. In that microcosm we got an intimate look at Nashville…the concerts, the drive behind the performers, the sometimes cutthroat competition…the younger singer vs the established…the emotional back stories and the sense of community that tied it all together. Suddenly, they’ve introduced gospel and Church…less emphasis on country…they”ve integrated the show for what? To make it current? Politically correct? I don’t see all new white characters and stories suddenly popping up on Empire. I also don’t see diversity, if that’s what they’re aiming for. I see, once again, white characters who introduce black characters. Where are the Indian characters, Asian characters, Middle Eastern characters?? I mean, c’mon…if we’re going to purposely integrate a show, than show people in ALL of our colors and religions. No? Then what is the purpose of taking a country show and introducing these characters and getting rid of Nashville characters that were likeable, poignant and …country.

    Totally disappointed….


    rebecca1 replied

    And to elaborate…not sure..but maybe I’d like what they’re doing if this was an all-new show and I had no expectations or attachments to the ABC version. But I was excited when it was picked up because I wanted to see NASHVILLE and the characters I’d come to love. Not a facsimile of…

    With that said, Maddie is becoming intolerable and her new guy admittedly is cute and appealing. Still…not liking the show.

    rebecca1 replied

    Repeating myself here…for those viewers who have lost interest in the new Nashville…I’ve changed my mind in the last two episodes:

    …older thread but I just wanted to say if you quit Nashville give it another try. It’s taken me allll this time but I just finished the last two episodes and I’m getting into it! With the exception of Juliette’s story I think it’s been finding its way. This past Wednesday’s cliffhanger (2/15) (though done before) has me wanting more…and not sure which way it’s going to go. I’m “diggin’” it again!

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