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7 December 12th, 2013 NASHVILLE Midseason Cliffhangers: The Gunshot, That Train, Juliette In The Doorway!


If you did not check out last night’s midseason finale of ABC’s Nashville, you missed a great episode.  And if you plan on watching it, but haven’t checked it out yet, don’t read any further!

But if you have, it was loaded in the final five minutes with three major cliffhangers! And, as to who dies?  The question that the show has been touting, it could now be one of two people who ended up in harm’s way by the end of the episode!

The most heartbreaking scenario of all was country and western in the closet singer, Will Lexington’s (Chris Carmack) internal struggle which has now turned deadly, in fact suicidal!  After spending the night with Brent, and looking not too happy with his actions, we next see Will in tears at the train tracks about to put himself right in the line of an oncoming locomotive!  Did Will get end his life?  Tune-in this January 15th for the answer to that one! But we have to give it to Chris Carmack, who has been sensational in the role of Will: from his singing and performing on last night’s show at the Music City Music Festival to these final scenes.  Carmack’s conflict jumps through the screen at the audience.

And if that wasn’t enough, after the festival, Rayna (Connie Britton) tells Teddy (Eric Close) she needs to speak to him for a moment, so Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) heads back to the car.   Rayna reveals she is going to come up with the money to buy herself out of Edgehill Records,  in part by getting rid of the house that the exes spent much of their adult lives together.  After an awkward and sentimental moment between Rayna and Teddy, as Teddy heads back towards Peggy, out of the blue comes a hitman with a gun!  Clearly from all accounts, he most likely was hired by Lamar (Powers Boothe), although we won’t know till next year! As the men wrestle with the gun, Peggy gets shot! And she seems lifeless! Is Peggy the character that is killed-off?  Will Teddy then ever find out she was faking her pregnancy, and the miscarriage, to hold onto him?

And we got to give it to the chemistry created by Hayden Panettiere (Juliette) and Jonathan Jackson (Avery)! First, Avery saves the day after Juliette’s audience turns on her complete with banner that says “Homewrecker”!   Juliette’s knight in shining armor calms down the freaked out Juliette by jumping in and making her solo seem like a planned duet.  And, we are glad he did, because it is always fantastic to here Jackson sing!

Later,  after Avery goes home  with Scarlett (Claire Bowen) and the two have sex, guess who show’s up at his doorway?  Yup,  Juliette!  And in a “come to Jesus moment”, she finally realizes that Avery is the man for her all along!  Only when she begins to fess up, who should she see behind Avery, but Scarlett!  Juliette buttons up her mouth and heads off, leaving Avery in conflict, but from what we can tell he is digging Juliette big time!  Will Avery and Juliette become the hot couple of Nashville in 2014?

So, what did you think of last night’s episode, “Tomorrow Never Comes”?  Who do you think actually died? Peggy or Will?    Weigh-in!

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  1. janet says:

    I love JJ. Started watching because of him. Hope he gets to be front and center. he deserves it. Loved that he saved Juliette’s solo, but she does seems to be changing bed partners constantly. So I want to see him get the one that will put him front and center. Was great watching Lizzie and Luck on a prime time show together.


    alexis replied

    I hope he is not sick or on drugs
    that’s what i meant.


  2. Michelle says:

    Another great episode and another great season of Nashville! I think Peggy is the one who is killed off, which is a shame since I was beginning to like her as a crazy person. Although I like Will, his character is one the show wouldn’t really miss.

    Love the chemistry between Hayden Panetierre and Jonathan Jackson. They would make a hot couple so hopefully that’s the direction the writers take them!

    Can’t wait for Jan 15th!


  3. Harry says:

    Great re cap, Mr. Fairman. I do think Jonathan Jackson is the stand out hit of the show.
    I find Rayna and all roads leading to her, to be the weakest link. I simply don’t care about her, her ex husband, his mistress, her father or her sister. It just seems like a bad rehash of some night time soap from the 80′s.
    Hayden is the other break out hit, and yes, I do agree that she and JJ enjoy a very nice chemistry together.


  4. rebecca1 says:

    I’m hoping it’s Peggy; don’t really like her character and her storyline is the least interesting of the show for me. Love Will. Not only is he gorgeous but his conflict is genuine and heartfelt…I think he’s a great addition to the show and his story could be quite compelling moving forward.

    Disagree with the comments above regarding Raina. She’s the soul of the show for me…she’s earth mother and experience and beauty, common sense, stability….her life touches all in the show. Wouldn’t be the same without her.

    Loving the show. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes and really hope it’s doing well enough in the ratings to be renewed.


    Omar replied

    I SO agree with you..There is more story to tell with the character of Will, and the actor that plays him is doing great…I also agree with you regarding Rayna…Great actress, great role and she IS Nashville…This show seems to get better and better every episode!!!


    rebecca1 replied

    agree with your agree! ;)

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