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16 December 11th, 2014 NASHVILLE Midseason Finale: A Wedding, A Diagnosis, A Break-Up & An Overdose!


ABC’s Nashville has continually delivered amazing cliffhangers whenever it goes on its midseason break, or for its season finale.  On last night’s season three fall finale, there was much to talk about at the watercooler today!

First, Rayna James (Connie Britton) finally had her come to Jesus moment and decided literally right before her wedding to Luke Wheeler (Will Chase) to call it quits!  Yup, it’s curtains for Ruke.  Luke does not take it well, and goes postal when Rayna informs him of her decision when she realizes she has lost her way, and yeah, she kind of has to admit she is still not over Deacon!

And then there is poor Deacon (Charles Esten)!  After hanging out in Memphis with Scarlett (Claire Bowen) to stay away from the Ruke wedding frenzy in Nashville, Deacon gets upset when on the TV in the Karoke bar he catches a report on the big country music wedding with his ex!   Deacon tells Scarlett he doesn’t feel well, and leaves to go back to his hotel room.  He looks at all the booze in the room. and we think he’s going to fall off the wagon.  Later, Scarlett finds him unconscious on the floor.  Once in the hospital, the doctor informs the duo that their was no booze in his system, but they uncovered something much more serious.  Looks like good ole’ Deke might have liver cancer!  Of course, just as he later reveals to Scarlett he doesn’t want anyone to know, looks like Rayna is on her way to see him.

But there was a wedding, just not the one you were expecting! Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) tied the knots in a simple quick out-of-the-blue ceremony as the embattled exes found their way back together and will raise their baby… together!

However, buddy Gunnar (Sam Palladio) did not have such a good night.  He found out he was duped!  After having DNA testing to prove he is the bio-father for a custody hearing against his ex-girlfriend’s parents over little Micah, it is revealed that it was his deceased brother who was the baby daddy, not Gunnar!  The shocked Gunnar turns to Scarlett for comfort after the revelation.

But, the darkest twists of the night belonged to reality couple in the closet Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) and bitter Layla (Audrey Peeples).  Seems that Layla, who has been a mess since learning Will is gay and being made a fool of on the reality series, has been hitting hard on record mogul Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson).   Will sees the duo getting cozy at this big bash they are all attending.  Will tells Jeff to break things off with Layla as she is falling hard for the guy, and he wants her on tour with her.   Jeff the tells Layla it’s over between them.  Layla is devastated.  Will ends up being hit on by another woman at the party, who after she throws in his face that she heard the rumors that he doesn’t like girls, the closeted man ends up having sex with her to which Layla happens upon.  After seeing that … it’s the final straw.  Layla overdoses on all the pills Jeff gave her, and combined with the booze, is found face-down in a pool.   Will tells Jeff to call 911, but instead Jeff calls Teddy (Eric Close) for help.

So, what did you think of last night’s Nashville? Which cliffhanger moment was your favorite?  Comment below!


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  1. diane says:

    One of the best shows on tv right now!! Wish the ratings were better.


    Harry replied

    I did not know ratings were low. ABC doesn’t seem to be promoting it enough.
    I often forget that it’s on and have to remind myself to watch.
    It deserves better promotion!


    diane replied

    Dallas has the same problem with TNT, no promotion.

    su0000 replied

    I doubt it will be renewed, it’s on its last run..
    There are no stories.. nothing to get involved in, actually..
    It is mostly about the songs. People are entertained by music, then again Nashville would only attract mostly people who like country music and dull stories.
    Season ending story was the best story of the year, and that is not a good thing ..
    looking forward to its return..

    Tali replied

    Agree – Never see more than 1 or 2 promotions for the whole week. I watch every week tho’. Come on fans we need to support this, before ABC takes this soap off also. It’s my last ABC show I watch.

  2. vinman says:

    Was awesome….cliffhanger ‘ s delight ;) .


  3. Harry says:

    Last night was good fun. I am so happy Julliette and Avery got married. I do wish Rayna had realized the wedding was a mistake a bit earlier but I guess if people acted like mature and responsible adults, there would be no drama.
    I could have done without the child custody /DNA drama as I find it redundant and boring.
    My prediction is someone we know is going to die and donate their liver to Deacon. Possibly Layla?


    rebecca1 replied

    I LOVE this show and so hope it gets renewed. LOL…so upsetting that there’s no security in life…you even have to sweat it out to see if a show you love will come back!

    i don’t know, Harry…I don’t think maturity had anything to do with Rayna’s decision or lack thereof. Many people don’t come to a decision until the pressure is on. I think she’s been trying so hard to deny her feelings for Deacon (Carly & Sonny ring a bell?) that she immersed herself in Luke. And, I actually think she loves Luke. Just as I believe she loved Teddy. But not that all-encompassing, deep love that she has for Deacon. Her desire to not fall back to him…out of fear of getting hurt again, propelled her toward accepting a life with Luke. But I think subliminally she knew where her heart truly lies. I kinda felt her angst; must be so difficult to have to make that decision. She had to break Luke’s heart (I always believed he truly loved her) and has to face public opinion. Yes, it would have been better sooner but her timing made sense to me.

    I also differ with you on the custody arc. I love Gunnar…girly crush. ;) So anything he’s involved in I enjoy. But aside from that, it was interesting to see him bond with his “son”, how it interfered with his relationship with Zoe and how it might possibly bring him back to Scarlett. I feel his pain; no family left, deep love for his deceased brother…now he’s hit twice. The boy he loves and thought was his son is not (saving grace…they’re still related) and his brother cheated on him with his girlfriend…so in essence that one’s a double betrayal. Redundant is the name of the game with all soaps…I guess it’s the execution we either like or don’t like.

    I think you may be right about Layla’s liver. Hahahhaha…Might just be the title of a new Deacon song!


    Harry replied

    Rebecca, I love Nashville too. I just have to find something to quibble about because that’s just my way. I don’t think it should be cancelled–once you start watch it, you’re hooked. As I said before, ABC needs to start promoting it more as I often forget to watch it and invariably miss the first half of it. This night time drama could be a hit for them if they promoted it and programmed it accordingly.
    Rayna is growing on me as she grows up but my favorites are Juliette and Avery. A lot of people express irritation about Scarlet but I just love her. I enjoyed the story which involved her helping and discovering the musical talent of that talented homeless man.
    Deacon isn’t going any where so someone is going to give him their liver. Things did not look good for Layla–she was SUBMERGED with grief last time I saw her. poor girl! I really did feel sorry for her.
    Jeff is the go to guy when someone is feeling suicidal and self destructive. He really is a mustache twitching villain. When Will told him to call 911, he calls his lawyer, who apparently is on Jeff’s speed dial. What a miserable little bastard.

    rebecca1 replied

    Nice play on the ol’ “submerged” Harry! I wasn’t implying I thought you thought it should be cancelled…I was just saying that it got a shaky start in the ratings and renewal was up in the air. Then, if you remember they were thinking of filming it in another location instead of Nashville for budget reasons. So, it just concerns me because I truly love this show.

    I agree with you. I like Scarlet a lot. From the beginning. I’d say my least favorite character…or the least interesting…is Teddy. Which is a shame because Eric Close is a good actor and quite good-looking…but they haven’t really given him any leading man stuff so he doesn’t come across as a contender…

    I detested Layla when they introduced her. She was just obnoxious. As is becomeing the way with a lot of shows, once they’ve gotten the audience to actually like a character they kill them off!. Hope I’m wrong but it looks like Layal may get her fame from the aforementioned Layla’s Liver jingle and maybe a song of lament by hubby-in-name-only, Will…

    shrona replied

    Layla’s liver! Good call, Rebecca1! Though I wish it was Zoey’s liver- I find her character annoying and superfluous. As long as it’s SOMEBODY’S liver! I loved Charles Esten since Whose Line is It Anyway, and I refuse to lose him! I’m bummed about the DNA because I like Gunnar’s chemistry with Micah.


    rebecca1 replied

    Why thank you shrona! ;) Are you new to Michael’s site or perhaps we just post on different shows…

    LOL…you’d rather Zoe kick the bucket? I had nothing against her but once again they really didn’t develop her character to a point where I cared. Or, maybe it was because I always wanted Scarlet and Gunnar back together so I subliminally resented her..

    No doubt Deacon will reamain with us…

    I agree about Gunnar but I think this is the catalyst to bring him back to Scarlet…and at least he’s the boy’s uncle. It’s not like he’s just some unknown guy’s son…there’s at least that relationship.

    Finally, I always find a couple of typos, lol, when I reply…drives me nuts because there’s no edit button and I type quickly so (you too, Harry), please disregard spelling errors, etc. :/

  4. su0000 says:

    That episode was good. finally something happened and it had only 2 short songs
    (I knew from the gitgo there would be no wedding)


    Harry replied

    Well, you should have told Deacon. It would have saved him a lot of grief.


    rebecca1 replied


  5. Tali says:

    Love this show!


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