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7 September 24th, 2015 NASHVILLE Season 4 Premiere: Deacon Blues, Three Men and A Baby, A Woman On The Edge!


ABC’s Nashville returned for its fourth season on Wednesday night answering the long-awaited question from last season …  did Deacon (Charles Esten) or Bev (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) flatline?  It took almost just under five minutes before any of us knew for sure.

The series had moved the story forward one month in time before even revealing who it was! But as we learn that Deacon is alive and well and up and around, Beverly had an aneurysm during the liver transplant operation that saved her brother’s life.

Bev is comatose in the hospital.  Deacon is racked with guilt for surviving at his sister’s expense.  However, in a touching moment, as can only be played by series star Charles Esten, Deacon is overcome with emotion when his sister grasps his hand as if she can hear him.  Is she finally coming to?

Rayna’s (Connie Britton) Highway 65 record label has taken a major nosedive, and she has become the laughing stock of the music industry.  She severed ties with Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere).  But meanwhile, Juliette is hell-bent on destroying herself as her career is sky-rocketing again!  She sings a duet of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” with guest star Steven Tyler at the premiere of her motion picture about the life of the legendary country and western singer.  However, Juliette is drinking and partying all night to the point where’s she’s puking on the bathroom floor.  She calls Rayna for help.  Rayna gets on a plane and leaves Deacon to figure out what’s going on with Juliette.  When she gets there, Juliette wants her to leave.  Juliette also had a major confrontation with Layla (Aubrey Peeples)! Tensions are running high between these two! Catfight coming anyone?

Avery (Jonathan Jackson) is in Ohio with his parents and baby Cadence.  After debating whether to contact Juliette, he sends a text message to Juliette, but she does not reply.  He then decides he is going back to Nashville and ends up moving in with baby in tow, with Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Will (Chris Carmack).  A country version of  .. Three Men and a Baby on the way this season?

As for Will, he is struggling with coming out.  He went into seclusion, grew a beard, and cannot seem to get comfortable with his admission.  After shedding the beard and cleaning up, boyfriend Kevin (Kyle Dean Massey) wants to help Will, so he takes him to a gay dance club and that completely freaks the guy out.  Will is lost, still uncomfortable with who he is, and doesn’t know where to go from here.

Gunnar and Scarlett (Claire Bowen) write and sing beautiful songs together.  During last night’s episode, they performed the tune  “Wake Up When It’s Over”.  But while they kiss and make-out in the middle of singing together, and Scarlett tries to deny her attraction to Gunnar, she eventually tells  her doctor boyfriend (Nick Jandl) that she loves him!

What did you think of the season premiere of Nashville?  Were you pissed about the one month jump before learning Deacon’s fate? Are you rooting for Avery and Juliette to get back together …  somehow?  Is Scarlett still the most annoying character on primetime TV?  Did you catch former GH and Y&R star Scott Reeves during it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and watch Sam Palladio and Claire Bowen sing the catchiest tune from last night’s season opener!

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  1. Eileen Hargis says:

    Absolutely LOVED seeing Scott Reeves back on. Hope they expand his role, hes a natural on the show. Who are they kidding but themselves, Gunner and Scarlette are made for each other. The poor Doctor doesnt stand a chance. Avery, baby and Juliette will reunite.


  2. west virgina fan says:

    Scarlett and Gunner are certainly the end game–how many seasons can they drag the star crossed bit out? their music continues to be amazing (as is any music Deacon sings and much of Juliette). Wonder what would happen is anyone tried to produce a coherent album (as contrasted to the fun but uneven soundtrack cds) with any of those artists. In particular country music would be unlikely to accept the actor singers (particularly gunner and scarlett with their thick british every day speaking voices). But it’s good to have them all back, good to see Connie Britton in anything (I re watched friday night lights this summer) and hope they grace our screens for years to come)


  3. Eddie says:

    Have to admit that when this show started I dismissed it as a CW Glee, and did not watch the 1st season. Started watching midway 2nd season and realized how wrong I was. This is now one of my favorites. I was so happy to see this season premiere Wed night.


  4. diane says:

    I enjoyed it. Wish they had not jumped in time. Scarlett has always gotten on my last nerve. She is so whiney!!! They need to have more drama then just Juliette in the future.


  5. Leslie says:

    Love the show… Scarlett… to hear her sing!


  6. su0000 says:

    This is strange-
    Seems Gunnar and Scarlett are liked, I can hardly stand Scarlett lol
    Guess I’m the odd one out noticing all their songs are the same. different words but still they all sound the same lol
    looks like a good season but can see what will happen, already..

    Deacon’s sister Bev will be well and become a county star/singer; Dracon will owe her and she wants to be a country star.

    Gunnar and Scarlett will reunite

    Juliette will go back to Rayna’s label and back to Avery , after she hits bottom.

    Will will have an awakening and become a proud outed gay star.

    Layla will be a dumped and her and Juliette will become wounded friends.

    looking forward to see it roll out ..


  7. Iakovos says:

    Was so glad to have Season 4 start. Again, opportunity to drop some unnecessary plot weight. Waiting for something bad to happen to Jeff Fordham, and Teddy Conrad will be sitting in jail. Really hope NASHVILLE plays up the frenemy relationship betweem Rayna and Juliette. The show crackles with Connie and Hayden share scenes and stories.

    Was surprised we did not see any LGBT…XYZ behind Will and his big announcement. That an entertainer surprised everyone and he has no support seems too 1980s for me.

    Will be interested to see what kind of person Beverly will be after her near-death experience. I am afraid it will be one of embracing new chances.


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