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27 December 4th, 2013 NASHVILLE To Kill-Off Well-Known Character! But, Who Will It Be?


ABC’s primetime soap, Nashville is about to get even soapier!  Now comes word today exclusively from ABC to E Online, that the country and western music city scene saga is getting ready to kill-off a character this season!  The question is, who will it be?

At the end of season one last May, the writers and producers killed-off Jolene (Sylvia Jeffries)  and Dante (Jay Hernandez) in a murder-suicide that deeply affected and actually saved the career of Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere)!

But who could be the the one getting axed?  Is it Rayna (Connie Britton), Juliette (Hayden Panettiere), Teddy (Eric Close), Deacon (Charles Esten), Gunnar (Sam Palladio), Tandy (Judith Hoag), Lamar (Powers Boothe), Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), Will (Chris Carmack), or Avery (Jonathan Jackson)?

Our top bets for now are on Peggy, Will, Tandy, or Lamar!  What are your picks for who will get axed?  How do you think the character you are picking will be killed-off and why? Comment below!

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  1. David J. says:

    If Connie Britton was killed off, I wonder if she would return to American Horror Story.


    Tali replied

    I wouldn’t watch it any more if she got killed off! Hopefully Teddy, Lamar or her sister!


    Patrick replied

    I cannot believe… that American Horror Story: “could be any better… or get any better…. ” it just knocks my socks off… I sit in awe… and rewatch the shows… thank god for DVR… this 3rd season… I’m actually going to purchase!

    watching goddess Jessica Lange, goddess Kathy Bates, goddess Angela Bassett, goddess Gabourey Sidibe, and notwithstanding… the remaining stellar cast!

    This years emmys… another coup in most nominations! Ta-Da!
    we all know… how easy it is to lose our attention span… to shows that just don’t last or find an audience….

    American Horror Story… witches Coven… Season 3… on FX… is through the roof.. stimulus… at it’s best… triggers… shoots… implodes… fireworks…

    and it’s all because of the Cast…. women rule!

    as for Goddess Connie Britton… who rocked! in Season #1. she’d be welcome


    Patrick replied

    I honestly… can’t believe.. that writing this good exists… and is possible…

    but it is…..

    as for nighttime.. telee….. it’s Bates Motel – A&E, American Horror Story – FX… and Rectify – Sundance…

    sorry MF.. have to plug… some serious drama… melodrama… high stakes… up the ante… big business

  2. Alan says:

    Is anybody even still watching this show…?


    Vicsze replied

    I LOVE this show.


  3. Omar says:

    Well that sucks, LOL..But hopefully it will be Avery played by Jonathan Jackson, and then he returns to GH..Connie was SUPERB in American Horror Story and is SUPERB in Nashville..She needs to hold an Emmy at some point in her career!


    Erick replied

    I was going to say that too, I hope it’s whomever Jonathan Jackson plays. Have never seen this show and never will, but here’s hoping JJ comes back to GH where he belongs. Lulu (and Nikolas) could’ve used their brother lately.


  4. RLeternal says:

    The only killing off of a character that affected me was when ATWT killed off Dr. Reid Oliver in the second last week of its final season in September 2010. I still don’t understand the logic of the EP and HW behind that horrendous plot. May be the 2 idiots did not have any logic.


    Johnny replied

    That’s a bizarre one. He was a throwaway character in the fading months of the show.


  5. Paul says:

    My money is on Peggy who will commit suicide after Teddy finds out the truth. Given that she’s veering into psycho territory. Perhaps, she’ll even frame Teddy or Rayna for her death and make it look like murder.


  6. Elaine says:

    It will be Will since he is being reckless lately.


  7. eileen hargis says:

    Well, its,a,well known fact that Powers,Booth was dropped from contract and since he is,fixing to face prison its my guess he,will die.


  8. H Parson says:

    I think it will be Tandy.

    Tandy is the only one who can testify against Lamar .. so .. if she’s killed off .. the prosecutors will have to drop their case against Lamar.

    And .. Lamar’s assets would then be released & he can give Rayna the $$$ she needs to set up her own company.


  9. Daisy Day says:

    I hope is not Teddy – he’s my favorite or Juliette (reason why I started watching the show). Maybe the cute blonde cowboy or the sister that turned in her father to the feds.


  10. Daniel says:

    Who should be killed off because the character adds nothing to the show:
    “Peggy” (there was potential here but it was wasted) . . . or . . .
    “Zoey” (who has to remind us in EVERY episode by saying that she is Scarlett’s best friend because nobody buys it — she has no chemistry with “Scarlett” or ” “Gunnar”)

    Who will likely be killed off: “Tandy”


  11. rebecca1 says:

    ugg. I HATE when anyone’s killed off! Usually doesn’t add to the story; just a budget decision. Still loving the show and the main characters so…can’t place a vote. Sucks.


  12. Mfarris70 says:

    My money is on Lamar. Powers Boothe is no longer a series regular. But I hope it’s not him. I think there’s a lot more story to tell with Lamar, especially finding out what really happened to his wife. My second guess would be Teddy. After he finds out that Peggy lied about the baby, what’s left for him?


  13. momk says:

    Please, please let it be Will’s faux girlfriend/new singer. Don’t like her character at all and not because we aren’t suppose to, just don’t like her or her part in the storyline. Maybe a who done it with Juliet as prime suspect….


  14. Nancy says:

    Who cares ABC will try anything to be like GH. They fail at every attempt. Their lineup is at the bottom and they deserve to be there.


  15. Trevor says:

    Im going to guess its Tandy. However, I will be really upset because I love Judith Hoag as an actress and she and Connie Britton are the reason I watch the show. I am from Nashville and live here still. This show is 100% real and all happens in this city. Tandy is most likely to go for the simple reasons that shes betraying her Father. All the clues point to it being her. As my personal wish and opinion of who I think/want it to be is Peggy or Layla. Peggy just needs to go. Layla is a dead end character anyway. Leave Tandy on there and keep Lamar in prison.


  16. Susan says:

    I love this show! Characters are great. My money is that Tandy gets rubbed out by Lamar’s associate.


  17. su0000 says:

    Deacon (Charles Esten… is the only one worth keeping..
    So, anyone can die but him :) heh they can all get the ax .. lol


  18. tlc1975 says:

    If you listen…the person screaming at the end…is Juliette…and I have the feeling she is ready to tell Avery she wants to be more than friends…SOOOO…I think its Avery!


    Heather replied

    So you think Juliette is going to kill Avery?


  19. Heather says:

    I’m thinking it’s going to be either Lamar, Peggy or Tandy. I wish it was Layla because she’s really annoying. I could also see Layla being killed and Juliette being the suspect… Or it can be Lamar having his goons kill Tandy for betraying him like he killed his wife/Rayna and Tandy’s Mom… The possibilities are endless… oooh maybe Will’s ex-boyfriend kills him… I don’t know… I’m excited and nervous lol


  20. vicsze says:

    I think it’s Avery. Shame.


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