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6 September 25th, 2014 NASHVILLE Season Three Premiere: Rayna Makes Her Choice! Will’s Cover Is Blown! Avery Gets Schnockered!


Last night on the season three premiere of ABC’s Nashville, fans of the series were finally going to learn just who Rayna James (Connie Britton) will choose to be engaged to and be the man in her life …  Deacon (Charles Esten) or Luke (Will Chase)?

As the events unfolded, and were told in real time and in moments 12 hours earlier in story, Rayna, after thinking back over her history with Deacon and their torrid romance and emotional baggage, goes to him to tell him, “I have loved you, and I’m sure gonna love you for the rest of my life, but I love him now. And he’s gonna give me something that I’m never gonna have with you.”  And what Rayna means is that she has a “clean slate” with Luke!  Deacon tries everything … kissing her hand and wrist and says to Rayna, “Tell me you don’t feel that?”  She can’t say she doesn’t!

Later, Rayna meets up with Luke on the red carpet of a big fundraiser!  Rayna kisses him, shows off her engagement ring to the paparazzi and then hugs Luke! But what is that look on her face? C’mon Rayna! Stop this madness and go back to Deacon!  To be continued …

Elsewhere, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is devastated as Avery (Jonathan Jackson) continues to tell her, he’s “sick of the sight of her” after learning she slept with Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson).  He runs out and gets plastered and ends up trying to leave town with Scarlett (Claire Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio)!  We have to say, Jonathan Jackson plays drunk, as you would expect from the five-time Daytime Emmy winner, pretty spectacularly.   Of course, in the end Scarlett decides after wanting to leave Nashville to return to it, so she and the boys head back to Music City.

As for Juliette, she is having another meltdown,and cuts off her hair in anger at herself, and is having bouts of being sick to her stomach! She takes all her hurt and pain from her messing up her life with Avery and pours into an audition to play Patsy Cline in a new biopic they are casting in Nashville!  She does a fantastic job and is called back for a screen test but not before she learns … yup, she is pregnant!

And finally, after Will (Chris Carmack) comes clean to Layla that he is gay, she is rocked to the core and does not know how to handle it, especially since they are locked into a contract on the reality series they are filming.  When they tell the producer they want out, the shifty executive pulls out the video footage of Will admitting he is gay and threatens to expose the couple if they don’t comply and continue the charade to deliver the show they promised to the TV network.

The live musical performances throughout the show by Charles Esten and Chris Carmack were also delivered with high emotion and strong delivery.

What was your favorite part of the season opener of Nashville? Are you pissed at Rayna for choosing Luke over Deacon?  Weigh-in below!

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  1. Claudia Kurzyna says:

    I wanted her to chose Deacon! Great show last night!


  2. harry says:

    Great write up. I agree, Jonathan plays drunk incredibly well which is no easy feat.
    He never ceases to amaze me with his talent.
    I wanted Rayna to choose Deacon too, Claudia.
    Honestly, not sure what either men see in her.


  3. mike says:

    Chris Carmack has come a long way from the OC. Very talented guy.


    Omar replied

    I agree Mike..He sure has and has shown how much acting chops he has..I really like this show..Small cast who acts their asses off, solid writing and directing..This show should be getting Emmy nods in the acting Department!


  4. rebecca1 says:

    I love everything about this show. I knew Rayna would choose Luke; the writers weren’t going to take away the angst of their separation so soon. I do like Luke; he’s good-looking and truly loves Rayna…but of course I have a crush on Deacon as almost everyone else. Ultimately, I think Rayna and Deacon will find their way back to each other…unless the writers want to go against the expected norm and never reunite them.

    I loved that Teddy brought his daughter to Deacon’s show. It’s the only way he can hold on to her…by letting her go….


  5. Tali says:

    Want Rayna & Deacon together. I too loved the fact that Teddy brought the girls to Deacon’s show. Don’t like waiting for Deacon & Rayna to get together, have no patience – Come on Writers! Looking forward to Derek Hough and Hayden P next week.


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