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6 August 15th, 2014 NASHVILLE: DWTS Derek Hough Joins The Cast In Multi-Episode Arc! Judith Hoag Departing As Tandy!

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Two casting items from the Music City drama Nashville which returns for its third season on Wednesday night, September 24th at 10PMET on ABC!

First, Dancing with the Stars professional dancing champion, Derek Hough will play a role in the new season!  The five-time ballroom dance competition show champ will appear on the ABC drama as Noah West!  Hough is set for a multi-episode story arc.

According to TV Guide, ” Noah is a movie star who crosses paths with Rayna (Connie Britton) & Co. after he’s cast in a biopic about a famous country singer. Whether or not he’ll be doing any romancing while he’s in town is still unknown.”

Photo Credit: HutchinsPhoto

Elsewhere TV Line is confirming a tweet sent out by actress Judith Hoag, who plays Tandy, the sister of Rayna James on the series.  Hoag revealed she is existing season 3 of Nashville after the second episode that airs on October 1st.

Apparently, Tandy will not be killed-off, but instead written out.  TV Line is reporting that, “the door is being left open for Tandy to return at some point, though that seems unlikely (at least in the near future).”

So what do you think about Derek Hough joining Nashville?  Who do you think his character of Noah West might be romantically linked with?  And are you sad to hear that Tandy is being written-out?  Comment below!

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  1. Elaine Oxford says:

    Just wonderful he will be great !


  2. Eileen Hargis says:

    Interesting about Derek. Tandys character had no where to go.


  3. Tsuds says:

    Hmmm he is not an actor.. must be a desperate ploy for ratings…


  4. Christy says:

    I catch that show occassionally, but will watch just to watch Derek! Nice that he can maybe do some actiing… he needs a fall back for when getting older will make dancing hurt too much! :-D


  5. Iakovos says:

    Love Judith Hoag. NASHVILLE never seemed to make Rayna’s family stories compelling. Hoped for more with the mystery of their mother’s death. And believe the mistake was not killing off Teddy. That character and the stories have been snoozers. Hopefully Tandy can return. Always thought she could provide the support Rayna needs. And maybe be a player in business plots about Highway 65. NASHVILLE does have a lot of characters, many of interest, but the stories are not deep or suspenseful.


  6. rebecca1 says:

    Love Derek. Multi-talented guy….dance, musician…I have no doubt he’ll be a a great addition to an already great show.

    Always hate to see characters go even if they’re background players; Rayna’s running out of family! (But I’m sure it’s about the budget…bring in the new…discard the old…it’s a wash!)


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