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3 November 14th, 2013 NASHVILLE: That Kiss! That Brawl! That Tour Bus!


The final ten minutes of last night’s episode of ABC’s Nashville provided heart-stopping twists and turns that provided some of the best soap opera this season on the country and western music scene drama series!

In the episode entitled, “She’s Got You”, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is awaiting for the arrival of her latest fling Charles (Charlie Bewley), when none other than his wife Olivia (Brit Shaw) shows up at her hotel room door!  “I know you’re sleeping with my husband,” Olivia announces to Juliette.  But then the Barnes super fans comes out with:  “But what I don’t understand,is why you’re not sleeping with me?” A nd with that, Olivia plants a hot wet kiss on Juliette’s lips!  Say what?  We did not see that coming!  Brilliant twist!

Talk about your romantic complications!  Gunnar (Sam Palladio) was put into an arrangement with Edgehill Records head honcho Jeff (Oliver Hudson).  If he goes out on tour with an artist from his label and writes for them, Jeff will get Gunnar a slot in the upcoming Music City Music Festival.  Only the artist he is going on tour with is Luke Wheeler, and guess who else is on tour and on the bus with Luke Wheeler and his band?  That’s right, Scarlett (Claire Bowen)! And …  Scarlett was just chatting with Avery (Jonathan Jackson) when looking more stunning than ever, (great back-lighting for the moment) Gunnar sees Scarlett on the bus!  What will happen now? W ill these two rekindle their love affair?  Will Gunnar reveal he is sleeping with Scarlett’s best friend?

Will Lexington (Chris Carmack), the brooding, disturbed, conflicted country and western star, is now fast becoming the caped crusader of Nashville!  After witnessing his former flame Brent hanging out with his new boyfriend Craig, and the two of them being harassed by some rednecks for being gay, and the good ole’ boys call Brent and Craig, “pervs!”, Will just listens to what goes down.  He does nothing … for now.  However, our antihero decided to take a different tactic and take the two homophobes out in a dark parking lot with his fists!  But then …. after a good beat down of the bigots, Will shows up in denial and ready to hit the sheets with Juliette’s upcoming rival, Layla Grant (Aubrey Peeples)  Oh, my!

In our favorite cool moment of the episode, Jonathan Jackson and Charles Esten (Deacon) showed some great chemistry as Avery and Deacon, when the young upcoming star tries to help Deacon prepare to sing without his guitar for his first appearance at the Bluebird Cafe, since the car accident with Rayna.   We loved when the duo sang,”You’re the Kind of Trouble”,  and we wish that scene could have gone on longer and the duet!

Speaking of Deacon, he finally got some daddy time with  Maddie (Lennon Stella), when both Rayna (Connie Britton) and Deacon decided they will have to be in each others orbit for the good of their daughter!  In the most heart-tugging line of the episode, Maddie tells Deacon she got contacts as it makes her look older and so she ditched her glasses.  To which Deacon replied,  “You’re growing up fast… but not too fast, okay?  I just got here.”  Hankies!

Teddy (Eric Close) and Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) tied the knot and that is pretty brutal since Peggy is completing lying about her pregnancy, and when the comes to light all hell will break loose.  But Maddie along with her little sis, performed for her “father” at the wedding reception.  It’s clear Teddy still loves his little girls.  What will happen as Deacon tries to assert his fatherly rights to Maddie?  Stay tuned.

So, what was your favorite twist and moment of last night’s episode of Nashville?  Let us know!



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  1. Joan Faist says:

    I love any and all scenes that Jonathan Jackson is featured in. Love him as an actor and a singer. just watch some of his work from GH. AWESOME X about 12


    Tali replied

    I loved Deacon & Avery duet and want Deacon & Rayna to go another round. Would be great for them to do a family thing for awhile. Love Avery & Scarlet…NO WILL!! Nashville is great!


  2. dmr says:

    Oh, this is just ridiculous! I like Nashville; and this storyline had great potential; but, I don’t like how it is panning out.


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